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Final Fantasy IX Cheats for PS3
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Final Fantasy IX PS3 Cheats

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Final Fantasy IX

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Get Excalibur I and II 100%
Excalibur I:
Buy the "Magic Finger" item at the Treno Auction early on. Once you reach Dargelo, give this item to an eldery man you meet there -- and he will give you Excalibur in return.

To get Excalibur II:
This one is way more difficult. You have to get all the way to Hades in under 12 hours. After beating Hades, check the farthest right pillar for the sword. For tips on how to get to Hades that quickly, check the Side Quests section of our strategy guide.
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Yew XP 100%
Description: You may have heard of the Grand Dragon giving a lot of exp points. Well if you are an adventerer like myself you would discover that there is an island. Where a fiend called Yew waits. They come in either on themselves or in groups of up to 4. They are very hard and you really need Doomsday and armour that protects from it. You will kill them eventually and once you have you will get more exp points than the Grand Dragon gives you.
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Ultima Weapon 100%
To get the Ultima Weapon, go back to the glacier around were Terra was (before Kujah went gangstah on it) and search around with a Chocobo and a dead pepper.
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Take Lich Down 100%
How to: Cast LIFE on Lich to instantly win the battle.
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Doomsday Spell 100%
Description: Doomsday is the ultimate spell! You may think if you've got it that it is a waste of time because it damages your allies. Well for Zidane you just have to equip Ninja Gear. For Vivi you have to equip Shadow Armlet. Anyone else just equip Pumice Piece and another Shadow Armlet. Doomsday is better than the summon Ark which you get from pumice piece.
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Quiz Master 100%
Description: Look for a weirdly-dressed character aroung the Black Mage village. You can recognize him by the circle and an X floating around him. This is the Quiz Master. Confront him and h will ask you a series of 13 questions. For each correct answer you will receive a ton of AP. Try to answer ALL 13 -- and you will get a Memory Ring.

"I Want To Be Your Canary" was written by Lord Afon. False

The 15th Lindlum War started in 1600. False

The theater ship Prima Vista was build in Artania Shipyards. False

Lindlum Castle is larger than Alexandria Castle. True

Some Mu's are friendly and will not attack. True

Burkmea Cable cars have been running for 8 years. True

Only one desert exists in the entire world. False

Conde Petie is a village of Goblins. False

Prima Vista means love at 1st sight. False

Treno's café, Card Carta, is members only. True

Bobo bird is a bird that brings you fortune. False

You can defeat Ragtimer. True

Chocobo Forest is located between Lindlum and South Gate. True

The theater ship Prima Vista uses Mist as its energy. True

Fossil Roo is an underground tunnel that connects Treno and Alexandria. False
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Complete Card List for Tetra Master 100%
Description: Complete Card list for the Tetra Master (Quadmist) Card Game in FFIX.

1) Goblin2) Fang3) Skeleton4) Purin5) Sakunaru
6) Lizard Man7) Zombie8) Bomb9) Aironette10) Sabakin
11) Iiti12) Mimic13) Weird14) Mandrake15) Crawler
16) Sand Scorpion17) Minf18) Sand Golem19) Su20) Dragonfly
21) Carrion Worm22) Cerebrous23) Andrion24) Sabotaner25) Black Cat
26) Rock Time Max27) Headbonkbye28) Rauaimonk29) Ochu30) Doru
31) Frei Senpent32) Akia Monster33) Som Select34) Sropper35) Dandarian
36) Grand Dragon37)Feather Circle38) Hacked Eyes39) Ork40) Armstrong
41) Ash42) Leis43) Gargoyle44) Weeper45) Grimlock
46) Tonberry47) Ariman48) Garuda49) Morbol50) MuPa
51) Abadon52) Behemoth53) Steel Giant54) Shin Ryu55) Osma
56) Hades57) Holy58) Meteo60) Shiva61) Ifrit
62) Ramuh63) Atomos64) Odin65) Leviathan66) Bahamut
67) Ark68) Fenrir69) Madin70( Alexander71) ExcaliburII
72) Ultima Weapon73) Masamune74) Elixer75) Dark Matter76) Ribbon
77) Cat Hand Racket78) Save The Queen79) Samurai80) Mithril Sword81) Blue Narugis
82) Hilda Guard #383) Invincible84) Cargo Ship85) Hilda Guard86) Tantalus
87) Red Rose88) Wield Guns89 Chocobo90) Fat Chocobo91) Mog
92) Frog93) Puri Bug94) Alexandria95) Lindbalm96) Two Moons
97) Garugand98) Namingway99) Boko100) Falcon
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Coffee Quest 100%
Give the guy at the Watchtower in Dali the 3 coffee beans he wants and he will give you the Prima Vista figurine.

Here is where you find the beans:

Pass near the Chocobo Forest, around the right side of the screen.
In the Madain Sari kitchen
Disc 3, before finishing the Card Game (While you are waiting for King Cid) head to Dali and check the Chief's hut for a key to the previously locked door inside the windmill.
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Cooking with Eiko 100%
Description: Eiko likes Zidane and wants everything to go well, you have to choose which moogle does each job. Choose accordingly:
Who should go fishing? Chimmomo
Who should go dig up potatoes? Momatose
Who should help in the kitchen? Mocha
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Stellazzio Quest 100%
Description: Chat to the lady in the house north of the Treno Combination Shop. She will tell you about a set of thirteen Stellazzio that are spread across the world. Find them all and she will reward you everytime you return. This quest is required if you want to see the game's alternate ending.

Here are the zodiac locations:

AriesDali; In the windmill all the way to be back (not downstairs)
CancerBurmecia; behind the overturned cart
ScorpioQuan Cave spring
GeminiFountain at the 1st screen after you enter Treno; throw coins thirteen times into the fountain
TaurusTreno; behind the item shop
VirgoBlack Mage Village Inn; around the beds
LibraMadain Sari fountain
LeoAlexandria (after raid); Left Tower near Neptune Statue
SagittariusLinblum; in the left side of the 3d screen up of the Commercial Square
CapricornDargelo Library; right hand side
AquariusIpsen Heritage; right hand pillar at entrance
PiscesTreasure chest inside Invincible
13th StellazzioReturn to the Quan Cave that is east of Treno after collecting and returning all 12 coins
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Land Spirits Locations 100%
Description: In certain spots of the world map you will stumble across a couple of friendly monsters. They are land spirits and each of them will make a request from you. Fufilling their request enables you to be able to use the "Attack" command when you are fighting Ozma, who's unlocked in the Chocobo Garden by inspecting a large rock on the upper right hand corner.

You will get Garnet's strongest Summon, Ark, from defeating Ozma but it is a very hard battle, so be sure you find all the land spirits:

SquirrelAround Dali. Ore stone
GhostIn front of Treno (but not too far) or around the South Gate. Ore stone
LadybugAround the Black Mage Village. Two Ore stones
YetiForest outside Madain Sari. Two Ore Stones
NymphForest near Iifa. Three Ore Stones
JabberwockForest East of Oeivell. Emerald
Feather SuckleIce Continent, on the Chocobo tracks. Moonstone
GaldaForest outside Gizamaluke Cave after climbing rope. Lapis Lazly
YanBile Island (small island near center of map). It will keep running away until you have found all 8 other Land Spirits. Diamond
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Rope Jumping Rewards 100%
At the very beginning of the game, Vivi can participate in a Rope Jumping game in the Alexandria town square. Depending on how many jumps you manage to complete, you will get a progressively better item. Here are the rewards:

20 jumps10 gil
50 jumpsCactrot Card
100 jumpsGenji Card
200 jumpsAlexander Card
300 jumpsCat Paw Racket
1000 jumpsKing of Skipping Title
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Frog Catching Rewards 100%
The frog catching minigame may seem like a stupid waste of time -- but it can actually be a source of some good items and new weapons for Quina, plus the number of frogs Quina eats will power up the "Frog Drop" spell. Here are the rewards:

2 frogsOre Stone
5 frogsEther
9 frogsSilk Robe
15 frogsElixir
23 frogsSilver Fork
33 frogsBistro Fork
99 frogsQuina's Master appears and fights you; just use standard attack/heal techniques and be around level 40. You will get the Gourmet Fork for winning
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Alternate Ending 100%
You have to finish the Stellazzio (Zodiac) Quest and keep "Shina's Hammer", which you find in the room after fighting Lich on disk #4. Don't lose, use, or sell/combine the hammer. It has to be present in your inventory for you to get the alternate ending.
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New Carbunkle/Fenrir Skills 100%
Diamond + CarbunkleDiaLight
Virgin's Hope + Fenrir1000 Year Dust
Moonstone + CarbunklePearl Light
Emerald + CarbunkleEmerald Light
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Black Jack Mini-Game 100%
To play the Black Jack mini-game, do the following code at the end screen after the credit roll:

R2, L1, R2, R2, Up, X, Right, Circle, Down, Triangle, L2, R1, R2, L1, Square, and Square
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