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Polar Panic Cheats for PS3
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Polar Panic PS3 Cheats

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12 Trophies
Polar Panic - Bear Necessities Bear Necessities
Complete the Story Mode
Polar Panic - Bear Faced Cheek Bear Faced Cheek
Achieve a 10x Combo bonus (not achievable in Multiplayer)
Polar Panic - Teddy Bear Teddy Bear
Get an A grade for a Story Mode Chapter
Polar Panic - Brainy Bear Brainy Bear
Get an AA grade in 10 Puzzle Mode levels
Polar Panic - Never Leave A Bear Behind Never Leave A Bear Behind
Collect all the snowmen and break the cages in Story Mode
Polar Panic - Housing Slump Housing Slump
Destroy 50 trapper generators
Polar Panic - No Bears Were Harmed No Bears Were Harmed
Complete a Chapter in Story Mode without losing a life
Polar Panic - The Right To Bear Arms The Right To Bear Arms
Kill a trapper of each type (not achievable in Multiplayer)
Polar Panic - Trophy Bear Trophy Bear
Collect all 10 extra life pick-ups
Polar Panic - Smarter Than The Average Bear Smarter Than The Average Bear
Complete the Puzzle Mode
Polar Panic - Roller Bear Roller Bear
Kill all the trappers on a boat level by only using the barrels
Polar Panic - Long Shot Long Shot
Kill a trapper with a sliding block over 15 grid squares away

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Polar Panic

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