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Twisted Metal Cheats for PSX
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Twisted Metal PSX Cheats

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Twisted Metal

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Hint 100%
Select TWISTER and go to Paris withinvincibility,
and blow up the Eiffel tower. Go down the ramp. drive at the left side. When you're on the roof, go down the other ramp to your' left and go to the edge of the roof. plant a remote bomb under yourself and wait. when it blows press triangle to activate the boosters. if done correctly, you will be riding the wind,In the suicide slide, plant a remote bomb and detonate it on all the ramps. before doing this (although this won't
access anything, its only for fun) fire a napalm at the base in which lightning comes out. blow that up then the ramps. it will destroy signs and all the lights there is only one sign that won't blow up. the ice cream sign, i think.
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Codes 98%
1. Circle Triangle Square Circle Circle
2. X Triangle Triangle Circle Triangle
3. X Triangle Triangle Circle Triangle
4. X Triangle Triangle Triangle Triangle
5. Triangle Triangle Triangle Circle
6. Triangle Triangle X Circle
7. Triangle Triangle Circle Circle
8. Triangle X Triangle Triangle Circle
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Super Codes 44%
hint:_ means space
invinsability:square triangle X _ O
infinite weapons:triangle_square O O
fight of your life:square triangle O square square
helicopter view:O O triangle X
By: Somedude123(9)
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