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R.I.P. 3: The Last Hero Cheats for PC
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R.I.P. 3: The Last Hero PC Cheats

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R.I.P. 3: The Last Hero

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Cheat mode 88%
Description: Pause game play, then enter one of the following codes to activate the specified cheat function. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Cheat codes are only active for the current level, and must be re-enabled if desired when the next level begins.

Effect Code
Gain experience pointsreadytolevel
Energy shieldwannakill
Red Dragon kills everythingtastethispepper
Slow game speed.slowdown
Unlimited ammunitionsupermegakiller
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Hidden weapons 79%
1.You will find your first hidden weapon in the stage were you find the "Plasma Gun".Destroy all the computers and you will find the "Double Barrels".
2.Destroy the wrecked tank in the stage after you defeat the assault helicopter and you will get the "OLD Machine Gun".
3.In the stage named Junk Yard or something like that destroy all the destruct able objects (accept the hard bricks) and you will find the "Smoking Barrels".
4.Destroy the boss (the main tank) after the boss (who is driving it) comes out and you will find the "Tank Cannon".
5.Destroy the UFO in the stage after you find a helicopter.Well I know it is not right after that stage (where you find the helicopter) it is found after you skip some stages.Doing this you will find the "Alien Blaster".
I don't know if there are some more or not.
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Rip 3 cheats weak 77%
Gain experience points readytolevel
Power givemethesword
Energy shield wannakill
Red Dragon kills everything tastethispepper
Slow game speed. slowdown
Unlimited ammunition supermegakiller
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