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Borderlands: Claptrap's New Robot Revolution DLC Cheats for PS3
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Borderlands: Claptrap's New Robot Revolution DLC
PS3 Cheats

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Borderlands: Claptrap's New Robot Revolution DLC

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How to destroy the final boss 100%
Get any good shock weapons to take down it's shield then after you shoot the tentacles from its head then go behind it after big tentacles pop use fast fire weapons and crouch
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Defeat Last Three Bosses in Wayward Pass :Guide 100%
1. When You enter wayward pass, go past the ammo shops to the skag cave. Defeat the skags and return to the shops. Purchase full ammo for each kind of gun and customize your guns. Enter the arena that has the Crimson Lance logos on it to fight General Knoxx.
General Knoxx's weaknesses are anything above x2 acid shotguns or revolvers, and fast firing guns to the face. Defeat the boss and move on (divine wind claptraps are vulnerable to acid).
2.Defeat the samurai and then shoot the rakk with what's left of your acid guns, they won't help for now. Collect as much ammo that you can and enter the arena (there's a gun bow next to the enterance to the left). Do you have any Fire-type guns? Good, you'll need them.
Inside Ned's swamp, run left, and jump up to the platform. See the cardboard house? Jump behind it, because Ned can't attack you (glitch!). Shoot the boss with any repeater, machine gun, or smg that shoots fire until he dies.
3. Inside the cave shoot the claptraps, and don't worry about any ammo, just get to the shops. There, purchase full on ammo. Enter the arena and run forward to the fallen collemn and jump on it. Shoot the lady with those corrosive weapons now. Kill her and enter the next world after visiting the shops. Have fun if you try all of this!
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Easy money and weapons 100%
This works great for needing money or weapons. Go to the Crimson Enclave area and start killing all the lancers at each tower and open up the chests. Once you picked up all the gear you want to sell, head back to the vendors and sell all the items you don't need. After that Quit the game and reload the file again and keep repeating this and if your lucky, you might even find an Eridian weapon.

Hint: this trick also works great when you start a split screen and on play through 2 as well.
By: zero56(358)
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