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The Sims 3 Cheats for XBOX 360
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The Sims 3 XBOX 360 Cheats

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The Sims 3

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* The Sims 3 Acquiring & Developing Skills + CHEATS Guide 95%
Description: You will learn about all skills your Sims can learn in The Sims 3 game in this guide. Before your Sim can increase their ability at something, they 1st have to learn how to do it. Taking a class is by far the easiest way to acquire a new skill but it will cost you. For an artist, a Sim who wants to learn the Painting skill for example, either needs to buy an easel plus interact with it, or take a class at the local school. The Fishing skill is easy too, just sit by a pond and throw a line in by interacting with it. You can also read a book or take a class. Your Sims can then nurture and develop their talents to improve by levels and gain some perks with the skill the higher they go. Below is a list of each skill, how to get started or acquire it and how to develop it. There will be a chart on what to expect with different levels of the skill. There is also information on the rewards each gives.

Read the Guide --> The Sims 3 Acquiring & Developing Skills + CHEATS [Guide]
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The Sims 3 Traits List Guide 95%
Description: This Sims 3 Personality Traits Guide provides information about how the traits in Sims 3, Ambitions, World Adventures, and Late Night affect your Sims. Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 owners of The Sims 3 will also find this guide helpful, as all of the traits offered in their version are featured here. Also in this guide is a list of which lifetime wishes that will pop up if you make a Sim with that particular trait. If you want to be sure that your Sim gets a certain lifetime wish you want then you need to make one of the traits you pick have that lifetime wish as a possiblity.

Read the Guide --> The Sims 3 Traits List [Guide]
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The Sims 3 Hidden Trait List Guide 93%
So if they are hidden how do you know about them? How do you get a hidden trait?

Hidden traits in the Sims 3 are passed on by Sims of certain careers to their offspring. Finding some of these traits will require that your Sim starts a relationship. Others are much simpler to unlock by simply having a Sim in a certain career track and have children and they may get the trait. Please be aware that it seems to be random as to whether the child will get the hidden trait from Mom or Dad.

Read the Guide --> The Sims 3 Hidden Trait List [Guide]
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Cool stuff 92%
When a neighbor visits and takes out a laptop first they set it down then go on the buy menu and take it!

When you are a kleptomatic (Traits) you could always steal stuff from parks and houses but only a few times a day
By: CheatMasterTaco(588)
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Cool tips 92%
When someone has a laptop and put in down quickly go on buy mode and inventory and steal the laptop before they sit down,

When you hold a party buy the party table, some balloons a guitar playing sim or radio and alot of activities like a pool to make the perfect party and lots of of friends.

When you want to marry talk talk and talk then ask them if they want 2 sleep over then you flirt flirt and flirt but when you get kiss and stuff wait after a few more so they dont deny it. You could use good times or full motives to make them in a better mood.

When you have a toddler and teach them to walk and talk you get to choose their trait and you also make them a better sim, More sucessful and more likely to suceed instead of fail
By: CheatMasterTaco(588)
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Easier ways to get twins or triplets and to get boy or girl! 85%
This really works...

First get spoot or alot of lifetime points the go to the selection of rewards get fertility for both parents....

Woohoo or try for baby once pregnant eat alot of apples or watermelons for twins or triplets. (Twins only come when eaten few or when not enough family space for 3)

Eat tons of apples for a baby boy!
Eat tons of watermelons for a baby girl!

Trust me I've done it!
By: CheatMasterTaco(588)
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How to live by yourself being a teenager... 85%
Ok,this worked for me so it should work for you also

First,build a small room,get the adult or elder into it,go to buy and build then remove the door,set a fire place and tons of rugs and lamps in the room,buy a roof so the heat can't get out,then wait a few minutes and they will start to burn alive since there is no way for them to get out,and if that doesn't work for some apparent reason then just keep them in there anyway and they will eventually die of starvation,then thats all,your done

Hope I could help,
By: Mindy(16)
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Many ways to kill you or other sims 78%
Ways to die~

Electricution~ Fix a Tv in a puddle (Must be low leveled)
Ghost color~ Yellow with static inside

Burn~ Enclose in room with furniture and fire place (Must not be brave)
Ghost color~ Red with flames inside

Drown~ Enclose with furniture inside pool for a few minutes (Must not be tired)
Ghost color~ Blue and dripping

Starvation~ Don't feed for long time
Ghost color~ Purple and empty

Natural causes~ Dies of old age (Must be 90+)
Ghost color~ White and sparkly

By: CheatMasterTaco(588)
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Easy 4,000$ no cheats 77%
Invite in anyone who comes to your house they MAY put a laptop on a table now heres the tricky part once they put the laptop on the table go into build/buy mode BEFORE they sit down if there not sitting down you can grab the computer and either sell it for 4,000 or keep it hope this helps.
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Object stuck in sims 3 hand 75%
Send your sim to the spa and get the volcanic bath under body treatments... if it doesn't work the first time, send them again. It worked for me.
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Cheat magic 71%
After you've pause and pressed LT, RT, LB, RB at the same time, there are other things apart from the llama. If you hold onto the LT once playing and click on the mail box, you will get lots of options like, make all sims happy, force a visiter and many more. Also press it again and click on you and you have the option to age up, and change your traits, hope I helped xxx
By: coolsupercat(182)
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Things that suck 70%
Here Are tips for you and youre sims>>>

1. Killing a sim?
Killing a sim? If you planted a death flower plant or have a good gardener in youre fam GET RID OF IT! you give death a death flower and he saves you from death

When you get the llama disable karma!

3. Ghosts
Dont wait to long to revive sims the ghost noise will linger as a glitch and they will still have the dumb ghost affects (Fire ghost, mine still smokes)

By: CheatMasterTaco(588)
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Magic Mailbox 70%
After you pause the game and press the four buttons go to live mode and go to the mail box while your on the mailbox hold the left trigger on the mailbox and highlight it and it will you give you some options like pick carrer and reset sim also force visitor
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Family 69%
Since it shows the family tree for your sims which is usless since when one dies they dissapear from it..

You could keep the remains (I dont know how but works)
And make a graveyard of your family!... I dont know why you would be ethusiastict about it but it helps.. Remember place remains then wait till they dissapear
By: CheatMasterTaco(588)
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How to kill a Sim 68%
First, you trap the sim in a small space with no doors. Next, you put a radio in it, turn it on, and then move it to where they can't turn it off. Additionally, you can put a fireplace in it with an object in front of it-prefferably a decorational object- and wait until he just burns to death(You may put a fire alarm in there, because the fire might spread to other important objects). Not all sims can be killed.
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Sims 3 Money Cheat (unlimited) 65%
You have to load a game and then after done loading you go to the menu with the saving and options. Then you HAVE TO! click LT,LB,RT,RB at THE SAME TIME after, you go to build/buy mode and then to DECOR next, you go to MISC DECOR and choose Spoot the Magic Llama. go to Live Mode and highlight or pick Spoot and you get all awesome things like $50,000 and $1,000 and Karma Powers unlocked(all) go and check it out. ENJOY :)
By: SimsXBOX360(24)
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Deathfish 65%
Step 1: Reach level 10 in fishing skill
Step 2: Catch an angelfish (optional)
Step 3: Go to the cemetary between 12:00am and 5:00am
Step 4: Catch a deathfish, they sell from $200 to $350 each
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How To KIll A Sim : ) 55%
This is how you do it put the sim in a blank space and put walls around the sim and then put a radio in the room have the sim turn it on then turn the radio toward the wall this is for the sim not to fall asleep don't put any doors then this is additional-put a fireplace in the room and have the sim light it then put somthing like a decoration in front of it soon it should catch on fire and the sim will die.Well thats how you do it guys hope it works : )
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Funny and dumb things 52%
The dumbest and in- convenient things:

1. People die of old age ANYWHERE (on neighbors lawn, you place, parks, beaches...ect)

2. Death can become a friend

3. Death came to a party

4. A ghost died

5. A ghost can starve, get tired and get hungry

6. My male sim got pregnant
By: CheatMasterTaco(588)
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Love life 50%
Did you know that you can cheat on your boy friend/girlfriend and you can become gay
By: coolsupercat(182)
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Group relationship boost 50%
Have two people talk with either a group of 3 or more and do freindy socials and funny only for everybody to get relationship boost.
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Best Possible Jobs 42%
The best Possible jobs in the Sims 3 are listed below: prices per hour
Law Enforcement $56 max
Business $70 max
Five Star Culinary Librarian $120 max
Politics $444 max
Scientist $24 max
Pro Athlete $ 34 max
Rockstar $78
By: XboxGuide1(11)
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Needs 30%
Type in testingcheatsenabled true then go to were it says your sims needs and you can drag there needs up or down this also works for making friends ps. (if you put the needs to low you will kill your sim so be careful!) :) hope this works for u
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

By: panayiotisliver(226)
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Motherlode 24%
Get 50,000 in money
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

50,000 doller cheat 20%
You type control, shift, C then you click and type in motherlode
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Loded 17%
Loded gets you 1 million simoleons
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Dying 13%
Dying is not fun but you can always start a new game. I love butts
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

10000 6%
Para hilesi
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