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Battle Vs Chess Cheats for PS3
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Battle Vs Chess PS3 Cheats

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Battle Vs Chess

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Trophies 96%
Description: Complete the listed tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 TROPHY rewards:

Fighter (Bronze)Win a Classic Game by Checkmate (not Head to head)
Bewildered (Bronze)Play a game to Stalemate (Classic Game, not Head to head)
Defender (Bronze)Complete 5 Order missions
Champion (Bronze)Complete 10 Order missions
Hero (Bronze)Complete 15 Order missions
Imp (Bronze)Complete 5 Chaos missions
Demon (Bronze)Complete 10 Chaos missions
Fiend Lord (Bronze)Complete 15 Chaos missions
Slayer (Bronze)Capture 100 pieces (not Head to head)
Sacrifice (Bronze)Win a game while possessing 2 pieces less than your opponent (Classic Game, not Head to head)
Annihilator (Bronze)Capture all enemy pieces and then checkmate the king (Classic Game, not Head to head)
Rising Star (Bronze)Win online game against the player with a higher rating
Sprinter (Bronze)Win a game in less than 5 minutes (Classic Game, not Head to head)
Strategist (Bronze)Win a game in less than 30 moves (Classic Game, not Head to head)
Promoter (Bronze)Promote your Pawns to every possible major piece (not Head to head)
Revolutionist (Bronze)Place your opponent in Check by Castling (Classic Game, not Head to head)
Catcher (Bronze)Capture a Pawn 'En passant' (Classic Game, not Head to head)
Reckless (Bronze)Move your King to the opposite side of the board (Classic Game, not Head to head)
Persecutor (Bronze)Place your opponent in Check 10 times in a single game (Classic Game, not Head to head)
Torturer (Bronze)Place your opponent in Check using 5 different pieces in a single game (Classic Game, not Head to head)
Explorer (Silver)Win a single game in every game mode (not Head to head)
Immortal (Silver)Capture 5 pieces with the same piece during a single game (Classic Game, not Head to head)
God's Beloved (Silver)Promote 3 Pawns in a single game (Classic Game, not Head to head)
Gambler (Silver)Complete 20 levels of the 'Treasure Hunt' challenge
Sage (Silver)Complete all puzzles
Universal Soldier (Silver)Move an opponent into Checkmate using every piece (not Head to head)
Adventurer (Silver)Play 100 games (not Head to head)
Victor (Silver)Earn at least a Bronze Medal on every mission
Vanquisher (Silver)Earn at least a Silver Medal on every mission
Overmind (Silver)Win 20 games online (not Head to head)
Traveler (Silver)Play over 1000 turns (not Head to head)
Perfectionist (Gold)Earn a Gold Medal on every mission
Grandmaster (Gold)Reach an online rating of 1200
Renaissance Man (Gold)Complete all challenges, puzzles and missions (not Head to head)
Fritz Killer (Gold)Beat a Level 6 AI opponent in a Classic Game
Maximalist (Platinum)Earn every trophy
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