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One Piece: Unlimited Adventure Cheats for WII
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One Piece: Unlimited Adventure WII Cheats

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One Piece: Unlimited Adventure

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Characters for Vs. Mode 100%
Description: Perform the listed actions to unlock additional characters:

AokijiDefeat him in the Dimension Zone
ArlongDefeat him in story mode at the Cave area
Bon ClayDefeat him at the Seaside Zone area
CalgaraDefeat him at Jungle Zone near a fishing spot
CrocodileDefeat him at the Cave area he is the 2nd boss to reach him hit the wall with acharacter not a pick axe
Don KriegDefeat him in the Jungle Zone
EneruDefeat him in story mode at the Ruins Zone area
KakuDefeat him in the Jungle area
LucciDefeat him in the Dimension Zon
MihawkDefeat him in story mode at the Fossil Beach area
PaulieDefeat him at Cave Zone
Portgas D. AceDefeat him in the Mountain Zone
Rampaging ChopperDefeat him in Mountain Zone, you need a Revive Medicine to get to his arena
Rob LucciDefeat him in the Dimension Zone, he's the 1st boss
ShanksDefeat him in the Mountain Zone
SmokerDefeat him right before you enter Fossil Beach
SpandamDefeat Spandam at the Ruins zone he is the 1st boss
ViviDefeat her at Ruins Zone
WhitebeardDefeat him in the Dimension Zone, Golden Whale is required to get to the arena
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