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Prison Tycoon: Alcatraz Cheats for PC
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Prison Tycoon: Alcatraz PC Cheats

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Prison Tycoon: Alcatraz Cheats

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Prison Tycoon: Alcatraz

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

How to get high security rating without buying anything 71%
Ok guys first you must get a guard tower to build as soon as it comes up shift it to the garden area then find a red bit where you cant place it and just keep clicking as many times as you want and you should have new build stuff and prisoners are less likely to escape
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Prison Tycoon: Alcatraz 798986Can yo execute inmates? Answers: 1
Prison Tycoon: Alcatraz 798984What is the highest security level? Is it maximum security? Answers: 0
Prison Tycoon: Alcatraz 908620How do I increase my security level to maximum Answers: 0
Prison Tycoon: Alcatraz 942948How do you rotate cells in the game? I tried what some people have said but it doesnt work. Answers: 1
Prison Tycoon: Alcatraz 944661How do you get into cheat mode? Have seen lots of people say press enter and then type sleepworker, I have tried this countless times and it doesnt work Answers: 0
Prison Tycoon: Alcatraz 983573How do I pick up a prisoner Answers: 0
Prison Tycoon: Alcatraz 992591How do you control the prisoners Answers: 0
Prison Tycoon: Alcatraz 767586How to build solitary Answers: 4
Prison Tycoon: Alcatraz 791009To build solitary place towers untill you reach security level 2 then solitary cells become available Answers: 1
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