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NBA 2K11 Cheats for PSP
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NBA 2K11 PSP Cheats

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NBA 2K11

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Passing Tips Guide 93%
Description: Probably one of the most improved aspects of the 2K franchise is the passing game. It is by far one of the most creative innovations of the game.

Read the Guide --> Passing Tips [Guide]
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Shooting Tips Guide 89%
Description: Probably the first thing to practice in order to improve your shooting in NBA 2k11 is your shot selection.

Read the Guide --> Shooting Tips [Guide]
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Cheat Codes 88%
Description: Enter the following cheat codes by choosing "Features," "Extras" and then "Codes."

payrespectABA Ball
agsntrccaiBobcats Nascar Racing Uniform
aifnaatccvCavs Cavfanatic Uniform
wasshcicslHardwood Classics Uniforms (7 teams only)
asrdirmgaHornets Mardi Gras Uniform
eydonscarSecondary Road Uniforms (Grizzlies, Hawks, Mavs & Rockets)
riiasgerhSt Patrick's Day Uniforms (Bulls, Celtics, Knicks & Raptors)
ycprtiiTrail Blazers Rip City Uniform
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My Player Guide 79%
Description: The My Player mode allows players to create their own character and experience the actual NBA experience!

Read the Guide --> My Player [Guide]
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How to never miss a shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 79%
Go to options.Press my NBA.Go to game sliders. Fill the sliders.
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10 Top Tips Guide 77%
Description: To effectively play the game, there are certain essential tips that you need to follow in offense, defense and shooting.

Read the Guide --> 10 Top Tips [Guide]
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Michael Jordan Challenge Tips Guide 75%
Description: The Michael Jordan Challenge game mode in NBA 2k11 is where every fan can relive a select few moments of the legendís career.

Read the Guide --> Michael Jordan Challenge Tips [Guide]
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Easy way to win (vs) 53%
Play with team jordan
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How to upgrade or downgrade a team 48%
To upgrade or downgrade a team go on the rosters and press a player and press edit player
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2k11 40%
Here comes the money
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Get drafted #1 in my player mode 38%
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Cheat report 36%
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NBA 2k11 35%
On the Main Menu Go Down To Features,Then Go Down To Extras, Then go down to cheats


payrespect:aba ball

2ksports:2ksports team

2kchina 2kchina team

icanbe23:MJ creating a legend without finishing all 10 jordan challenges

vcteam: vc squad

Unlock sweet dunks:




Codes also work on xbox360,psp,and PC but im not sure about wii, it might work
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Im23 31%
To get micheal jordan in 211
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2K china team 30%
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Nba2k11 wii 25%
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NBA 2K11 cheats 24%
To Get The Team Of Superstar and Ginebra Code is superginebra
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Unlock everything 17%
Enter suckmycock69
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