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Vagrant Story Cheats for PSX
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Vagrant Story PSX Cheats

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Vagrant Story

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Spells 98%
Shaman Spells are some of the 1st ones that you will learn in the game. They focus on healing and cure spells.
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Shaman Spells 98%
Antidote - Cures poison - Antidote 3
Restoration....Cures paralysis - Mollesse 3
Heal - Restores some HP....Guerir 5
Clearance - Cures status - Purifier 15
Blessing - Cures curse - - Benir 17
Surging Blam...Regenerates HP quickly - Vie 20
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Training dummies can be found near save points 98%
Wine Cellar - Blackmarket....Human dummy
Wine Cellar...Worker's Restroom...Human dummy
Abandoned Mines B1...The Dark Tunnel...Beast dummy
Catacombs...Hall of Sworn Revenge...Undead dummy
City Walls North...From Boy to Hero..Phantom dummy
City Walls South...The Boy's Training Room...Dragon dummy
Town Center East...Gharmes Walk...Evil dummy
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Enchanter Spells 98%
Enchanter spells focus on increasing your affinity against specific classes.

Terra Guard...Increases target armor's Earth Affinity for a limited time...Rempart 9
Aero Guard...Increases target armor's Air Affinity for a limited time....Parebrise 9
Pyro Guard....Increases target armor's Fire Affinity for a limited time....Ignifuge 9
Aqua Guard....Increases target armor's Water Affinity for a limited time....Barrer 9
Frost Fusion....Increases target weapon's Water Affinity for a limited time....Undine 10
Light Fusion....Increases target weapon's Air Affinity for a limited time....Sylphe 10
Soil Fusion....Increases target weapon's Earth Affinity for a limited time....Gnome 10
Spark Fusion.... Increases target weapon's Fire Affinity for a limited time....Salamandre 10.

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Sorcerer Spells 98%
The Sorcerer spells are your utility belt. They serve many purposes from raising attributes, to lowering an enemy's.

Opens magically locked chests.
Clef 3

Freezes cloud stones in their place.
Halte 3

Allows you to see an enemy's stats.
Analyse 5

Shows traps.
Visible 6

Cloud Paralyses Enemies
Paralysie 7

Lowers target's strength for a limited time.
Debile 7

Lowers target's intelligence for a limited time.
Naugeux 7

Lead Bones
Lower target's agility for a limited time.
Tardif 7

Target cannot cast magic for a limited time.
Muet 7

Weakens target's equipment for a limited time.
Deteriorer 7

Cancels magic on target.
Dissiper 10

Mist Casts poison.
Venin 11

Increases target's agility for a limited time.
Agilite 12

Increases target's intelligence for a limited time.
Eclairer 12

Increases target's strength for a limited time.
Intensite 12

Strengthens target's equipment for a limited time.
Ameliorer 15

Casts curse.
Fleau 17

Magic Ward
Protects against the next magic spell cast on target.
Annuler 21
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arlock Spells 96%
Warlock spells are the flat-out damage dealing spells in the game. If you want to hurt an enemy, or damage them in some specific way, the Warlock spells are what you need.

Drain Mind - Steal MP from target - Demance 2
Drain Heart - Steal HP from target....Egout 12
Exorcism - Exorcise the undead - Exsorcer 22
Banish - Instant death - Banish 25
Fireball...Torches an enemy with fire..Incendie 25
Aqua Blast...Blasts an enemy with air..Glace 25
Spirit Surge...Attacks an enemy with light..Lux 28
Dark Chant...Pains an enemy...Patir 28
Explosion..High blast of force - Demolir 36
Flame Sphere..Ring flame around target...Flamme 36
Thunderburst..Lightning bolt....Foudre 36
Avalanche...Upgrade to Aqua Blast....Avalanche 36
Gaea Strike....Gravity-based attack....Gaea 36
Meteor....Meteor shower hits target...Meteore 38
Radial Surge...Light-based attack - Radius 38
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