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Shank Cheats for PS3
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Shank PS3 Cheats

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Shoot Ahead 100%
How to: Most of the time, you can use the handguns to shoot ahead and take out enemies off the screen (but who are active and vulnerable).
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Concept Art 100%
Description: Perform the following actions to unlock Concept Art.

Concept Art #1Get 100 kills with the Shank
Concept Art #2Get 100 kills with the Chains
Concept Art #3Get 100 kills with Dual Pistols
Concept Art #4Get 100 kills with the Katana
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Costumes/Outfits 100%
How to unlock: Perform the following actions to unlock additional costumes.

Dance CostumeFinish the single-player campaign on Normal
WildmanFinish the single-player campaign on Hard
HorrorKill 100 enemies with a chainsaw
SpartanFinish the Backstory
ANY-S CostumeAfter completing the single-player campaign: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, CIRCLE, X
White Pajamas (aka White Ninja)Perform a 100-hit combo
Yellow Jump SuitKill 100 enemies
Red Pajamas (Red Ninja)???
GIMPKill 500 creatures
Death Spank CostumeWin the game, start a new game and pause it. Enter this code: UP, SQUARE, DOWN, CIRCLE, LEFT, TRIANGLE, RIGHT, X
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14 Trophies
Shank - Just That Good Just That Good
Complete the single player campaign on Hard mode.
Shank - Revenge is Sweet Revenge is Sweet
Defeat Cesar.
Shank - The Wrong Guy The Wrong Guy
Defeat El Raton
Shank - Scars From the Past Scars From the Past
Defeat Cassandra.
Shank - The Meating The Meating
Defeat the Butcher.
Shank - Grindhouse Grindhouse
Perform 100 chainsaw kills.
Shank - Mow 'Em Down Mow 'Em Down
Take out 1000 enemies.
Shank - Make a Name For Yourself Make a Name For Yourself
Take out 100 enemies.
Shank - Just Getting Started Just Getting Started
Take out 20 enemies.
Shank - And It Continues And It Continues
Complete the single player campaign on Normal mode.
Shank - Backstory Backstory
Complete the co-op campaign.
Shank - Making a name for yourself Making a name for yourself
Take out 100 enemies
Shank - Father forgive me... Father forgive me...
Defeat The Priest
Shank - I'm just that good I'm just that good
Complete Single Player Campaign on Hard Mode
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