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World of Tanks Cheats for PC
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World of Tanks PC Cheats

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World of Tanks

Rating: 3.3/5 VOTE

Always BE PREBARED 80%
When you enter a battle (usually tier 4 and higher), always have a repair kit, just in case you're stuck and tracked by another tank in a terrible position. Next, have a fire extinguisher. It can really devastate a tank if it is set on fire. I was once torched 2 times and lost like 580 HP in a tier 5 heavy. Lastly, cary a small medicate, to revive crew members in battle. If you have only one crew member left, and he's injured, your tank is automatically destroyed. I strongly recommend it especially for low tiers, because they don't have many crew members (sometimes 2). The repair kit and the fire extinguisher are more important in higher tiers, while the small medicate is most beneficial (if you can afford it) in low tiers.

Good luck on the battlefield!

*This message is written on update 9.3 and 9.4 common test, and may contain some minor errors*
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Wot tips for noobs. 77%
It is a bad idea to attack a Heavy tank head on. Attack it's flanks and rear ( sides and back ) instead. If you are fighting against a tank with no roof, it is a good idea to use High Explosive shells. Ram light tanks. If you are fighting a Tank Destroyer, go past it and fire, then while you are reloading, keep its gun away from you. If you are being shot by a tank that you can not see go close to a wall or rock. It is very likely that arty are shooting at you.
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Prettty cool but hard hint 70%
Ok, if your trying to take a tank out, the first thing u'll do is hit it in the front(bad idea because the hull has the heaviest armor). so you have to aim a little bit higher. try to aim at the main gun, side, the track(wheels), or at the back of the tank. this is so because that r the parts of the tank with the least armor. good luck in the battlefield.
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Weak spot on most tanks 69%
There is a small bump on the back of the turret of tanks which is a major weak point on the tank.
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Hint 66%
Using full speed, depending on the weight of your tank, you can destroy other tanks by ramming them. Ramming a light tanks takes it from 100% health to 0% if you're at full speed .. have fun!
World of Tanks Cheats
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Td cheat 64%
You can kill spgs easier with heat exploding bullets
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You're doing it wrong 63%
This video will show what not to do and is by Jingles! See the video: Cheat Video
World of Tanks cheat video Cheat Video
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The best cheat 62%
If you hit the tank right next to the gun ull hit his ammo and take him out with one shoot
By: XxX123Tyson321(622)
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The only way! 59%
The only way to destroy a tank is from the back the dummest move someone would make is shooting a heavy tank from the front and think that he would destroy the heavy.
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Easy kill 58%
Use heat bullets to attack a heavy tank.
much easier
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How to slide down a steap hill without damage being done 58%
To do this you will have to go head on and DONT go forward while going don
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The best cheat 57%
If you hit the tank right next to the gun ull hit his ammo and take him out with one shoot
By: XxX123Tyson321(622)
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The troll tip 57%
First say your position after move. When they go there you wont be there be were you can see them but they cant see you. Then Kill them
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World of Tanks gold and cheats 49%
Gold 10000 and money 30000
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Credit Gainer 48%
Type in (More Please) to give you 1,000 credits
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Credit Gainer 42%
Type in (More Please) to give you 1,000 credits.
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Transform into submarine 28%
Drive your tank deliberately into deep water. Wait until there is only five seconds left on the timer until your tank is destroyed. Then hit Alt+Backspace at the same time. This will transform your tank into a submarine.
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