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TerRover Cheats for PS3
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TerRover PS3 Cheats

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TerRover Cheats

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14 Trophies
TerRover - All-Roader Express All-Roader Express
Get Time Reward on every Single Player level
TerRover - Dog in the Manger Dog in the Manger
Collect all screws on every bonus level
TerRover - Immortal Immortal
Get No Death Reward on every Single Player level
TerRover - I’m a Superhero I’m a Superhero
Reach the finish line in Final Level
TerRover - Jack of All Trades Jack of All Trades
Reach the finish line with each chassis in Single Player Mode
TerRover - A Bit of the Game is Complete A Bit of the Game is Complete
Open the Trial mode in Volcanus style
TerRover - All At Once All At Once
Win all level rewards in single completion of a level
TerRover - Another Bit is Complete Another Bit is Complete
Open the Racing mode in Congelata style
TerRover - Lawn-mower Lawn-mower
Mow all the grass in Single player
TerRover - Safety Is For Suckers Safety Is For Suckers
Make it to the finish line in Mechanica 3 without using the defense wheel
TerRover - Space Equilibrist Space Equilibrist
Get over the pit in Aura 1 without dropping any dominoes
TerRover - Sputnik Sputnik
Fly around the logo
TerRover - Still, Another Bit is Complete Still, Another Bit is Complete
Open the Hot Point mode in Acor style
TerRover - Terrover School Graduate Terrover School Graduate
Complete the Tutorial

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