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Dynasty Warriors 4 Hyper Cheats for PC
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Dynasty Warriors 4 Hyper PC Cheats

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Dynasty Warriors 4 Hyper

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Characters 86%
Description: Perform the following actions below to unlock additional characters:

Lu BuBeat Musou mode once with any kingdom
Men HuoOn Shu Musou Act V or final, Nanman Campaign / Defeat Meng Huo 7 times + a duel
Yuan ShaoBeat Wei Musou mode
Zhang JiaoBeat Musou mode once with each kingdom (Wu, Shu, Wei, Lu Bu, Dong Zhuo, and Yuan Shao)
Zhu RongOn Shu Musou Act V or final, Nanman Campaign Defeat Zhu Rong in a duel
Diao ChanBeat Lu Bu Musou Act I
Dong ZhuoBeat Lu Bu Musou mode

Shu Characters
Huang ZhongBeat Shu Musou Act IV
Jiang WeiDefeat all of the generals outside the castle in Shu Tales: Battle of Tian Shui / Defeat Jiang's subs, and lead him to Zhuge
Ma ChaoDefeat Ma Chao when he shows up as reinforcements in Cheng Du
Pang TongBeat Shu Musou Act II
Wei YanBeat Shu Musou Act IV
Yue YingBeat Shu Musou Act IV
Zhao YunBeat Shu Musou Act II
Zhuge LiangBeat Shu Musou Act II

Wei Characters
Dian WeiBeat Wei Musou Act I
Xu HuangBeat Wei Musou Act I
Cao RenBeat Wei Musou Act III
Sima YiBeat Wei Musou Act IV
Xu ZhuBeat Wei Musou Act II
Zhang HeBeat 11 Wei Musou stages
Zhang LiaoBeat the Battle of Xia Pi on Wei Musou Act III
Zhen JiBeat Wei Musou Act III

Wu Characters
Da QiaoIn Wu Tales: The Two Qiaos, save the Qiao sisters and Beat the stage
Gan NingIn the Battle of Xia Kou, defeat Gan Ning You must complete Act IV to unlock him
Sun QuanBeat Wu Musou Act III
Taishi CiIn the Campaign for Wu Territory, beat Taishi Ci
Xiao QiaoSave the Qiao sisters in Wu Tales: The Two Qiaos / Beat the stage
Zhou TaiBeat Wu Musou Act III
Zhou YuBeat Wu Musou Act II
Lu MengBeat Wu Musou Act I
Lu XunBeat Wu Musou Act IV
Sun CeBeat Wu Musou Act II
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