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Club Penguin Cheats for PC
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Club Penguin PC Cheats

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

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Club Penguin

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Some cheats that i think works 100%
How to get a crown = DJUBILEE

how to get headphones for your puffle = HPHONES1

how to get an epf helmet = epfagent

how to get an alien mask = ufomaske

how to do pumpkin head = PUMPKIN1

Note:if it doesnt work,dont blame me cause I sometimes do the code click at the lock icon when at the server potion. enjoy! :)
By: DrakeMoon3297(11)
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Rockhopper's Key 94%
Description: If you go to the end of The Journal of Captain Rockhopper (found on top of the Coffee Shop) you will find a key with a puffle on it. This key is called Captains Quarters key. It will allow you to access his secret room (it is in the Migrator)where you can play a game and look at his noticeboard.
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Double Puffles 91%
Description: In order for this cheat to work, you must have at least 2 puffles-the black or purple one, and any other color of puffle you like. Here is how it works:

Take the purple or black puffle and take it for a walk. Stay in your igloo & press d to dance. Now while dancing, click any other puffle and take it for a walk. If this works right, the puffle you danced with should still be there. If you stop dancing and wlak around, the original puffle will still be there and you will now have 2 of that puffle-one in your igloo, and the one you are taking for a walk. When you click your player, the last puffle you took for a walk will show up on your playercard, although it does not show up on your player.
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Free suff 86%
First go to and log in
enter these code:
pumpkin hat: pumpkin 1
blue jacket: free hood
green jacket: D23EXP11
By: Goku301(19)
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Ice fishing the mullet 80%
First catch 60 fish. Then catch one of the lone fish and hold it in the water and you will soon get the mullet!
By: skywalker54(36)
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Throwing snowballs super fast 68%
Press the letter "T" on your keyboard and click were you want your snowball to go.This is a good method for the trash room and throwing snowballs at other penguins during snowball fights! :)
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How to how to be come epf 67%
Im sorry g im sorry dot rookie and jetpack guy but I need to tell them how to be epf go to everyday phoning facuilty then take the test ps dont hide anywhere but behind the right thing on the bottom and all so when there is a blue square o theft top dont go in but shoot the electric box when it has a blue thing around it
By: joshua2004(55)
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Snowball machine gun!! 65%
Ok this will definetly work press t chose where you want to fire and keep on clicking the mouse and t. p.s this comes in handy in snow ball fights
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Games with Puffles 64%
Black=cart surfer red=catchi'n waves pink=aqua grabber
green=jet pack adventure yellow=dj3k purple=dance contest
By: jockpokemon(130)
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Silver surfboard 63%
To get the silver surfboard go to the cove click on the note on the pick board then click the word waves,but you need to be a member
By: skywalker54(36)
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Walk in water! 62%
Go to the ice berg click on aqua grabber say no then click on the water
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Cuookuoo clock 57%
Ok so you know the cuoocuoo clock in the ski lodge? well i'm going to tell you a secret about the clock! ok so you have to be there every 30 minuites. then you will see a bird come out! idk the name for it though. ... thats all!
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Nice glasses aunt artic 50%
On the newspaper put your mouse on aunt artics glasses
but dont click and there you have it
she will where shadey glasses
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Put tcj3wrw8hxv6lqvg to get cards for cardjitsu
By: blake443(33)
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