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John Daly's ProStroke Golf Cheats for PS3
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John Daly's ProStroke Golf PS3 Cheats

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John Daly's ProStroke Golf

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Trophies 100%
Description: To unlock Play Station3 Trophy rewards, complete the following tasks.

Approach Work (Silver)Hole a shot from more than 20 yards
Bedsfield Hall Challenge (Bronze)Defeat John Daly at Bedsfield Hall
Bedsfield Hall Masters (Silver)Finish in first place for the Bedsfield Hall Masters
Birdie (Bronze)Finish a hole one shot under par
Birdie King (Gold)Score 100 Birdies in tournament, challenge, exhibition or online matches
British Domination (Silver)Defeat John Daly on all five British courses
Chart Hills Challenge (Bronze)Defeat John Daly at Chart Hills
Conqueror (Platinum)Unlock all trophies for the game
Crash And Burn (Bronze)Hit the ball from one bunker to another
Dale Hill Challenge (Bronze)Defeat John Daly at Dale Hill
Dale Hill Classic (Bronze)Finishin the top eight of the Dale Hill Classic
Dialed In (Bronze)Hole a putt from more than 10 feet away
Driving King (Bronze)Hit a ball further than 320 yards
Eagle (Silver)Finish a hole two shots under par
Edwards International Challenge (Bronze)Defeat John Daly at Edwards International
Edwards Trophy (Bronze)Finish in the top six for the Edwards Trophy
First Ace (Gold)Score a hole in one
G.I.R. (Bronze)Hit a green in regulation
Harpers Heritage Trophy (Bronze)Finish within eight shots of the winner in the Harpers Heritage Trophy
Harpers Lake Challenge (Bronze)Defeat John Daly at Harpers Lake
La Gomera Challenge (Bronze)Defeat John Daly at La Gomera
La Gomera Open (Bronze)Finish within four shots of the winner in the La Gomera Open
Mediterranean Domination (Silver)Defeat John Daly on all three Mediterranean courses
McIntosh Forest Challenge (Bronze)Defeat John Daly at McIntosh Forest
McIntosh Masters (Silver)Finish in the top three of the McIntosh Masters
Mijas Classic (Silver)Finish in first place for the Mijas Classic
Mijas Gardens Challenge (Bronze)Defeat John Daly at Mijas Gardens
Monster Putt (Silver)Sink a putt from over 30 feet away
Mystic Rock Challenge (Bronze)Defeat John Daly at Mystic Rock
Mystic Rock Open (Bronze)Finish within eight shots of the winner in the Mystic Rock Open
North American Domination (Silver)Defeat John Daly on all four North American courses
Perfect host (Bronze)Host and play a four-player online match
Pin High (Bronze)Hit the flag from an approach off the green
Predator (Silver)Win a game online
The Belfry Challenge (Bronze)Defeat John Daly at The Belfry
The Brabazon Open (Bronze)Finish in the top six of the Brabazon Open
The Chart Hills Cup (Silver)Finish in first place for the Chart Hills Cup
The Shire Challenge (Bronze)Defeat John Daly at The Shire
The Shire Masters (Bronze)Finish within eight shots of the winner in The Shire Masters
Two's Company (Bronze)Play in a pairs match
Viannos Open (Bronze)Finish in the top four for the Viannos Open
Viannos Steps Challenge (Bronze)Defeat John Daly at Viannos Steps
World Champion (Gold)Win all twelve tournaments
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Play as john 100%
Unlock everything in the game as well as all of the trophies to unlock John as a playable character.
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