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Borderlands (Game of the Year Edition) Cheats for PS3
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Borderlands (Game of the Year Edition)
PS3 Cheats

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Borderlands (Game of the Year Edition)

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

How to destroy the final boss 100%
Get any good shock weapons to take down it's shield then after you shoot the tentacles from its head then go behind it after big tentacles pop use fast fire weapons and crouch
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Amazingly Easy Levels and Weapon Proficiencies (for Hunter) 100%
Works best with Hunter Class after maxing (or at least leveling up in) your Trespass skill (the one that allows you to go through shields). After beating the game the first time, you will be able to go to the Eridian Promontory. Make sure you have a good gun (duh) and go Guardian hunting. They are mostly shields with very little health, so if you can go through their shields (Trespass), then they are cake. They will always be a level or two above you, and they give a hecka lot experience, and weapon proficiencies. When you go through it all, just leave and come back and do it again. Happy Leveling!
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Skip time limit for general knoxx's secret armory 100%
Alright when you enter the code to get past the door just after you killed general knoxx you will enter a room filled with red walls. You will see boxes behind the "walls". At the beginning of that room you will see a kind of indent just before the room widens. Up go to the right on that indent and crouch now follow the indent you will fall through. CONGRATULATIONS! you now have unlimited time in the armory there are guns, guns and more guns all in crates. Hope this helps.
By: jengem59(53)
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The Borderlands Boss Mash-Up! Guide 100%
Just a quick walkthrough of essential bosses that you need to finish off to complete the main story. This guide should rescue you from the clutches of whatever colourful character has his hands on you!

Read the Guide --> The Borderlands Boss Mash-Up! [Guide]
By: Toebin(12755)
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Easy money for newbies with The secret armory of general knoxx DLC 100%
Easy way to get money for newbies.
Go to T-bone junction. As soon as you get there you will activate a quest... ignore it. Leave the building and go left to the circular area of the map. on the roof of the building that the bounty board is in front of there are three lockers and a white chest. One of the lockers will ALWAYS have a pistol or revolver in it and I have gotten many orange weapons from it. There are two more chests if you take the main road to an alleyway with some stairs that lead down. Don't go to far searching on the main road because a crimson lance capsule will drop and assassins will attack you. Hope I helped guys.
By: DerBarJude(1)
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Mad Moxxi's Underdome Gulley Horde Wave Cheat 100%
Hello, Hawk Man Here, bringing you my first posted cheat.

When in final arena for (3rd objective) the mission, "Prove Yourself", there is a tall hill with a ridge along side the cliff side where you can face all the rest of the arena. When Moxxi calls, "THE HORDE WAVE!", run to this ridge.The Psychos and even Badass ones will throw their axes and blow themselves up, run around, or try to run onto the ridge (but they just fall off for some weird reason). Shoot them with something with high elemental damage such as the hellfire so they will die faster. This strategy works with enemies that don't have ranged attack such as Skags, guardians, King Wee Wee, and some midgets, etc. Good sniping postition.

Hope this helped! -Hawk Man (ps3)
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Fresh of the bus chest 100%
When you start the game, got to a building just off to your right. go behind it go up the back stair case and jump on the engine thing then after you jumped on the engine jump another time and you on a roof with BUT loads of loot + a chest with weapons
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Easy EXP and Weapons 100%
The best way to get both EXP and weapons is to do the following. First setup a split screen match with the first player having the area called Old Haven opened for instant transport. Next have player 1 go through and kill all the Lancers and while this happens, they will drop either weapons of shields and player 2 will be earning some EXP while this happens at the same time. After all the Lancers are dead, have player 2 go and collect all the weapons and shields that have been dropped and open any chests and once that is done, save the game, quit and restart the who thing again.
By: zero56(358)
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Easy EXP 100%
First start a split screen game with player 1 having the area just before the Summit available for instant travel. Next go through and kill all the guardians in the area and by the time you reach the Summit entrance, player 2 will have just gained 15 levels. Once that is done, exit the game and restart again and if you do this 6 times, player 2 will be level 35 in no time.
By: zero56(358)
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Easy weapon location in Fyer Stone 100%
When you first start the game, you will notice a building to the left of the billboard sign. Run to the back of the building and jump onto the barrels and jump on the railing side. After that there will be a few small square chests and a weapon chest on top of the building and open the chest. Exit the game and start again and by repeating this, you are more than likely to find a rare weapon.
By: zero56(358)
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Duplication trick 100%
WARNING: The following trick has been known to delete the item(s) being used to clone. Please note that for testing purposes, please use only guns and shields found in Fyer Stone or Skag Gulley so lost of valuable items is kept minimal risk of being deleted.

First, start a split screen game and make sure that the game is saved and player 2 has room for the items you want to clone. After that, have player 1 drop the item(s) they want to clone. After that, have player 2 pick up the dropped gear and access the New U Station and change their name. After they change their name, the save icon should pop up on THEIR screen only and once it does, player 2 needs to sign out of their profile. If done right, the game should have taken you back to the main screen and after that, start a split screen game again and once it gets done loading, both players check to see if they have the exact gear that was dropped and if they do, then the trick work.
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Easy Money 100%
There are numerous ways to earn money in the game but I found the best way is to sell higher level items.

First, make sure that you have a high level character (preferably a level 69) and has the option of selecting play through 2.

Start a split screen game on play through 2 and choose the area 'The Crimson Enclave' (unless you have the DLC for either Zombie Island or T-Bone Junction). Make sure that the low level character is in a safe spot once the game is started so the risk of them dying is kept to a minimum. Have the higher level character go through and kill all the guys and pick up all the gear they drop. Bring the gear back to the other person and drop everything you don't want. Once that is done, they will pick up the gear and sell it for lots of cash and if they are lucky enough, they can complete a few of the challenges for easy EXP.
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Earning Multiple EXP at Once 100%
The best way to earn lots of EXP is to do the bounty board missions. The reason why is that the bounty boards let you choose multiple missions at once. Once you got all the missions from the bounty board, complete each one and once that is done, go back and turn in every one that you did and if done right, you should be able to either get close to leveling up or level up your character.
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How to Kill Zombies in the Zombie Island DLC 100%
Zombie Island starts the enemies off at around level 30 and then raises their levels each area and mission. The best way to kill them is to use elemental weapons. Now the for elements are fire, corrosive, explosion and electricity but not all of these are going to be effective against the zombies. There are many types of zombies in the game and here is a list of zombies and what they are weak against:

Towns People: they are the common ones that appear in every area. They range from the torso (they are the ones with no legs and crawl to attack you), the vile barfers (they puke on you and make it hard for you to see where your aiming or shooting at), the psychos (they are the harder ones to kill since they move very fast, especially the midgets). Each one of these are weak to either fire or electrical damage but preferably fire.

Birds: they are like the rakks but just like the rakks, if you shoot or go near them they will attack in flocks. Since they attack like rakks, its best to use the shotgun with either fire or electric damage.

Lancers: they are more commonly found in the zombie island version of old haven. The lancers may not be that common but they are still dangerous cause they still use guns to shoot you and will still employ their turrets for the engineers ability. They are weak against fire and electrical damage.

Frankenstein: Yes the classic horror monster makes its appearance known but in different forms. there are 3 forms to Frankenstein. The first form is the basic form but they attack by throwing explosive barrels at you and also by ripping its arms off and becoming suicidal bombers. The best way to deal with them is to use the fire element cause if they are attack by electrical damage, they have the most annoying ability to regenerate health and prolong their life. The second form is the suicidal bomber and the best way to deal with them is to make sure you have a good shield and to let them explode. Finally you have the Loot Frankenstein, they are the ones that carry a chest on their back and once they die, you can loot the chest for items. The best way to deal with them is to use fire since like their other counterpart, they can regenerate health if it by electrical weapons.
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Leveling Weapons Faster 100%
There are two areas to level up a persons weapon level when starting a level 1 character, the first is to go to Trash Coast of go to the area just before the final boss.

Trash Coast: run all the way to where the rakk hive is located and start shooting the eyes (best to shoot the eyes since they cause critical damage) after that your weapon level should have increased by by 5 levels and just repeat this by exiting the game

Now for the area just before the final boss, just start killing the guardians and by the time you get to the other side of where the summit entrance is, your character should have gone up a few levels for their weapon.

Make sure though that the weapon you want to level up is either under or equal to the level of that character and they are holding it as their main weapon.
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Easy money and weapons 100%
This works great for needing money or weapons. Go to the Crimson Enclave area and start killing all the lancers at each tower and open up the chests. Once you picked up all the gear you want to sell, head back to the vendors and sell all the items you don't need. After that Quit the game and reload the file again and keep repeating this and if your lucky, you might even find an Eridian weapon.

Hint: this trick also works great when you start a split screen and on play through 2 as well.
By: zero56(358)
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Beating Doctor Ned 100%
In the Zombie Island DLC, Doctor Ned is the main villain of the story. The fight has two parts to to it. The firs part starts out with Ned shooting you with a shotgun and if your at a high enough level, then it should be easy. Once you beat him, there will be a giant hole in the ground and before going through, make sure you pick up the loot on the ground. Once your ready, head down the hole and keep following the path down till you see Ned in his monster form. Just keep shooting him and he will go down and collect the loot once your done.
By: zero56(358)
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First weapon crate 75%
Once you get off the bus at the start of the game you will see a house go to the back of the house and jump on top of it there should be a crate of weapons and two safes full of cash or ammo.
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Easy way to Kill Moe and Marley 50%
1. When you reach Arid Hills, go to the area that the diamond signal is in. Notice when you walk to the diamond, the trees surrounding a little opening on the edge of the cliff. Find Moe and Marley, get their attention, and sprint back to the trees. Hide behind the trees, while Moe and Marley spit elemental things at you. When they start growling and opening their mouths, score some critical hits. When they start spitting again, hide behind the trees.
Repeat this process until both of those skags die. You're reward on the Fyrestone Bounty board is very useful against the Road Rage Phsycho in Sledge's Safehouse.
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Easy Way to Defeat Vault Gaurdians in Dahl Headland 50%
When you ride on the platform underground beat the bandits, then go to the two statues that release the Gaurdians. Let the Gaurdians chase you back to the platform. Hide under the platform next to the gun boxes. Only the smaller gaurdians can reach you. Use your action skill, and shoot them with a super fast firing gun. In the end, only one BIG Gaurdian will remain. Go out from under the platform and throw a grenade at the gaurdian. It will be stunned so you have a few seconds to run as fast as you can to the lever next to the shops. Use the button, and the Gaurdian will be lifted to bandits above (you should of avoided them in the beginning). You can finish the mission and eventually go back to the platform. Use it and an either dead Gaudian corpse or very weak gaurdian will come down. You know what to do by then probally.
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Defeat Last Three Bosses in Wayward Pass :Guide 50%
1. When You enter wayward pass, go past the ammo shops to the skag cave. Defeat the skags and return to the shops. Purchase full ammo for each kind of gun and customize your guns. Enter the arena that has the Crimson Lance logos on it to fight General Knoxx.
General Knoxx's weaknesses are anything above x2 acid shotguns or revolvers, and fast firing guns to the face. Defeat the boss and move on (divine wind claptraps are vulnerable to acid).
2.Defeat the samurai and then shoot the rakk with what's left of your acid guns, they won't help for now. Collect as much ammo that you can and enter the arena (there's a gun bow next to the enterance to the left). Do you have any Fire-type guns? Good, you'll need them.
Inside Ned's swamp, run left, and jump up to the platform. See the cardboard house? Jump behind it, because Ned can't attack you (glitch!). Shoot the boss with any repeater, machine gun, or smg that shoots fire until he dies.
3. Inside the cave shoot the claptraps, and don't worry about any ammo, just get to the shops. There, purchase full on ammo. Enter the arena and run forward to the fallen collemn and jump on it. Shoot the lady with those corrosive weapons now. Kill her and enter the next world after visiting the shops. Have fun if you try all of this!
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This is how to get a little teddy ice cream cone 50%
Do left left right right then jump to the right then the left and jump down a hole then that is how you do it if I dose not work then your doing it wrong sorry if dose not work bye and that is an other cheat from: veges girl :)
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