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Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Cheats for PC Page 2
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Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures PC Cheats

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE
Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Cheats

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Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Cwa and freerealms stashn cash cheat 100% 48%
In freerealms type in your cwa acount and then play you have 500stashn cash dothe same thing with cwa type in your freerealms acount and play and you have 300 stashn cash
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Tips on how you can get the sc items you want....... 48%
Step 1: create a new account
Step 2: go to freerealms
Step 3: log in with your cwa acc
Step 4: go back to cwa.
Step 5: then get what ever you want that is in the 50-300 range
By: Dark Acolyte(35)
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Space battle: Sky Battle of Quell 47%
Here is some gameplay footage of the sky battle of quell in Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures.
Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures cheat video Cheat Video
By: RyCam(645)
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Inside the game Episode 2 47%
A sneak peek inside Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures.
Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures cheat video Cheat Video
By: RyCam(645)
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Gungan Stunt Video 47%
Gameplay from the open beta of the Mini-MMO "Star Wars - Clone Wars Adventures"

Watch Gungan do some flying )
Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures cheat video Cheat Video
By: CheatMaster(6056)
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Trainingn room floor 47%
The training room floor is a fake all those people jumping around are computer and ive been there you have to teleport to this guy that has a nightsister helmet and a clone suit

down here
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Cheat to get more credits with daily spin 46%
If you have 2 computers turn clone wars adventures on both at the same time and put daily spin on at the very same time and you will get 2 goes.
By: codyclown(1739)
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Something fun to while you are online... 46%
Board? not anymore! I have turrned my cruiser house into a fun huse, it is still in constrution, so dont be serprised if it is a little boring. in the fun house there is...

1. a cafe

2. many diferent rooms (still in constrution)

3. a small loby with game table

4. a stage for live music from a bith holoprojector (help wanted!) (stage has not started constrution)

5. a bar (has not started constrution yet)

6. 2 three tables

And many more!
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One month jedi members USED ONCE 45%
Enter CWAGIFT10 and then make a account and then you have one month of members
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Cwa cheats 45%
If you want a rain bow light saber put in the code rb0 adn if it dosnt work ask Cash Holotower to help but use a capital I in holo insted of a lowercase l and he will help you if that name does not work ask Zivek Holotower and he will help my person is the Cash one I might change it so the Zivek and I will help.
By: todd1111111111(16)
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Why Activation codes given to you by some one else don't work 44%
Guys I found out why if you ask some one for an activation code it won't work because cwa doesn't allow it and you'll have to buy your own if you want sc I know it stinks but life isn't fair.
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Cwa glitches 44%
Hey guys, 11-10-11

Today I have a glitch that gets you out of your Mustafar,
Ryloth or your Kamino lot! First,you will have to try to get
on top of the boxes somewhere near the entrance. Just go
back and forth toward the boxes. If you keep on getting
on the boxes then fall off and do it again. From 1-2
minutes you might finally get out of the lot. You should
fall off the side so you can explore the outside world of your

_Sargent Scarer and Monster Gunner
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Cheats Expired and Not Expired 44%
The Gungan Lightsaber cheat expired
secretmission is expired (the game told me it expired)
cwagift10 is expired
jetpack01 is NOT expired
mcplaycwa is NOT expire
free realms login does NOT work
trudooku is NOT expired
cwapowerboost is NOT expired
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Jedi Member code 100% work! 43%
Go to and create a new account, you have to be 18+ of ages. when you finish, log in then it will come up with account management page. click enter activation codes, put Clone
War Adventures as your game and type in cwagift10 in the cheat bar, redeem it then you are a member. If you want 250 sc, go to, log in with the account you just create, create a profile and you will get 250 free sc. Then go back to ,DO NOT SIGN UP A NEW ACCOUNT AT THIS SITE OR LOG IN WITH YOUR OLD ACCOUNT, put your user name and password you just created at in the existing user login. Then create a character and you will have a memeber for a month
By: Jediknighthia(176)
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This is not a cheat it's a glitch entrance. 43%
Hello I found a way into a glitch in space. First go to your cargo hold. Then you have to have about six extra large blocks. and you have to stand under them and stack them and then you are in the glitch if you have any questions go down lower and ask the question onthe question list I will look for it and answer it if you want to get to know me better go to cwa and type in my name Lenn Hatchseeker. If you want you can put all your stuff in the glitch you can put stuff in it. Hope this helped.
By: cwa cheat maker(1475)
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Cwa hint! 43%
ON star fighter make sure to hit your sideways arrow keys to evade rockets, ships ect.
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How to get 500 SC 42%
1sign up on
2.log in at free realms with the same account on
3.then log in with the same soe and free realms account to CWA
4.There you go! you now have 500 SC
By: jmbacal(347)
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How to get 9 sc 42%
Easy join our squad sith baittalion add captain NINJAGO to friend and he ask you to join our squad when you accept then he gives you 9sc (captain NINJAGO is full name) NINJAGO with caps
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Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, Gungan Stunt 41%
Gameplay footage from Lucasarts mini-MMO Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures.
Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures cheat video Cheat Video
By: RyCam(645)
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Clone wars adventures codes 41%
Don't read any of the codes below just this the only codes that work are-mcplaycwa,secretmission,and jetpack01
By: josecoolness(24)
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Glitch Entrance! 41%
Hey guys I have found the coolest thing ever! You can change your light sabers color when your not a member! But I have some bad news. It will only work for none members who have been a jedi member yes I know sad for none members who have never been a member before. Well for none members who use to be members are lucky. Here's what I learned if you go to the store and go to jedi/sith gear go to a member gear set it has to be completely bought to work you go to it and click equip set and there you go! You have a blue/green/yellow/white/orange/red light saber. How cool is that!.....I have an account on cwa my name is Lenn Hatchseeker please friend me and if you have any questions ask me and they will be answered. Hope this help..............
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Another code i fogot about :P 41%
Gmzz24b= card commander pack or some thing I forgot what it is
By: sk8MONSTER(494)
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More credits 41%
If you have low credits and you need more. If you have two computers go to one and create and account- I would suggest choosing one password for future purposes) and then put in the code cwapowerboost and then got to buy boost points and get as many as you can then go to daily spin and keep playing it until you run out of boost points. Then friend your basic character that you play with all the time- thats why you have the second computer- and get the other person to buy you credits things- even if they are member items it will let them buy member things for members- and there you go you don't have to spend your credits

Resaults of number of credits may vary.

Add me in cwa my name is Prince Savon ^_^
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Stunt gungan cheat 40%
If you do force push down right before you hit the ground, you will bounce back up when you hit the floor.
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Hello Cwa players. Legend was right about the glitch. 40%
I guess Legend was right. I knew the glitch already beftore the cheat before it was posted. Try it and vote helpful for me and Legend. If you are seeing this friend me and Legend. Happy cheating! ^_^ P.S. I am Mack Dragonblaze.
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Why cwa doesent work 39%
I got an e-mail saying that a hacker got in the clone wars adventures systems. So they shut off all soe games and they will reactivate the websites when their investigation is complete.when this is over please friend me:Chrism Skywalker
By: clonetrooper511(323)
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Stunt gungan the #1 way to earn credits. 38%
All you have to do is try to run into all the obstances that blow up and force push right before you touch the ground.
By: TIMY999(556)
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Hey people,

I've got some advice.When you long on to Clone Wars
Adventures,make sure that instead of pressing the
arrow keys press Q for going left and E for going
right.If you want to go straight press W.If you want to
go backwards press S.If you want to turn around press
A or D.

-Sargent Scarer+Monster Gunner
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Advice 36%
Get astromech unit and go to droid parts and get blasters and shock
By: Lawrence213(96)
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Training room floor 35%
Teleport to a character "Leumas Lietsleknif" he's always in the training room floor
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Screen movement 33%
Hold on the right mouse button, and move it about and the screen will turn where ever you want.

scroll up and down, and see you screen gets further near or away, depending on what way you scroll

friend me as, cade skyshield, thanks
By: codyclown(1739)
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Hi there,
Most of you cwa players out there may know the living quarters roof glitch. Unfortunatly the moderators have found out about this glitch and have now fixed it. I myself as a player have experienced this: anything you put on your living quarters glitch is now stuck there! I have tried to send a message to the moderators via chat but I do not think they recived it.
thats my tip!


please add me on cwa my name is: Barrison Lightneedler
By: captainrexcwa(47)
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The gients are in the house! 33%
Get someone to put out a droid with a serving tray ceep drinking till you grow big then play the game were your R2-D2 and big stays on as long as your playing goes away if you quit game.
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Attack cruiser glitch 33%
If you want to be outside your cruiser this is what you have to do

If your a member and has sc buy a tracking screen for 50sc and move it on you (no clicking required) and bam your in space.
Hope you find this helpful.

My cwa name is Chernan Sharpdrift.
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Don't got a wepon move you don't need it!!! 33%
If you don't have a swoon set well now you don't need it. All you need to do is press one.
My name on cwa is Mack dragonblaze if you got like a lot of questions just ask me on there.
See ya
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Free light saber costimation for none members! 32%
Hello I know some thing so cool this works only for people who have been members before but it expired like mine did. Well first you go to store then jedi /sith gear and look for a set that has been completed from when you were a member with your credits/gifts from some one then click on that set if it is completed you will see a button at the bottom of the picture that is being shone from the gear you will see a button that saying equip set and you click on that button and it gives you the color saber that is in the set. Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!
By: cwa cheat maker(1475)
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To turn the screen's view(what you can see) and have better viewing in CWA 31%
Click the wrench on the top right corner of the screen,then click the "video settings" button, then click the checkmark box next to "free camera". Now you can turn the screen by holding the right click button too!
By: clonetrooper511(323)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

I tried every one of these and none of them work!

P.S i'm not going to add you as a friend unless your cheats work!
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Mouse-droid, for every one 30%
Every one has a mouse-droid well buy the bubble head then buy it. click on it to put it on your droid then click on your droid, foam should come out

cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool! {~)

friend me on clone wars adventures (Cade Skyshield)
By: codyclown(1739)
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How to get alot of money 30%
All you have to do is play the daily activitys then win a game of republic defender the you are done! you have alot of money you can add my character Force Rookie and join ARC LEGION P.S. THIS WORKS FOR MEMBERS ONLY
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Code for 500 sc 30%
Go to and enter your CWA account and log off then log into your CWA acc then BOOM! you got yourself 500 sc.
please vote helpfull. ( if you wanna friend me on CWA my name is ifaan kaidoo
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Walk on water glitch 29%
Teleport to Anagin Airrunner and have fun
By: starwars expert(52)
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This isnt strictly a CHEAT, but... 29%
To use two lightsaber hilts that are the same (eg. Sidious and Sidious) go on customization, put the hilt you want two of as left saber, and choose a random saber for the right. then go on my gear, on weapons, and press equip on the saber you want two of. then ta daa! also this doesnt work on ahsoka reverse saber and double sabers.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

For membership or sc 29%
HASB9M4G76FZRE this is for 200 sc if your already have an account or a membership and 450 sc (for new members only)
please friend me on cwa I am: sorn redwield
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Codes 29%
None of these codes work
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Get on the field for glalactic forces 29%
This is a cheat you must do exactly this:

step one: have someone send an invite to glactic forces to you

step two: do not except it until you go in to the shop and yes I said go in to the shop to except it

step three: when you except it will take you to game and you must be clones!

step four: when side is picked go down to the hot bar and next to it you will see the shop again go in to it then exit out you will be inside your clone base!

step five: exiting the base is simple but you can not go straight out you must go towards one of the places where you place turret, power station, ext.

warning: if you fall in to the places where you put factories or turrets you will be stuck so do not fall.

done: that is how you do it have fun with that! )

P.S. wepons and sabers can not be equiped unless you equip the whole set

P.S. again add me my name is "snc risip"
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Emmisary's NAME 28%
General gaz53bog01

He gave me do-t droid
By: General cheat(651)
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How to get do-t droid 27%
Add emmisary
Let him inspect your house
He gives you the code
By: General cheat(651)
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Walk on water cheat 26%
To walk on water friend me(ryan ermi)and then port to me
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Invisible Buddy 25%
You will fight someone without a guy

Yea me a invisible buddy
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Sith Academy: Darth Maul cheat. 25%
First you go to where the arrow says you go right but don't go there. you go left with a rver of lava. then somehow go through the tunnel then WAZZA you are at the darth maul boss

Disclaimer: try not to touch the lava. it drains your health
By: Dark Acolyte(35)
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Free sc code 25%
To get 10000 sc enter 500 399 1386
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Underwear cheat 25%
First equip a set and unequip a set always do it and BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM you are wearing nothing but underwear and equip back and BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM you are wearing that set you can do it MANY TIMES
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Code for ... 24%
Code for 1,500 station cash in clone wars adventures
527 908 9532

Code for 1,000 station cash in clone wars adventures
530 990 7094

Code for a c-3po

Code for a green 74-z speeder bike

Code for 300 boost points

Code for a r-a7 protical droid

Code for count dooku's outfit

By: vegeta90oold(18)
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Btay9422 24%
Secretmission - c-3po droid
trudooku - count dooku clothes
aquaassaultprize - m1-lo droid
mcplaycwa - ra-7
cwapowerboost - 300 boost points
go to free realms and go to existing user type in your cwa acount user and password
and make sure your logged off of cwa and you'll have to wait until it loads click play and log off of free realms and get on cwa and you will have 250 sc
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Mustafar and ryloth glitch 23%
If you want to go out side the mustafar or ryloth lot you will have to do this if you cant get out the layer if you see some boxes when you enter the lot run very fast towards the boxes then run backwards fast it will take some time to get out of the layer you can also add my user Force Rookie hope this works!
P.S. it also works for non members
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Glitches return 22%
There are some new glitches I have found. Enjoy doing weird stuff - Clone Speeder

First go to character customs. Press the button called species. Choose a species and press the button face change(When you choose a species dont press apply the whole thing is supposed to be free). Now you should have a weird looking species. Press buy for 200 credits. It wont even cost you a thing. For members only.

Another glitch. You know that glitch thats with the living quarters? The one going on the roof? It doesnt work anymore but I have a feeling it still works on the padawan house and the attack cruiser rooms. for members and padawans

Another if you keep teleporting to people daily one day you may end up in a glitch with them. I have found 3 glitches. Theres one under the shops one on top of the shops (Its a maze looking glitch) and one in the hall( one where you go into the water ). For members and padawans

Weird furniture glitches (2)

If you have like a holoprojector and a the jedi or separatist ship pack or the jedi figures one you can put a ship or figure on the ground of you house first and the holoprojector in next. It has to cover the bottom of the mini statue. It will look like the statue will be in the holoprojector or part of it. You can try this with other furniture too this one was an example. For padawans and members

I was going to my friends house. He was building something with boxes. I looked at the boxes all of a sudden the boxes vanished. Then the boxes returned back. For everyone
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Free Dahgee Jedi saber from yours truly. ^_^ 22%
I am giving away a free Dahgee Jedi lightsaber to anyone who knows the name of my padwan
and/or master on Cwa. The deadline to this offer is 11-22-12.
**Only members can participate in this challenge.**
I am Mack Dragonblaze and I only play on Cwa.
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Blue light saber 21%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Stupid cheat 21%
Go to the mail room and in the left corner of the room jump and you will get a mistory prize
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Gungan lightsaber not over 21%
I have a gungan saber and my acount was created on 21-12-11 and then I go to click on the buten under sw star ball
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Cheats don't work anymore on cwa 21%
They don't work because Sony decided that the cheats are really messing the website up.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Dual lightsaber 21%
It's NELONA, like that exactly
add me: irfaan kaidoo
By: mr laba laba(118)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Hey guys there is a Jedi membership glitch 21%
First go to make a new account or use your real one

then type in this glitch Member forever and there you have it but it ends on May 5th 2014 make shure you us it on time bie but make it snappy.
By: eiplaehae(12)
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How To get extra Cash 20%
If you want extra cash with out doing the daily spin on two different computers just fight all the campange People on the life savor battle.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Ben cwa master 20%
This code will give you 150 station cash HASB745P368552 and no caps or spaces your welcom
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

How to not get hurt as much when fighting!!! 20%
When fighting enimies if you are using a gun then run in circles around them while shooting and they will have a harder time hitting u.

Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Darth maul out fit for star wars adventures 19%
The cheat is cwadarth8
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Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures 18%
1000 Station Cash and R2D2
By: mete(44)
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Mad v clone 18%
Hacked station cash to 1,0000 station cash and 25,0000credit in clone wars adventure and the dont say error for a membership code
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

More cwa (clone wars adventures) advice 18%
-most lightsaber cheat codesdont work but I think the only one that works is nelona (which has expired) -
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Clone commader bly 17%
Type in: rf92k-t79mk-9p7xc for clone commader blys leg armor
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Glitch 17%
For your jedi living quarters you need three extra large crates.stay still,stack them on you then you are on your roof
By: General cheat(651)
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Character in box (jedi members only) 16%
Go to the Officers club. Go to the place where mine buster is. You must see a box. Click on it and go under it. Voila! Your glitch is finished!
Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures cheat video Cheat Video
By: rickfateev24(11)
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How to get 1000 sc for real! 16%
Ok here is a cheat that will get you lots of sc for free and you can use it over and over im also giving you a code for a dot droid its true the code for the dot is x37b9 that is the code that emissary gives the ppl, now the code for the 1000 sc it is Cwa redo 97382 really it gives you 1000 sc. Hope you like it and it will work
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Ent 16%
Enter the cheats now
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Clone wars adventure online games 16%
Find a station cash for all clothe is cost 5 and buildings and lightsaber however become a jedi member
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Newest code 15%
Yoda224=9000station cash(sc)
Please vote
By: General cheat(651)
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NEW CHEAT READ NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 15%
If you have 2 pcs your lucky you log in with your favroite account and make a new acconunt then with the new accounct get your password wrong log in with your favorite account and you will get 2,0000 credits!
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Dawson Helget has to say 14%
One im telling you a cheat for sc first go next to obi wan and press x you will get a
obi wan suit and saber this works the same with other jedi

SOmeOne : Hey DaWson Your Lame PooP PS this is a cheat hint

DAwsOn No im nOt Put Hasb in front of the code ps capitals is a letter to the code

Ok sc hack go to clone wars adventures sc hack and download it

This was a comedy by S. W. We rule
aka Star Wars lol
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Darth sidios 14%
To get darth sidios set go to redeem code and type drat341
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Commander blys boots 14%
Heres the code for commander blys boots 7CJ3N-99C27-2XE9X it really works.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

100 sc from...Captain Rex!?!?!???? 14%
Find captain rex in umbara talk to him positively and you get...100sc!?!?
By: okei(32)
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Hints for fighting rancors 14%
If you fighting a rancor ask your friend to help and go back of the rancor and the rancor will not attack you just attack your friend

hope this help :P
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Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures 13%
1000 Station Cash and R2D2
By: mete(44)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

How to get people to get out of your house by Clone Speeder 13%
Boxes Nova uses boxes why shouldn't you?
Pillars Nova sometimes use pillars not so often
Turrets I got rid of a person with a turret (Oops)

What you are supposed to be be getting that you are supposed to be using all those large items and sometimes wider that your character so its anything like that

- Clone Speeder
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Free codes 13%
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Hacked station cash 13%
First start with andikan lightsaber and 25000scand everything cost 1 for 100%
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How to get a free red lightsaber wen nonmember(this is only for people who got a membership but expired) 13%
Only read if you had membership epired

Goto gear
Goto sith gear
Goto ancient bravis sith
Press equip set(only if you bought it while you were a member)
You get the red saber

My name in the game is "general gaz53bog01"
By: General cheat(651)
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2000 power boost 13%
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All armor and wepons plus a member ship for life and sc 12%
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Clone wars adventure 12%
2500station cash and a jedi member
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Super trooper gear 12%
I tried this code and it works perfectly, I now have the super trooper gear, all you have to do is put in the code wich is, cwasupertrooper01
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How to get 100,000,000 sc 12%
You keep on buying SC packs from Walmart then keep buying them till you have 100,000,000 but if you don't want to spend a lot of money your screwed. SCREWED I TELL YOU SCREWED!
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A few good strategies for galactic forces (THIS IS NOT A CHEAT, IT'S A TIP) 12%
One good strategy is to get as many infantry stations as you can at the start of the game, the other stratey I advise using for a short game is two troopers (or three droids) and an at-rt or a dwarf spider droid. Hope this helps with anyone who hates long Galactic forces games!
By: clonetrooper511(323)
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Best cheat 12%
Cwa bail wampaslasher gets you members ship and evry light saber!
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Macks you a Commando Droid 12%
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Stuff 11%
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Cheats 11%
Go to hero up .com sign up log out make sure you enter your clone wars adventures ueser name on the sign up then log in to your acount then you will have 3000 staion cash
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Station cash codes 11%

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The ulitmate lightsaberin the galaxy 11%
If you want the gungan lightsaber code type in the redeem code ghoulcwa
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Gives you 50,000 11%
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Turning coont duco 10%
Cheats for asoka thes are the cheats ffasokagy
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19999999999 sc code realy works 10%
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Clone wars adventure 9%
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Not used sc code 9%
143 598 609
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Add me and i give you more cheats my name is helm taylor 9%
This is not a hack it is real codes the word is cwagift10 it is free membership 30 days 22h3fvfh it is how to get every thing milkrocks is a free house to get unlimited 7 credits you have to enter3338755
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Loj;l 8%
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Sc party 8%
I have the best cheat.type sc partyman12345 with no spaces
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1,000 sc (unused) 8%
It's 734 512 4118
add me: irfaan kaidoo
By: mr laba laba(118)
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Three cheats that are helpfull but expired 7%
Cwajedi232- 3 months of free membership
cwaweapon- allows your character to use too lightsabers (maybe even blasters)
cwasuprise-i forgot what this code does, but im sure it was helpfull
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How to get 50000 sc 7%
If you entre aercde you will get 50000 sc
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Hxdjdjjdjd 6%
Kdsuewl.iuliwueuqaodrfiuswefb eiuroiuawelfyupoas
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