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Darksiders Cheats for PC
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Darksiders PC Cheats

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Rating: 3/5 VOTE

"High Flier" Achievement / Trophy 83%
How to: Start the "Gory End" Dark Realm challenge in the Choking Grounds. It involves fighting a large group of bats that can be killed in one hit by using your sword attack. War will kill a bat while it is still in the air, and you can jump off the target to another bat without hitting the ground. Jump from bat to bat with one hit kills until unlocking the Achievement / Trophy.
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Artifact Guide 83%
This guide helps with the location and how to find Artifacts in Darksiders

Read the Guide --> Artifact Guide
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Final Wrath Shard 82%
Description: Take the Serpent Hole to The Ashlands. Take a right out the small cave you are transported to continue down the path until you reach the area with the three monsters hanging from the ceiling with the wire that you can jump to in the middle. Jump on the wire to the left of the monsters and continue left, grab the growth, and pull yourself up into the opening. Once in the opening, look to the right and up. You should see an orange object you can use to grab with the chain. Walk slightly further into the area after you use the chain to get to and there should be a chest with the last Wrath Shard in it.
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Soldiers Artifacts Guide 81%
Description: Darksiders has many things to collect with one of them being Soldiers Artifacts. In the game they appear as green floating icons. There are 20 of them and you will receive a Lifestone.

Read the Guide --> Soldiers Artifacts [Guide]
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Lifestone Shards & Cores 80%
Description: The following shards and cores are available. *** Empty vessels: Scalding Gallow, Choking Grounds, Twilight Cathedral, The Ashlands, Iron Canopy.

Location Lifestone Shards LifeStone Cores
Vulgrim (soldier artifact reward)10
Vulgrim (champion artifact reward)10
Serpent Holes10
Scalding Gallow00
Choking Grounds20
Broken Stair20
Twilight Cathedral11
Drowned Pass20
Anvil's Ford00
The Hollows11
Dry Road10
The Ashlands21
Iron Canopy01
The Black Throne11
Total16 (4 Cores)5
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Easy lives 79%
How to: You can find crows in many locations. If you run toward them, they will fly away. However if you able to kill them with your gun or sword, you will be rewarded with some extra lives.
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Achievements 79%
Description: Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

Prison Break (20 points)Free Samael from his prison
Death Dealer (10 points)Meet Vulgrim
Like A Bat Outta Hell (40 points)Defeat Tiamat
One Tough Cookie (10 points)Meet Ulthane
Rocked Your Face Off (40 points)Defeat The Griever
Ashes to Ashes (40 points)Defeat The Stygian
One Mean Mother (40 points)Defeat Silitha
Payback's A B**** (50 points)Defeat Straga
The Final Challenger? (70 points)Defeat The Destroyer
Balance Restored (100 points)Complete the game on Normal difficulty
The True Horseman (100 points)Complete the game on Apocalyptic difficulty
To Move A Mountain (10 points)Collect the Earthcaller
Who's Counting? (20 points)Defeat more angels than Ulthane
Reach Out And Touch Somebody (10 points)Collect the Abyssal Chain
Into the Void (10 points)Collect the Voidwalker
Elemental Thief (10 points)Collect the Crossblade
Sight Beyond Sight (10 points)Collect the Mask of Shadows
Devastator (10 points)Kill 10 enemies with one Blade Geyser wrath attack
Tremor Bringer (10 points)Collect the Tremor Gauntlet
An Old Friend (10 points)Collect Mercy
Reaper (10 points)Collect the Scythe
Aerial Predator (20 points)Kill 160 enemies while on the angelic beast
Full Power (20 points)Collect the maximum amount of lifestones
Wrath of War (20 points)Collect the maximum amount of wrath cores
Wrath Machine (10 points)Collect all the Wrath Powers
Reunited (20 points)Obtain Ruin
Don't Make Me Angry (20 points)Collect the Chaos Form Ability
Chasm Jumper (10 points)Gain the Shadowflight Ability
Legendary Form (20 points)Collect the Abyssal Armor Set
Time Lapse (15 points)Gain the Chronomancer Ability
Battle Hardened (20 points)Max out all weapons and unlock all combat moves
High Flier (20 points)Kill 5 duskbats without touching the ground
Improvised Kills (10 points)Kill 150 enemies with items from the environment
You Call This Easy? (10 points)Complete the game on Easy difficulty
Open Air Parking (5 points)Destroy a helicopter during the apocalypse with a vehicle

There are 8 secret achievements:

Dark Rider (10 points)Ride Ruin for 100 miles
World Raider (30 points)Collect all 27 Artifacts
Treasure Hunter (20 points)Search 150 Caskets
Ultimate Blade (20 points)Forge the Armageddon Blade
Horseman (20 points)Kill 100 Demons from Horseback
BFA (30 points)Unlocked Everything
River of Blood (10 points)Shed 3000 Gallons of Demon Blood
Slayer (10 points)Kill 666 Demons
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"Devastator" Achievement / Trophy 79%
How to: Start the "Speed Brawl" Dark Realm challenge in the Choking Grounds. A large number of weak zombies spawns during the challenge. Use your Blade Geyser after at least ten zombies are around you.
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Maximum Chaoseater Blade level 78%
How to: Equip Combat Lore to increase the experience received from each strike and Bloodthirt to restore your health. Start the battle with the Stygian (Ashlands Boss) by killing phantom guard soldiers while riding Ruin. After the Stygian frees itself, ride alongside it and attack its body. *** Avoid hitting the helmet or Stygian will attack. The Stygian will disappear under the sand then resurface. Repeat the process to increase your Chaoseater Blade level. If the Stygian attacks, ride Ruin to the closed doorway during the battle. You will jump off and have control of Ruin. Keep your back against the door and wait for the Stygian to directly at you. You will get knocked through the door and can return to Vulgrim to reset the battle.
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Abyssal Armor in next game 77%
Description: Complete the game with all ten pieces of the Abyssal Armor. You can start a new game session and be able to use that armor at the start.
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Darksiders (PC) - Achievements 76%
Aerial PredatorKill 160 enemies while on the angelic beast
An Old FriendCollect Mercy
Ashes to AshesDefeat The Stygian
Balance RestoredWin the game on Normal difficulty
Battle HardenedMax out all weapons and unlock all combat moves
Chasm JumperGain the Shadowflight Ability
Dark RiderRide for 100 miles
Death DealerMeet Vulgrim
DevastatorKill 10 enemies with one Blade Geyser wrath attack
Don't Make Me AngryCollect the Chaos Form Ability
Elemental ThiefCollect the Crossblade
Full PowerCollect the maximum amount of lifestones
High FlierKill 5 duskbats without touching the ground
HorsemanKill 150 demons on horseback
Improvised KillsKill 150 enemies with items from the environment
Into the VoidCollect the Voidwalker
Legendary FormCollect the Abyssal Armor Set
Like A Bat Outta HellDefeat Tiamat
One Mean MotherDefeat Silitha
One Tough CookieMeet Ulthane
Open Air ParkingDestroy a helicopter during the apocalypse with a vehicle
Payback's A B****Defeat Straga
Prison BreakFree Samael from his prison
Reach Out And Touch SomebodyCollect the Abyssal Chain
ReaperCollect the Scythe
ReunitedObtain Ruin
River of BloodShed 3000 gallons of demon blood
Rocked Your Face OffDefeat The Griever
Sight Beyond SightCollect the Mask of Shadows
SlayerKill 666 Demons
The Final Challenger?Defeat The Destroyer
The True HorsemanWin the game on Apocalyptic difficulty
Time LapseGain the Chronomancer Ability
To Move A MountainCollect the Earthcaller
Treasure HunterSearch 150 Caskets
Tremor BringerCollect the Tremor Gauntlet
Ultimate BladeForge the Armageddon Blade
Who's Counting?Defeat more angels than Ulthane
Worl RaiderCollect all 27 Artifacts
Wrath MachineCollect all the Wrath Powers
Wrath of WarCollect the maximum amount of wrath cores
You Call This Easy?Complete

the game on Easy difficulty
BFA : Unlock everything
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Wrath Shards and Cores 74%
Description: The following shards and cores are available.

Location Wrath Shards Wrath Cores
Vulgrim (for sale)11
Vulgrim (overlord artifact reward)01
Serpent Holes20
Scalding Gallow20
Choking Grounds10
Broken Stair00
Twilight Cathedral21
Drowned Pass10
Drowned Pass to Anvil's Ford Transition10
Anvil's Ford20
The Hollows20
Dry Road00
The Ashlands10
Iron Canopy20
The Black Throne10
Total20 (5 Cores)3
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43 Achievements
Darksiders - Death Dealer Death Dealer
Meet Vulgrim
Darksiders - To Move A Mountain To Move A Mountain
Collect the Earthcaller
Darksiders - Prison Break Prison Break
Free Samael from his prison
Darksiders - Chasm Jumper Chasm Jumper
Gain the Shadowflight Ability
Darksiders - Reaper Reaper
Collect The Scythe
Darksiders - Elemental Thief Elemental Thief
Collect the Crossblade
Darksiders - Slayer Slayer
Darksiders - Like A Bat Outta Hell Like A Bat Outta Hell
Defeat Tiamat
Darksiders - Don't Make Me Angry Don't Make Me Angry
Collect the Chaos Form Ability
Darksiders - One Tough Cookie One Tough Cookie
Meet Ulthane
Darksiders - Tremor Bringer Tremor Bringer
Collect the Tremor Gauntlet
Darksiders - Who's Counting Who's Counting
Defeating more Angels than Ulthane
Darksiders - Rocked Your Face Off Rocked Your Face Off
Defeat The Griever
Darksiders - An Old Friend An Old Friend
Collect Mercy
Darksiders - Time Lapse Time Lapse
Gain the Chronomancer Ability
Darksiders - Reunited Reunited
Obtain Ruin
Darksiders - River of Blood River of Blood
Darksiders - Ashes to Ashes Ashes to Ashes
Defeat The Stygian
Darksiders - Reach Out & Touch Somebody Reach Out & Touch Somebody
Collect the Abyssal Chain
Darksiders - One Mean Mother One Mean Mother
Defeat Silitha
Darksiders - Into The Void Into The Void
Collect the Voidwalker
Darksiders - Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter
Darksiders - High Flier High Flier
Kill 5 duskbats without touching the ground
Darksiders - Payback's A B**** Payback's A B****
Defeat Straga
Darksiders - Sight Beyond Sight Sight Beyond Sight
Collect the Mask of Shadows
Darksiders - Ultimate Blade Ultimate Blade
Darksiders - The Final Challenger The Final Challenger
Defeat The Destroyer
Darksiders - You Call That Easy? You Call That Easy?
Complete the game on EASY
Darksiders - Wrath Machine Wrath Machine
Collect all the Wrath Powers
Darksiders - Balance Restored Balance Restored
Defeat the game on NORMAL
Darksiders - Legendary Form Legendary Form
Collect the Abyssal Armor Set
Darksiders - Devastator Devastator
Kill 10 enemies with one Blade Geyser wrath attack
Darksiders - World Raider World Raider
Darksiders - Aerial Predator Aerial Predator
Kill 160 enemies while on the angelic beast
Darksiders - Open Air Parking Open Air Parking
Take out a helicopter with a car during the apocalypse
Darksiders - Full Power Full Power
Collect the maximum amount of lifestones
Darksiders - Horseman Horseman
Darksiders - A True Horseman A True Horseman
Defeat the game on APOCALYPTIC
Darksiders - Wrath of War Wrath of War
Collect the maximum amount of wrath cores
Darksiders - Battle Hardened Battle Hardened
Max out all weapons and unlock all combat moves
Darksiders - Improvised Kills Improvised Kills
Kill 150 enemies with items from the environment
Darksiders - Dark Rider Dark Rider
Darksiders - BFA BFA

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