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Hoard Cheats for PS3
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Hoard PS3 Cheats

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11 Trophies
Hoard - Legendary Wyrm Legendary Wyrm
Achieve Hoard Rank 15
Hoard - Mythical Hoarder Mythical Hoarder
Earn 90% of HOARD badges
Hoard - Advanced Dragon Advanced Dragon
Achieve Hoard Rank 7
Hoard - Basic Dragon Basic Dragon
Achieve Hoard Rank 5
Hoard - Eager Hoarder Eager Hoarder
Earn 25% of HOARD badges
Hoard - Great Wyrm Great Wyrm
Achieve Hoard Rank 13
Hoard - Hoarder Hoarder
Earn 50% of HOARD badges
Hoard - Tireless Hoarder Tireless Hoarder
Earn 75% of HOARD badges
Hoard - Veteran Dragon Veteran Dragon
Achieve Hoard Rank 9
Hoard - Wyrm Wyrm
Achieve Hoard Rank 11
Hoard - Youngling Youngling
Achieve Hoard Rank 2

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