Monday, 8 February 2016
Toribash: Violence Perfected Cheats for WII
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Toribash: Violence Perfected WII Cheats

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Toribash: Violence Perfected

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

The high kick! 80%
All of this has to be done within one frame(10-20 seconds).

First tense all the joints,
extend both glutes,
bend a lumber to either side,
rotate chest to either side(if lumbar was bended left, rotate left)
extend pecs to either side(if lumbar and chest left, then extend left pec and so on)
contract the pec of the opposite side
end your turn and you will deliver a high angled straightforward kick to the chest which is hard to block and works usually well in akido matches when you have to trip your opponent.
If you can contract your knee in between the two framse then you a even deal a greater damage.
this move does leave you open to grabs so you might want to set your hands to grab if you want to counter their grabs and kick at the same time. This is a basic move and relatively simple compared to most other moves cuz you can do all this in one frame. Go live !
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Easy Dismemberments 78%
If you are having a hard time dismembering Uke, you can always change the dismember threshold in settings. Change it from 100 to 80 (I recommend) or lower but beware, you will break easier too.
By: Ebrie3(211)
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The ultimate cheat/hack 24%
First go to the local game and choose judo. then rip 8 heads off and throw 6 of them. a screen will pop up saying you unlocked zombies. then go to WI-FI and :eat: 33 heads. its possible in zombies mode. this will make you invincible!
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