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Mass Effect 2 Cheats for PS3
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Mass Effect 2 PS3 Cheats

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Mass Effect 2

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Mass Effect 2 Upgrades Guide 100%
Description: To be successful you have to investigate new technologies and upgrade your weaponry. This guide will help break down what each upgrade will do so you can decide what you need to play your way in Mass Effect 2.

Read the Guide --> Mass Effect 2 Upgrades [Guide]
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Romancing the Yeoman 100%
How to: If you chat it up with Yeoman Kelly Chambers often and choose to be kind to her you can instigate an "unusual" romantic encounter. You will eventually be able to invite her to dinner. Additionally, you cannot let Kelly die in the final mission (choose a loyal escort for the crew in the final scene). After you win the game, chat to Kelly and you will receive an email from her. Go to your quarters and you will be able to invite her up using your console. She'll appear and you will be able to watch the evening's awkward events unwind. She's no Yeoman Rand, but she'll do.
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Respectable Quarian Names [Easter Egg] 100%
Description: When asking Zaal'Koris about his funny name/ship name the "Qwib Qwib" (on the Quarian fleet vessel), the real joke hits when he mentions desiring a more respectable ship name like "Defrahnz" or "Iktomi." These 2 names would have yielded the following Quarian names: Zaal'Koris vas Defrahnz (vas deferens) and Zaal'Koris vas Iktomi (vasectomy).
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Alternate Costumes/Colors 100%
How to: Complete a Loyalty mission for a party member to unlock alternate color schemes for that character.
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Anomalies Anonymous 100%
Description: You can find anomalies when scanning the following planets (listed as Cluster, System, Planet below). Anomaly = Side Quest!

Caleston Rift, Solveig, Sinmara
Caleston Rift, Talava, Taitus
Crescent Nebula, Lusarn, Tarith
Crescent Nebula, Zelene, Helyme
Eagle Nebula, Amun, Neith
Eagle Nebula, Strabo, Jarrahe Station
Hades Nexus, Sheol, Gei Hin
HourGlass Nebula, Faryar, Daratar
HourGlass Nebula, Ploitari, Zanethu
Minos Wasteland, Fortis, Aequitas
Omega Nebula, Ariniarkan, MSV Strontium Mule
Omega Nebula, Fathar, Lorek
Pylos Nebula, Dirada, Canalus
Pylos Nebula, Nariph, MSV Broken Arrow
Rosetta Nebula, Enoch, Joab
The Shrike Nebula, Xe Cha, Zada Ban
Sigurd's Cradle, Decoris, Sanctum
Sigurd's Cradle, Skepsis, Franklin
Titan Nebula, Haskins, Capek
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Illium Side Quests Guide 100%
Description: In todays Mass Effect 2 Side Quests guide were gonna go through all the side quests on Illium.

Read the Guide --> Illium Side Quests [Guide]
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Mass Effect 2 Classes Guide 100%
Introduction to all the different classes in Mass Effect 2

Read the Guide --> Mass Effect 2 Classes [Guide]
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Legion's Gamer Stats [Easter Egg] 100%
Description: At the end of 'The Lair of the Shadow Broker' downloadable content for Mass Effect 2, you will find a terminal with all your teammates' dossiers on it. Including information only the shadow broker could get his hands on. You will find upon reading Legion's dossier that our favorite Geth happens to be quite the gamer. You can read a list of games he downloaded and even his scores and rankings on the leaderboards. There's even a bit where he is kicked for hacking some game, but he challenges the ban, and is let back onto the servers. I found this read to be worth a chuckle.
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Normandy Side Quests Guide 100%
In this edition were gonna go through all the side quests you will receive on board your faithful ship the Normandy.

Read the Guide --> Normandy Side Quests [Guide]
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Citadel Side Quests Guide 100%
Mass Effects 2 has an enormous amount of side quests and were gonna attempt to start getting you through them, especially you PS3 players. This guide will focus on all the Citadel Side Missions.

Read the Guide --> Citadel Side Quests [Guide]
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Locations Guide 100%
There are a lot of locations in Mass Effect 2 and each one has its own unique qualities.

Read the Guide --> Locations [Guide]
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Tactics Guide 100%
This guide will help you navigate the various tactics you have to deal with in Mass Effect 2.

Read the Guide --> Tactics [Guide]
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DLC Achievements Guide 100%
Description: This guide will break down the Achievements and for the Mass Effect 2 DLC Kasumi, Overlord, and Lair of the Shadowbroker DLC.

Read the Guide --> DLC Achievements [Guide]
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Classes Guide 100%
There is A LOT in Mass Effects 2 and what better way to get started with the guides then to introduce you to all the different classes. Besides all us PS3 owners are finally getting to see what's up.

Read the Guide --> Classes [Guide]
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Mass Effect 2 Planetary Database Guide 100%
Description: This guide is designed to help you find not only which planets are rich in minerals but just where exactly all the planets are and what systems they are in.

Read the Guide --> Mass Effect 2 Planetary Database [Guide]
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Mass Effect 2 Tactics Guide 100%
This guide will help you navigate the various tactics you have to deal with in Mass Effect 2.

Read the Guide --> Mass Effect 2 Tactics [Guide]
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Finding Element Zero 98%
Description: Below is a list of the planets where you can mine the ultra-rare Element Zero. The systems for each Zero-laden planet are listed below, followed by the star and planet names.

Calestone Rift
Aysur, Arvuna - Moderate
Balor, Calestone - Moderate
Crescent Nebula
Lusam, Tarith - Rich
Zelene, Helyme - Moderate
Eagle Nebula
Amun, Anthur - Rich
Amun, Sekhmet - Moderate
Relic, Preying Mouth - Rich
Far Rim
Dholen, Gotha - Moderate
Hades Nexus
Hekate, Asteria - Poor
Hekate, Bothros - Poor
Pamyat, Dobrovolski - Moderate
Sheol, Gel Hinnom - Moderate
Hawking Eta
Schwarzschild, Etamis - Rich
Hourglass Nebula
Faryar, Daratar - Rich
Osun, Erinle - Rich
Ploitari, Thegan - Moderate
Krogan DMZ
Nith, Mantun - Moderate
Minos Wasteland
Caestus, Invictus - Moderate
Nubian Expanse
Kalabasha, Yamm - Moderate
Batalla, Nearog - Moderate
Batalla, Thunawanuro - Rich
The Phoenix Massing
Salahiel, Ekuna - Moderate
Pylos Nebula
Dirada, Siano - Moderate
Satent, Boro - Rich
Raisaris - Rich
Rosetta Nebula
Alpha Draconis, 2175 Aeia - Moderate
Enoch, Joab - Rich
Enoch, Laban - Moderate
Enoch, Mizraim - Rich
Shadow Sea
Iera, Prospect - Poor
The Shrike Abyssal
Urla Rast, Talis Fia - Moderate
Xe Cha, Tosal Nym - Rich
Xe Cha, Zada Ban - Rich
Sigurd's Cradle
Decoris, Sanctum - Moderate
Skepsis, Watson - Rich
Titan Nebula
Haskins, Capek - Moderate
Valhallan Threshold
Micah, Farlas - Moderate
Micah, Israfel - Moderate
Micah, Kakabel - Moderate
Paz, Garvug - Rich
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Geth Pulse Rifle 98%
*** The Geth Pulse Rifle can only be found on Hardcore or Insanity difficulty. During the recruitment mission for Tali, look for the rifle in the same room you find Tali. It will be sitting on the ground next to a destroyed geth.
*** You can switch to Hardcore or Insanity difficulty right before commencing this mission to get the rare weapon. Change it back after getting the weapon.
Additions by Icarus Aloft
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Bonus Paragon or Renegade Interruption Points 98%
Description: During conversations, you may spot a RIGHT or LEFT TRIGGER appear in the top left portion of the screen. If you hit LEFT TRIGGER when the "wings" logo appears you will get Paragon points. If you hit RIGHT TRIGGER when the "star" appears you will get Renegade points. You've got to act fast to get the points!
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Probing Uranus [Easter Egg] 98%
Description: Head to the Local Cluster and scan Uranus. The 1st 2 probes you launch will result in "unusual" statements from EDI.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Legion Does the Intergalactic Shuffle [Easter Egg] 98%
Description: Approach Legion in his quarters and highlight him but do not chat to him. He will do "The Robot," the traditional dance of his ancestors.
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Mass Effect 2 Citadel Side Quests Guide 98%
Mass Effect 2 Citadel Side Quests Guide

Read the Guide --> Mass Effect 2 Citadel Side Quests
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Slightly Faster Planet Scanning 96%
How to: Need to speed up scanning? Putting the scanner all the way to the right or left, and rotating the planet the same way speeds it up a lot.
The planet actually spins quite a bit faster that way. Quite simply push both sticks in the same direction. I start at the top of the planet, and "peel" it like an electric apple peeler. It's much faster than before.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Mass Effect 2 (PS3) - Trophy List Guide 96%
Description: Here is a list of 59 trophies that can be earned in this game.

Read the Guide --> Mass Effect 2 (PS3) - Trophy List [Guide]
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Bonus Experience, Resources, Paragon and Renegade Points 94%
Description: Start a new game in Mass Effect 2 using a profile from Mass Effect (1) and you will get the following bonuses:

Experience Points (an amount based on your previous level, basically you will start at Level 2)
Resources (can be used for weapon and armor upgrades)
Paragon and Renegade Points (if you have the MAXIMUM amount of either Paragon or Renegade points from Mass Effect you will get a bonus number in of the same points in ME2)

Here is a specific list of bonuses based previously earned Achievements and Levels gained in Mass Effect:

Import a profile with the Rich Achievement - 100,000 Credits
Import a Level 60 character - 10,000 of each Resource, 4,000 Experience Points (Start as a Level 5), 50,000 Credits
Import a Level 50 character - 2,000 Experience Points, 30,000 Credits, 5,000 of each Resource
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

New Game + Bonuses 94%
Description: Mass Effect 2 features a New Game + feature which allows you to play the game a 2nd time with certain items and stats you accumulated in your 1st game.

You get to choose your Loyalty Bonus Skill from the start.
Your retain Skill Points but can redistribute them.
Your level and XP carry over; the max level (level cap) is 30.
Your Renegade/Paragon points are reset to neutral.
You keep your weapons and armor, but not the upgrades.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Max Out Skill Points ("Infinite" Skill Points) 92%
How to: To do this you will need to have the Dominate skill, the Retrain Powers and Advanced Training upgrades and tons of Element Zero. You can get the Dominate Skill by recruiting Morinth (Samara's daughter), which means you have to sacrifice Samara in her own loyalty mission. A list of planets with Element Zero can be found below. First, purchase Advanced Training and choose Dominate. This will land you a bonus skill point, which you can use by instituting the Retrain Powers upgrade. Repeat this process for additional skill points -- one at a time! This costs 7500 Eelemetn Zero each time.
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62 Trophies
Mass Effect 2 - Missing in Action Missing in Action
Save your crew from an overwhelming attack
Mass Effect 2 - Very Elusive Very Elusive
Return to active duty
Mass Effect 2 - The Convict The Convict
Successfully recruit the biotic Convict
Mass Effect 2 - The Krogan The Krogan
Successfully recruit the krogan
Mass Effect 2 - The Archangel The Archangel
Successfully recruit Archangel
Mass Effect 2 - The Professor The Professor
Successfully recruit the Professor
Mass Effect 2 - The Quarian The Quarian
Successfully recruit the quarian
Mass Effect 2 - The Justicar The Justicar
Successfully recruit the Justicar
Mass Effect 2 - The Assassin The Assassin
Successfully recruit the Assassin
Mass Effect 2 - Friend or Foe Friend or Foe
Obtain geth technology
Mass Effect 2 - Colony Defense Colony Defense
Defend a human colony from attack
Mass Effect 2 - The Prodigal The Prodigal
Gain the loyalty of the Cerberus Officer
Mass Effect 2 - Ghost of the Father Ghost of the Father
Gain the loyalty of the Cerberus Operative
Mass Effect 2 - Catharsis Catharsis
Gain the loyalty of the biotic Convict
Mass Effect 2 - Battlemaster Battlemaster
Gain the loyalty of the krogan
Mass Effect 2 - Fade Away Fade Away
Gain the loyalty of Archangel
Mass Effect 2 - The Cure The Cure
Gain the loyalty of the Professor
Mass Effect 2 - Treason Treason
Gain the loyalty of the quarian
Mass Effect 2 - Doppelganger Doppelganger
Help the Justicar resolve her mission
Mass Effect 2 - Cat's in the Cradle Cat's in the Cradle
Gain the loyalty of the Assassin
Mass Effect 2 - A House Divided A House Divided
Hack a geth collective
Mass Effect 2 - Ghost Ship Ghost Ship
Complete the investigation of a derelict alien vessel
Mass Effect 2 - Suicide Mission Suicide Mission
Use the Omega 4 Relay
Mass Effect 2 - Mission Accomplished Mission Accomplished
Save humanity throughout the galaxy from certain annihilation
Mass Effect 2 - Against All Odds Against All Odds
Survive suicide mission
Mass Effect 2 - Insanity Insanity
Complete the game on the "Insanity" difficulty level without changing the setting
Mass Effect 2 - No One Left Behind No One Left Behind
Keep your team alive through the suicide mission
Mass Effect 2 - Long Service Medal Long Service Medal
Complete Mass Effect 2 twice, or complete it once with a character imported from Mass Effect 1
Mass Effect 2 - Paramour Paramour
Successfully pursue a relationship with a teammate
Mass Effect 2 - Head Hunter Head Hunter
Perform 30 headshot kills with any weapon on humanoid targets
Mass Effect 2 - Brawler Brawler
Shoot and kill 20 enemies while they're knocked back by a punch
Mass Effect 2 - Big Game Hunter Big Game Hunter
Thresher Maw defeated
Mass Effect 2 - Tactician Tactician
Hit 20 different targets with multiple biotic powers to combine the effects
Mass Effect 2 - Master at Arms Master at Arms
Kill enemies with 5 different heavy weapons during the game
Mass Effect 2 - Merciless Merciless
Make 20 enemies scream as they fall or are set on fire
Mass Effect 2 - Overload Specialist Overload Specialist
Disrupt the shields of 25 enemies
Mass Effect 2 - Warp Specialist Warp Specialist
Warp the barriers of 25 enemies
Mass Effect 2 - Incineration Specialist Incineration Specialist
Incinerate the armor of 25 enemies
Mass Effect 2 - Operative Operative
Complete a mission discovered by scanning an unexplored world
Mass Effect 2 - Agent Agent
Complete 5 missions discovered by scanning unexplored worlds
Mass Effect 2 - Prospector Prospector
Retrieve mineral resources by scanning and probing a planet in the galaxy map
Mass Effect 2 - Explorer Explorer
Visit 100% of the planets in an unexplored cluster
Mass Effect 2 - Power Gamer Power Gamer
Reach Level 30 with one character
Mass Effect 2 - Scholar Scholar
Unlock 15 new Mass Effect 2 codex entries
Mass Effect 2 - Technician Technician
Obtain 10 technology upgrades
Mass Effect 2 - Weapon Specialist Weapon Specialist
Fully upgrade a weapon
Mass Effect 2 - Scientist Scientist
Complete any research project in the Normandy's laboratory
Mass Effect 2 - Fashionista Fashionista
Personalize your armor in your quarters on the Normandy
Mass Effect 2 - Power Full Power Full
Evolve any power
Mass Effect 2 - Highly Trained Highly Trained
View all advanced combat training videos at Shepard's private terminal.
Mass Effect 2 - Revenge! Revenge!
Gain the loyalty of the mercenary
Mass Effect 2 - Broke, Blind and Bedlam Broke, Blind and Bedlam
Gain the loyalty of the thief
Mass Effect 2 - Data Hound Data Hound
Collect 6 Cerberus data packets scattered across Aite
Mass Effect 2 - Digital Exorcist Digital Exorcist
Successfully shut down the rogue VI in Project Overlord
Mass Effect 2 - Detail Orientated Detail Orientated
Use all information terminals in the Shadow Broker’s stronghold
Mass Effect 2 - Most Dangerous Game Most Dangerous Game
Defeat the Shadow Broker’s Assassin
Mass Effect 2 - Heart of Darkness Heart of Darkness
Confront the Shadow Broker
Mass Effect 2 - The Hard Way The Hard Way
Complete the Shadow Broker Mission pack on Hardcore or Insanity
Mass Effect 2 - Catching Up Catching Up
Reminisce with Liara on the Normandy
Mass Effect 2 - The Ultimate Sacrifice The Ultimate Sacrifice
Complete the Arrival DLC pack
Mass Effect 2 - Last Stand Last Stand
Survive all five waves in the battle for Object Rho
Mass Effect 2 - Covert Action Covert Action
Rescue Dr. Amanda Kenson without attracting hostile attention
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