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Guilty Party Cheats for WII
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Guilty Party WII Cheats

Rating: 4/5 VOTE
Guilty Party Cheats

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Guilty Party

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Mr. Dickens 84%
How to: Beat Story Mode to unlock Mr. Dickens as a playable sleuth.
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Guilty Party 818446How do I prove that the old lady commited the crime in the aquarium? Answers: 1
Guilty Party 760883Who is the culprit of the train desaster Answers: 2
Guilty Party 844830Who is the guilty party for the mystery aquarium Answers: 2
Guilty Party 814856How do you enter the secret code into the game? Answers: 1
Guilty Party 883276How do I defeat the "Put the fire out with water" game? Answers: 1
Guilty Party 761284I can't figure out the answer to why the Judge committed the crime I have everything except for why it is a woman. Answers: 2
Guilty Party 854864How many different mysteries are there in story mode? Answers: 1
Guilty Party 883298How do you get into the crypt of the opera house on level five? Answers: 1
Guilty Party 904028How do you know the singer didn't do it chef madeline Answers: 0
Guilty Party 925930Who did it in the ship Answers: 1
Guilty Party 927048How is guilty on the second level? Answers: 1
Guilty Party 928514How do you prove that the columist did'nt do it at the opera house? Answers: 0
Guilty Party 946352Who committed the crime on the train? Answers: 0
Guilty Party 957533Who is the culpret on the blimp? Answers: 1
Guilty Party 965767Does the Guilty Party game work on the Wii U? Answers: 0
Guilty Party 971646Remote for Guilty party will not pair on wiiU Answers: 0
Guilty Party 973703Who is Mr. Valentine? Answers: 1
Guilty Party 979058How do you know the train crime was done by the judge, other than its a woman because computer screen name "egg gal"? Answers: 0
Guilty Party 989061How do I prove that the judge did on the train Answers: 0
Guilty Party 991780Who is the valentine Answers: 0
Guilty Party 798290How do you get last 3 badges? Answers: 2
Guilty Party 799335How can I prove the gardener is innocent in the Finale Level or Episode or whatever it's supposed to be? Answers: 2
Guilty Party 766102Who is the culpret on the train in guilty party wii? Answers: 1
Guilty Party 783348How do you rove that the rocker is not Mr.Valentines on the last part of the game Guilty Party? Answers: 5
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