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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5 Cheats for PSP
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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5 PSP Cheats

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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Alternate Costumes 100%
Description: To change to an alternate costume, defeat the listed character 50 times, then partner with them and go to Martha's place. Speak to her and select the 2nd option. The day will end and your partner should have changed his or her costume. *** Their hearts will also reset and they will use a different deck type.

Akiza's Academy UniformDefeat Akiza 50 times
Rua/Leo's Academy UniformDefeat Leo 50 times
Ruka/Luna's Academy UniformDefeat Luna 50 times
Yusei's PonchoDefeat Yusei 50 times
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Characters 98%
Description: To unlock the specified character, complete the listed task.

Akiza Izinski (Duel Academy)Use the "UMD Recognition" option with Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 2 or defeat Akiza (Normal) 50 times
Fake Jack AtlasComplete Jack, Carly, Lazar's story
Jack Atlas (Imposter)Complete Lazar's story
JakobComplete Luna, Akiza, Vizor, Crow, Jack's story
Kalin KesslerComplete Leo's story
LazarComplete Crow's story
Leo (Duel Academy)Use the "UMD Recognition" option with Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4 or defeat Leo (normal) 50 times
LesterComplete Leo and Luna's story
Luna (Duel Academy)Use the "UMD Recognition" option with Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 3 or defeat Luna (Normal) 50 times
Mina SimingtonComplete Tetsu Trudge's story
Primo (Placido)Complete Vizor's story
Sherry LeBlancComplete Akiza (Normal)'s story
VizorComplete Yusei (Normal)'s story
Yusei Fudo (Poncho)Use the "UMD Recognition" option with Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force or defeat Yusei (normal) 50 times
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Cards 98%
Description: To unlock the specified Card, complete the listed task to.

Ancient Fairy DragonComplete Luna's (Normal) story
Black Rose DragonComplete Akiza's (Normal) story
Black-Winged DragonComplete Crow Hogan's story
Chevalied de FleurComplete Sherry LeBlanc's story
Dark Armed DragonComplete Mina Simington's story
Dark HighlanderComplete Fake Jack's story
Future VisionComplete Carly Carmine's story
Goyo GuardianComplete Tetsu Trudge's story
Heavenly King Black HighlanderComplete Fake Jack's story
Infernity Doom DragonComplete Kalin's story
Jester QueenComplete Lazar's story
Machine Emperor Grannel InfinityComplete Jakob's story
Machine Emperor Skiel InfinityComplete Lester's story
Machine Emperor Wisel InfinityComplete Primo's story
Power Tool DragonComplete Leo's (Normal) story
Red Nova DragonComplete Jack Atlas' story
Scrap Twin DragonComplete Yusei's (Poncho) story
Shooting Star DragonComplete Yusei's (Normal) story
Super-Electromagnetic Voltech DragonComplete Luna's (Academy) story
Tech Genus Blade Gunner MAXX-10000Complete Vizor's story
Ultimate Axon KickerComplete Akiza's (Academy) story
WattchimeraComplete Leo's (Academy) story
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Booster Pack Discounts 98%
Description: To get an additional 10% discount per figurine, give Dark Magician Girl, Ebon Magician Curran, White Magician Pikeru, Card Ejector and Cyber Tutu figurines to the shop owner. After all five figurines are turned in, the Picking Flowers pack will be unlocked.
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High Noon Constellation 94%
Press Up(2), Down(2), L, R, L, R, Square, Triangleat the card shop.
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Card Packs 94%
Description: To unlock the specified Card Pack for purchase, complete the listed task.

Row 1

1- Monsters for Dummies (80 DP)Available by default
2- Spells for Dummies (80 DP)Available by default
3- Traps for Dummies (80 DP)Available by default
4- Applied Monsters (100 DP)30% cards from Monster for Dummies
5- Applied Spells (100 DP)30% cards from Spells for Dummies
6- Applied Traps (100 DP)30% cards from Traps for Dummies
7- Master of Monsters (120 DP)50% cards from Applied Monsters
8- Master of Spells (120 DP)50% cards from Applied Spells
9- Master of Traps (120 DP)50% cards from Applied Traps
10- Ultimate Monsters (150 DP)70% cards from Master of Monsters

Row 2

11- Deluxe Spells (150 DP)70% cards from Master of Spells
12- Supreme Traps (150 DP)70% cards from Master of Traps
13- Power Brawlers (180 DP)cards focusing on Battle Damage (partner with Poncho Yusei, Jack, Crow, Akiza, D. A Luna, Carly, Vizor, Yliasters, Fake Jack)
14- Typecast Performance (180 DP)Protection, cards not destroyed by battle (partner with Yusei, Leo, Luna, Mina, Lazar)
15- Rule the Field (180 DP)Field control (Skill Drain, Jinzo, Rai-Oh, etc) (partner with Crow, Leo, Luna, Lazar, Yliasters)
16- Special Relativity Fracture Theory (180 DP)Special win cards (partner with Kalin, Dueluca)
17- Burn Bright Red (180 DP)Burn cards and Counter Traps (partner with D. A Akiza, Luna, Mina, Sherry)
18- Spicy Stream (180 DP)Spirit, Gemini, Toon, Union, Machinas (partner with Akiza, KENYoU)
19- Beauty in Simplicity (180 DP)Normal Monster, Ojama (partner with Carly)
20- Crossover Session (180 DP)Fusion cards (partner with Ryusei (5Cs), Yuma, other generic duelists)

Row 3

21- Boy on the Podium (180 DP)E-Heroes (partner with Ryusei (5Cs), Yuma, other generic duelists)
22- Ancient Rituals (180 DP)Ritual Monsters (partner with Wisteria)
23- Responsive Sympathy (180 DP)Synchro Monsters, Assault Mode (partner with Yusei, Poncho Yusei, Jack, D. A. Akiza, Leo, D. A. Leo, Trudge, Vizor, Sherry, Kalin, Fake Jack)
24- Comprehensive Full Contact (250 DP)Cards from packs 13 to 23 and Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (have over 50% completion for pack 13 to 23)
25- Wings, Talons, Scales and Fangs (150 DP)Dragons (partner with Jack, Fake Jack, King Jyaku, Masha)
26- Set of Wonders (150 DP)Magicians (partner with D. A Akiza, Carly, Lazar)
27- The Ever Present Dark Side (150 DP)Fiends (partner with Mina, Kalin, Nadia)
28- Those Who Remind Silent (150 DP)Zombies (partner with Lara)
29- Frontline Survivors (150 DP)Warriors (partner with Yusei, Trudge, Sherry)
30- Mechanism Menagerie (150 DP)Machines (partner with Poncho Yusei, Leo, Vizor, Yliasters)
31- Angels on the Tip of a Needle (150 DP)Fairies (partner with Luna or other generic Duelists)
32- Once a Beast, Always a Beast (150 DP)Beasts, Beast-Warriors, Winged Beasts (partner with Crow)
33- Gardening in the Wild (150 DP)Insects, Plants, Rocks (partner with Akiza)
34- Cold-Blooded Price (150 DP)Dinosaurs, Reptiles (partner with Moses)
35- The Edge of the World (150 DP)Fish, Sea Serpents, Aqua, Pyro, Thunder (partner with Fish/Aqua/Thunder user)
36- The Origin of Species (200 DP)cards from 25-35 + Solidarity + Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (have over 50% completion for packs 25 to 35)
37- The Truth's Within Me (120 DP)DARK cards (available on Monday)
38- I'm on Fire (120 DP)FIRE cards (available on Tuesday)
39- In My Element (120 DP)WATER cards (available on Wednesday)
40- Butterfly Effect (120 DP)WIND cards (available on Thursday)

Row 5

41- Shade of Light (120 DP)LIGHT cards (available on Friday)
42- I Walk the Earth (120 DP)EARTH cards (available on Saturday)
43- A Little Bit of Everything (150 DP)cards from 37-42 + Ally of Justice Catastor (available on Sunday)
44- No Means No (300 DP)Limited cards (Over 70% completion for packs 37 to 42)
45- Totally Taboo (250 DP)Forbidden cards (Over 90% completion for pack 44)
46- Wonder in Simplicity (50 DP)Normal Monsters (available by default)
47- Unknown (300 DP)"Cute" cards (give all 5 gold figures to shop owner)
48- High Noon Constellation (1146 DP)Konami cards (unlocked by cheat code)
49- Clustering Bonds, Take Flight (150 DP)Yusei's cards, including Stardust Dragon (partner with Yusei)
50- Rapid Enforcement (150 DP)Infernity and Scraps (partner with Poncho Yusei/Kalin)

Row 6

51- Proud Spirit (150 DP)Jack's cards including Red Dragon Archfiend (partner with Jack
52- Soaring Blackwings (150 DP)Blackwings (partner with Crow
53- The Secret Flower Garden (150 DP)Akiza's cards (plants and Psychics) (partner with Akiza
54- The Twins (150 DP)Leo/Luna's cards (Morphtronics, Watts, Batterymen) (partner with Leo/Luna
55- Unforgivable Sun (150 DP)Security cards, Iron Chain, Tech Genus (partner with Trudge, Vizor, Securities
56- Flowers on All Sides (150 DP)Carly/Sherry/Mina's cards (allure Queen, Dark Lucius, Gagagigo, Dark Grepher, etc) (partner with Carly, Mina, Sherry
57- Triangle Fixer (150 DP)Yliaster and Dark Signer's cards (partner with the Yliasters
58- Super Polymerization Overdrive (200 DP)Yugi/Jaden's cards (have over 30% completion for pack 49-57)
59- Generation Gap (300 DP)Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 2, and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 3 original cards (UMD Recognition)
60- Black Checkers (500 DP)Super/Ultra Rares from pack 1-59 (have over 70% completion from pack 1-59)
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Unlock High Noon Constellation 63%
Enter code in the card shop.

Up, Up, Down, Down, L Button, R Button, L Button, R Button, Square, Triangle
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