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Unreal Tournament Cheats for PC
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Unreal Tournament PC Cheats

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Unreal Tournament

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Cheats 100%
The following codes are for Single player only:
Press ` to bring up the console, then type:

allammo - All Ammo
behindview 1 - view character from behind
behindview 0 - Normal view
god - God Mode
fly - Fly Mode
ghost - Walk Through Walls
iamtheone - Activate Cheat Mode
killall [class] - Kill All Enemies of a Certain [class]
loaded - All Weapons
open [mapname] - Jump to Any Map
playersonly - Freezes Time Type Again to UnFreeze
summon x - Summon (item) (WarHeadLauncher, Enforcer, DoubleEnforcer, Minigun2, PulseGun, ShockRifle, SniperRifle, UT_BioRifle, UT_Eightball, UT_FlackCannon, Chainsaw, Dispersionpistol,Stinger, Automag, Asmd, Clip)
walk- Walk Mode.
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Hidden Rooms 100%
There are hidden rooms in Unreal Tournament. To get to them, first, you need to open up a random map, (make sure it has an open background, meaning the entire map isn't in a building or room, (ex: Barricade, Facing Worlds, Frigate)). Now, activate the ghost cheat, (you press the wavy line: ~, and type iamtheone, and then type ghost). Now use the jump key. It will make you go up. Keep going up until when you fire a weapon like the rocket launcher, it will just explode the moment you click. Now look around. You should see something in the distance. For example, in Frigate you will see a grayish whitish box in the sky. In Barricade, you will see a bluish disk. Now move toward it, whatever it is depending on the map. If you are in Frigate, make sure you get inside the box. In Barricade, make sure you are just above the disk. Now, activate the walk cheat. You are now inside a hidden room. (Facing Worlds is hard to get to its secret room. You will have to do some searching.)
By: 101cheater(11)
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