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FIFA Soccer 11 Cheats for WII
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FIFA Soccer 11 WII Cheats

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FIFA Soccer 11

Rating: 2/5 VOTE

Advanced celebrations 100%
Hold C and press a direction on the d-pad after scoring to start celebrating early.
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Head-to-Head Tips Guide 93%
Description: Playing FIFA 11 head to head is one of the best and most fun modes you can get out of any football video game.

Read the Guide --> Head-to-Head Tips [Guide]
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Top 10 Defensive Players Guide 93%
Below are the recommended defensive players for the football/soccer game FIFA 11.

Read the Guide --> Top 10 Defensive Players [Guide]
By: Toebin(12758)
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Custom Tactics Guide 93%
The objective of this guide is to provide players a clear explanation on the custom tactics possibilities of the game.

Read the Guide --> Custom Tactics [Guide]
By: Toebin(12758)
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How to Upgrade Quickly in Virtual Pro Guide 93%
To prove your mettle against the A1 players of FIFA 11 and exhaust all your energy on Virtual Pro, you have to level up your stats and draw together your accomplishments fast.

Read the Guide --> How to Upgrade Quickly in Virtual Pro [Guide]
By: Toebin(12758)
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General Tips Guide 91%
Description: Here are a few tips and advice that everyone can use in order to become a better FIFA 11 player, as well as to get to enjoy the game more.

Read the Guide --> General Tips [Guide]
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Top 10 Midfield Players Guide 91%
Below are the recommended midfield players for the football/soccer game FIFA 11.

Read the Guide --> Top 10 Midfield Players [Guide]
By: Toebin(12758)
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Top 10 Forward Players Guide 90%
Below are the recommended forward players for the football/soccer game FIFA 11.

Read the Guide --> Top 10 Forward Players [Guide]
By: Toebin(12758)
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Easy money in manager mode 44%
First start your manager mode. then while the transfer season is there go to transfer market and search for free agents whos overall is above 76 or 77 and they must not be too old. offer them contracts and after they sign and join your club put them on sale . you should get decent money for them. on a average every transfer session you should get 30 million.
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Faster Scores 35%
To make scores faster, you should play with just passes, that way, you could score more goals
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Easy way to get players 34%
Say you want a player but hes to hard to get simply trnasfer him to free agents then in career mode use coustumised squads then go to transfer list put in free agents then type his name and all you have to do is give him a wage no trans fer money reqcuried injoy.
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Avoid losses in ranked games online 33%
I've encountered this cheat but never done it myself:

Right before the final whistle of a match when playing online 1v1 ranked, some players turn off their wii (fully, show that the red light shows on the console). This way they can avoid recording a loss (and opponent doesn't get the win) and it won't show up as 'dropped %' either. It's a bit hit&miss though sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It also makes you look like a total douche.
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Cool cheats 31%
To have the best players on Fifa 11 Wii you have to win 20 cups and then get on fire (Rare Booster) and then you will have the best players.
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How to score goals 28%

when your team got the ball just pass the ball fast and forward. When a good player in your team got the ball shoot directly. That will create many goals, atleast for me.

//the fifa player
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Best Fifa 11 starting lineup ever on PS3! 28%
GK: Iker Casillas (89)
RCB: Puyol (87)
CB: Vidic (87)
LCB: Segrio Romas (86)
RM: Kaka (86)
RCM: James Millner (87)
LCM: Xavi Hernandez (87)
LM: Andres Iniesta (87)
RW: Leo Messi (90)
St: Cristiono Ronaldo (90)
LW: Wayne Rooney (88)
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Fifa 11 15%
Go on opshons and file manegment and swap players
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FIFA Soccer 11 963178How do I choose my team on streets to stadiums in FIFA 11 wii? Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 11 963600What do you do after you finish street to stadium how do you unlock the team thing Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 11 965254How to manage my team in ONLINE on Fifa 11? Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 11 967419How do you do a rainbow flick? Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 11 974242How do you save a character's profile Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 11 982472Can you do a bicycle kick on fifa 11 on the wii? Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 11 988087How do you rainbow flick Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 11 990707How to bring goalkeeper up for corner on fifa 11 Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 11 996587In battle for glory, can you move up leagues Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 11 832847How to get opposition sent off?They never tackle from behind so help of how to get them 2 do tht any1? Answers: 3
FIFA Soccer 11 872764Hi :) is there any way to unlock the champions league in fifa 11 for wii? or is it that they jus forgot to put it in there lol Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 11 853654How do you beat from streets to stadium in fifa world cup soccer 11? Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 11 806132How to make the goalpeeper of youre team to stop every penalyt and free kick Answers: 5
FIFA Soccer 11 804064How to get money on battle for the glory Answers: 3
FIFA Soccer 11 824175How do you get big vs little on streets to stadiam Answers: 4
FIFA Soccer 11 857794How to move goalkeepers Answers: 2
FIFA Soccer 11 879565How do you find the "copa europe" cup? Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 11 904577Where is david beckham Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 11 912167Corner kick shot? 1. Online player shoots hard ball STRAIGHT off of the corner kick I have no clue how this is done but often, it hits the defender guarding the post in the stomache, leaving the ball open for an easy tap in. No matter what I press, this is impossible for me to do- but some online players (almost always ones ranked in the top 100) can do this. Anyone have a clue? Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 11 912168Goalie pass to striker? I don't get this play at all, fortunately I've learned how to stop it 4 out of 5 times. However, I can't do it. Basically, an online opponent will pass back to his keeper then all of a sudden his keeper will break out on a run and the keeper will make an accelerated long pass all the way to the player who receives it 20 yards past the defender onsides. When I have figured out that a player likes to do this, I switch to my defender fast and run him way back, but usually it will still work once or twice regardless of having that one defender back. Anyone have an answer to how this is done!? Answers: 0
FIFA Soccer 11 948198Can you make a custom formation instead of using the preset lineups? Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 11 837389How to change free kick taker on wii? Answers: 2
FIFA Soccer 11 830245Is there any online cheats? Answers: 1
FIFA Soccer 11 871267How do get the keeper to kick a long ball to the other side of da park to a lone striker its like a long/low super quick kick? Answers: 1
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