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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Cheats for PS3
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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 PS3 Cheats

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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Minato vs Sage Naruto 100%
Here is some gameplay footage from Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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Online Battle Neji vs Rock Lee 96%
Here is some footage of a online battle from Naurto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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All Awakenings and Ultimates 94%
Here is a clip of all the Awakenings and Ultimates from Naurto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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Easy Storm Points 88%
Use two controllers, and go to Free Battle mode. Do single matches against player two. Change the handicap in your favor, and use Hinata's Chakra Ball move (press Triangle, Circle) to do a 50+ combo, then use your Ultimate Jutsu (press Triangle(3), Circle) to get 10,000 SP per fight. Each fight only requires less than twenty seconds.
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Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 80%
Deidara: Complete the Stunning Ariel Battle with Gaara
KIsame: Beat the Four Water Clones of Kisame with Tenten,Neji,Lee and Guy
Chiyo: Meet her at the Sand Village gat and let her join your group
Sasori: Complete the 100 puppet battle with Sakura
Sai: Beat him in the Hidden Leaf Village and then meet him in the Hokage Mansion and let him join the group.
Yamato: Meet him in Hokage Mansion and let him join the group
Kabuto: Complete Chapter 2
Ororchimaru: Complete Chapter 2
Hidan: Beat him with Shikamaru
Kakuzu: Beat him in the Four Heart Battle with Naruto
Suigetsu: Beat him in the Dead Forest with Sasuke
Karin: Meet her in the South Hideout
Jugo: Beat him in the North Hideout with Sasuke,Suigetsu and Karin
Itachi: Beat him in the Susan'o Battle with Sasuke
Tobi: Skip Sasuke's Mind about Itachi and then you will see him in the unlock section
Jiraiya: Talk to Tsunade and tell her about the Ataksuki Leader
Tsunade: Let Jiraiya talk about the Ataksuki Leader and then you would unlock her

There is still more Character's cheats I haven't unlock them yet but I
Promise I'll put more in.
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Characters 78%
Description: Perform the following actions to unlock additional characters.

King of PopDefeat Riddler in the clam of death 3 times
SaiAfter the ending of chapter 1
YamatoAfter the ending of chapter 1
DeidaraBeat him in chapter 1
SasoriBeat him in chapter 1
Lord FriezaKill Goku in Planet Namek in what-if story "Saviors Death?"
Prototype18-Beat Android 18 in the Calamity Zero Battle 25
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Unlockables 67%
Accumulate the indicated amount of SP to unlock the corresponding bonus. Note: The "Support Type" allows you to use all Support Types for the listed character (Attack, Defense, or Balanced). The Support Types that cannot be unlocked with SP are unlocked through Friendship Events in Ultimate Adventure mode.

10,000 SP: Title - Ninja
50,000 SP: Title - Rouge Ninja
60,000 SP: Title - Joyful
70,000 SP: Title - Outrageous
80,000 SP: Title - Sad
90,000 SP: Title - Crying
100,000 SP: Character - Deidara
110,000 SP: Title - Smiling
120,000 SP: Character - Kisame Hoshigaki
130,000 SP: Title - Bargaining
140,000 SP: Character - Chiyo
150,000 SP: Title - Supporter
160,000 SP: Character - Sasori
170,000 SP: Title - Passive
180,000 SP: Character - Yamato
190,000 SP: Title - Buddy
200,000 SP: Character - Sai
210,000 SP: Title - Popular
220,000 SP: Character - Kabuto Yakushi
230,000 SP: Title - Apprentice
240,000 SP: Character - Orochimaru
250,000 SP: Title - Pupil
260,000 SP: Character - Hidan
270,000 SP: Title - Master
280,000 SP: Character - Kakuzu
290,000 SP: Title - Friend
300,000 SP: Character - Naruto (WS: Rasen Shuriken)
310,000 SP: Title - Bonds
320,000 SP: Character - Suigetsu Hozuki
330,000 SP: Title - Bounty Hunter
340,000 SP: Character - Karin
350,000 SP: Title - Bounty
360,000 SP: Character - Jugo
370,000 SP: Title - Large Bounty
380,000 SP: Character - Sasuke Uchiha (Kirin)
390,000 SP: Title - The No. 1 Knucklehead
400,000 SP: Character - Itachi Uchiha
410,000 SP: Title - The Idiot
420,000 SP: Character - Tobi
430,000 SP: Title - The Monster-Strong
440,000 SP: Character - Jiraiya
450,000 SP: Title - The Savage Beast
460,000 SP: Character - Tsunade
470,000 SP: Title - Gutsy
480,000 SP: Character - Konan
490,000 SP: Title - Utterly Gutsy
500,000 SP: Character - Pain
510,000 SP: Title - Bushy Brows
520,000 SP: Naruto Uzumaki (Sage mode)
530,000 SP: Title - Uber Brows
540,000 SP: Character - Killer Bee
550,000 SP: Title - The Genius
560,000 SP: Character - Sasuke Uchiha ("Taka")
570,000 SP: Title - The Chubby
580,000 SP: Character - Minato Namikaze
590,000 SP: Title - The Flower Shop's
600,000 SP: Character - Lars Alexandersson
605,000 SP: Title - The Side Branch's
610,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.003
615,000 SP: Title - The Main Branch's
620,000 SP: Support Type - Naruto Uzumaki (Nine-tailed Rasengan)
620,000 SP: Support Type - Naruto Uzumaki (WS: Rasen Shuriken)
625,000 SP: Title - Desert
630,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.026
635,000 SP: Title - The Puppet Master
640,000 SP: Support Type - Sasuke (Chidori True Spear)
640,000 SP: Support Type - Sasuke Uchiha (Kirin)
645,000 SP: Title - Uneasy
650,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.028
655,000 SP: Title - Sharingan
660,000 SP: Support Type - Asuma Sarutobi
665,000 SP: Title - Scared
670,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.056
675,000 SP: Title - Adolescent
680,000 SP: Support Type - Chiyo
685,000 SP: Title - Space Cadet
690,000 SP: Support Type - Jiraiya
695,000 SP: Title - Frog
700,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.057
705,000 SP: Title - Glasses-Wearing
710,000 SP: Support Type - Orochimaru
715,000 SP: Title - Prodigy
720,000 SP: Support Type - Kabuto Yakushi
725,000 SP: Title - Bipolar
730,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.073
735,000 SP: Title - Unscathed
740,000 SP: Support Type - Suigetsu Hozuki
745,000 SP: Title - Mangekyo Sharingan
750,000 SP: Support Type - Karin
755,000 SP: Title - Odd Beast
760,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.077
765,000 SP: Title - Artistic
770,000 SP: Support Type - Jugo
775,000 SP: Title - Modeler
780,000 SP: Support Type - Itachi Uchiha
785,000 SP: Title - Immortal
790,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.098
795,000 SP: Title - The Masked
800,000 SP: Support Type - Kisame Hoshigaki
805,000 SP: Title - The Good Kid
810,000 SP: Support Type - Deidara
815,000 SP: Title - The Angel
820,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.105
825,000 SP: Title - Rinnegan
830,000 SP: Support Type - Sasori
835,000 SP: Title - The Rapper
840,000 SP: Support Type - Hidan
845,000 SP: Title - The Yellow Flash
850,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.107
855,000 SP: Title - Akatsuki's
860,000 SP: Support Type - Kakuzu
865,000 SP: Title - Hebi's
870,000 SP: Support Type - Tobi
875,000 SP: Title - The Land of Fire's
880,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.124
885,000 SP: Title - The Land Of Wind's
890,000 SP: Support Type - Konan
895,000 SP: Title - The Land Of Earth's
900,000 SP: Support Type - Pain
905,000 SP: Title - The Land Of Lightning's
910,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.135
915,000 SP: Title - The Land Of Water's
920,000 SP: Support Type - Naruto Uzumaki (Sage Mode)
925,000 SP: Title - The Leaf Village's
930,000 SP: Support Type - Sasuke Uchiha ("Taka")
935,000 SP: Title - The Sand Village's
940,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.159
945,000 SP: Title - The Mist Village's
950,000 SP: Support Type - Killer Bee
955,000 SP: Title - The Rock Village's
960,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.177
965,000 SP: Title - The Cloud Village's
970,000 SP: Support Type - Minato Namikaze
975,000 SP: Title - The Sound Village's
980,000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.178
985,000 SP: Title - The Waterfall Village's
990,000 SP: Support Type - Lars Alexandersson
995,000 SP: Title - The Hot Water Village's
999,999 SP: Ninja Info Card No.199
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Trophies 60%
Trophy Description
A perfect Storm Master. (Platinum) You've acquired all trophies.
All Friends Here! (Bronze) You've seen friendship events for everyone.
All ninja assemble! (Silver) You can now use all characters.
Also Known As... (Silver) You've gained 50 titles.
Assassin from Tekken 6 (Bronze) You can now use Lars.
At the mercy of Puppet Jutsu (Bronze) You've acquired S Rank in 'Sakura Dances'.
Bell-Stealing Expert (Bronze) You've acquired S Rank in 'The Bell-Stealing Drill'.
Card Collector (Gold) You've acquired all Ninja Info Cards.
Clear Chapter Five (Bronze) You've cleared Chapter Five.
Clear Chapter Four (Bronze) You've cleared Chapter Four.
Clear Chapter One (Bronze) You've cleared Chapter One.
Clear Chapter Six (Bronze) You've cleared Chapter Six.
Clear Chapter Three (Bronze) You've cleared Chapter Three.
Clear Chapter Two (Bronze) You've cleared Chapter Two.
Clear Final Chapter (Bronze) You've cleared Final Chapter.
Clear Fragment (Silver) You've cleared Fragment.
Clear Prologue (Bronze) You've cleared the Prologue.
Conquered all events! (Gold) You've cleared all events.
Cursed dolls exterminated! (Bronze) You've retrieved all cursed dolls.
Dextrous Ninja (Bronze) You've won 10 times in online Ranked Match battles.
Difference in Growth (Bronze) You've acquired S Rank in 'Showdown Between Best Friends'.
Fourth Hokage's Back (Bronze) You've acquired S Rank in 'Sturm und Drang'.
General Storm Booming! (Bronze) You've collected all collection items.
Hebi on the Move (Bronze) You can now use Sasuke, Suigetsu, Karin and Jugo.
I Love Ninja Tools! (Bronze) You've acquired all battle items.
Message Ninja shocked! (Bronze) You've acquired all messenger birds.
Naruto's Friends (Bronze) You can now use members of Naruto's generation.
Naruto's Teachers (Bronze) You can now use Kakashi, Yamayo, Guy and Asuma.
Ninja of Letters (Bronze) You've cleared all correspondence events.
Nothing escapes you (Bronze) You've picked up 500 items.
Oink! (Bronze) You've retrieved all Tonton's pearls.
On the Path to Ninja! (Bronze) You've won 1 time in online Ranked Match battles.
Overflowing Hatred (Bronze) You've acquired S Rank in 'The Two Uchiha'.
Overwhelming Sage (Bronze) You've acquired S Rank in 'Battle Between the Sage God'.
Point Tycoon (Bronze) You've saved up 999999 Storm Points.
Request Master (Bronze) You've cleared all requests.
Review Complete! (Bronze) You've seen all memories.
Sand Village Friends (Bronze) You can now use Gaera, Kankuro, Temari and Chiyo.
Stealthy Akatsuki (Bronze) You can now use all members of the Akatsuki.
Story Assembler (Bronze) Collected 100% of the stories.
Thanks for all your time! (Bronze) Your total play time is over 30 hours.
The First Edit (Bronze) Edited a Ninja Info Card.
The Legendary Sannin (Bronze) You can now use Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru.
The Unknowable Moment (Silver) You've seen all secret factors.
Trial accomplished! (Bronze) You've cleared the 10 trials.
Unstoppable Rampage (Bronze) You've acquired S Rank in 'Forbidden Fury'.
Village Guardian (Bronze) You've acquired S Rank in 'Sand and Art Blast'.
Vision of a New Wind (Bronze) You've acqured S Rank in 'Earth Shatter'.
Wealth to move nations! (Bronze) Saved up 999999 Ryo.
Which name shall I use? (Gold) You've acquired all titles.
By: kingtut3(156)
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Dodging 44%
When fighting kakashi when his using his chidori , hold the block button and dodge in and direction and you might even get behind him or tire him out then use your giant rasengan
By: ishe(118)
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Easly awaken 33%
If ya wanna awaken, but can't, use both supports (if you can otherwise your on your own) and hold the chakra load button until your transformed and viola! easy awakening
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Naruto 13%
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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 809752How many battles are there in each chapter because idk if I'm missing one to redo it because I don't get the title for it Answers: 0
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