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Petz Fantasy: Moonlight Magic Cheats for NDS
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Petz Fantasy: Moonlight Magic NDS Cheats

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Petz Fantasy: Moonlight Magic Cheats

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Petz Fantasy: Moonlight Magic

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

An easier way to get a gold medal in magic world when you have a fire or ice pet is you go to one of the sides and keep on shooting fire or ice balls ,avoid their fire balls or icicles,and grab the stars really quick.
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Petz Fantasy: Moonlight Magic 67%
1. Favorites
Each pets own 2 favorite food, toy and cleaning tool. When you are start new game. You only have 4 items It's easy to find pet's favorite. The more your pets, more items are available to take care your pets. Its so hard to find its favorite. Some strategy that good for this:

Strategy 1:

1. Go to garage (Washing) / Kitchen (Feeding) / Yard (Playing).

2. Tap on bucket (Garage / Washing area) / Fridge (Kitchen / Feeding area) / Toy chest (Yard / Playing area)

3. Select a item that in your mind is perfect for your pet.

4. Determine this screen:
- If the screen blacks out and close to your pet (But when your pet is going to feed it in kitchen, it will shown the pet with the bowl) And they will shook his/her head (But when in kitchen, your pet will vomit)
- If the screen is blacks out and far away from the pet, you will notice pink box and its means its favorite. The favorite will added to screen
- If the screen blacks and the music stops playing, means: KINDA WANT

5. If you hard to find it. Keep tap on other things. If the last item was not tapped and others was disliked or sort of wanted by pets, meaning the last was pet's favorite thing. But sometimes, you can tap the thing that it likes

2. Level Up
Pets can level up to level 3, unlike other monster games Such Pokemon, Digimon, ect They could level 100, 99, 10 ect. (For other games only)
Your pets can level up when you found all their favorites. Requirements:
- Level 2: 3 favorites
- Level three: 6 favorites (Counted with the level 2 requirements)
The more pets your have, the chance to find the favorites is very low. It's quite hard enough if you owning many pets. You only have 16 toys, cleaning tool & Food. It will earned if you get new pets (The starter is only 4 things)

3. Magic world
Your pets will fight, run and fly at this zone. It's your chance to get more pets and clothes.

4. Website codes
To activate this code, you must do this steps below (I also tried some codes and it will work at some pets on there)
1. 1i95fksdn
2. 2023fgjcd
3. 3d9324jdp
It will work on log in/register and find 3 eggs, click on it and enter the code. The code are different for each egg, if it doesn't works, try to enter other code

5. Code bars
This thing is exclusive for NDSi owners, you can scan it on code bar to gain new clothes, magnify must 100% so you can scan it.

6. Special codes
From you can go to Petz fantasy island to get codes. Go to the nest, there are a key on stump, you must press: A B A B down right left up select
you must do this on main menu.
The codes:
Musketeer: Ade Gusm
Pirate: Suth Naz
Wizard: Itur Xil
Robin Hood: Q Arfisp
Rabbit: Stk Apqj

7. Pets
You can earn a new pet when you get gold medal at magic world, there are 20 types of pets. Below its tips how to get them easily:

- For flying and running pets, you must concentrate and if you wear glasses, must wear it. Don't go to other things such your favorite music, jokes, or noises. Keep an eye to objects, such waterfalls, floating islands (Flying) or Weeds (running) Save time by fly or run to powerups. If your pet level up, you can make your pets run/fly faster (even it was level 3) and save more time

- For fire and ice pets, keep an eye for clouds and floating volcanic material. They will shoot fireballs/Icicles to you. If you dont want to fainted or lose a live, be quick and clever. If you level up, you can fight enemies easily. Quickly at collecting stars.
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Petz Fantasy: Moonlight/Sunshine Magic Codes & Tips 60%
Game Codes

Unlock Codes by pressing ABAB Down Right Left Up Select on the games Main Menu. Then you can put in these codes for new outfitsÖ I found these on the Ubisoft website.

Rabbit - stk apqj
Musketeer - ade gusm
Pirate - suth naz
Wizard - itur xil
Robin Hood - q arfisp

Website Codes

(Iíve yet to find where you put these codes in though. =S But as soon as I find out Iíll let you know. The game says that the booklet tells you what website to go to and where to put them but it doesnít. It says nothing about codes other then bar-codes which you canít use unless you have a DSi.)


Fastest way to get new pets

When it comes to going to the magical world and winning new pets my suggestion is to get your pets level up to 3 first cause for the most part you canít get a gold ribbon unless youíre level 3. Itís very hard. At level 3 it is much easier. So find all of your pets favorite items before going to the magic world to level them up.

Plus once your pets level is 3 you donít have to worry about maxing itís stats to go to the magic world. You can go any time. Of course thatís only with pets that are level 3. If you get a new pet youíll need to level that one as well before gaining that option with that pet.

Favorite Items

Favorite items are the items that each pet likes the most. Each pet has two favorite toys, foods and cleaning tools. Each pet also has items that it dislikes and they wont let you use those items on them.

Favorite items always bring your pets stats up more easily then any other items so itís always easier to use your pets favorite items. As you progress in the game youíll be given more items making it harder to find your pets favorites. Pets of the same species donít have the same likes and dislikesÖ each pet is individual and has their own unique likes and dislikes.

Itís always best to search for a pets favorites right when you get them instead of waiting till you get more pets. The most pets you get the more items you get. A pet always chooses itís favorites out of the items that you have when you get that pet. So if you have more items it means itís going to take a lot more time to find their favorites.
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Pets fantasy moon light magic 40%
Pirate suth naz
By: twinlamont(4)
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Game codes, unlocked as they lvl up 36%
I found out that a couple of the eggs you pass by will allow you to enter in one of these codes,




but you have to be a guest or have an account..... sorry if this wasn't easy to understand :/
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