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The Ball Cheats for PC
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The Ball PC Cheats

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The Ball Cheats

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The Ball

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Cheat codes 75%
Press ~ (tilde) during the game. A menu appears now. Enter ""God" and when asked enter again. You're now in "godmode".
Enter "Ghost" when (and if) asked type again. You can now fly and go through walls. Enter "Walk" to end "Ghost" mode.
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Cheat codes 60%
Use ~ (tilde) during game
Typ "God" and when asked type again. Godmode is on now.
Typ "Ghost" you can now fly and go through walls.
Typ "Walk" Ghost mode is off now.

Attention: If you start typing the cheat code make sure to start at the beginning of the line. Sometimes the ` appears before the word you typ. Erase this first to be sure only the typed code is displayed.
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17 Achievements
The Ball - Beginners Luck Beginners Luck
Complete Pehua
The Ball - Enlightenment Enlightenment
Complete Oztoc
The Ball - Archeologist Archeologist
Complete Teotl
The Ball - Brushing Off The Dust Brushing Off The Dust
Complete Hueca
The Ball - Archeologist Supreme Archeologist Supreme
Complete the game
The Ball - Long Distance Bowler Long Distance Bowler
Roll the Ball a distance of 100 km
The Ball - Monkey Trouble Monkey Trouble
Kill 35 Monkeys
The Ball - Shotput Shotput
Hammer the Ball 40 meters into the air
The Ball - Circus Clown Circus Clown
Stand on the Ball and roll with it for 40 meters
The Ball - Explorer Explorer
Find half of all secrets
The Ball - Bowling For Mummies Bowling For Mummies
Kill 1500 mummies
The Ball - Exterminator Exterminator
Kill 999 bugs
The Ball - Survival Of The Fittest Survival Of The Fittest
Survive all survival levels
The Ball - Roll With The Punches Roll With The Punches
Crush 15 enemies in one push
The Ball - Road Warrior Road Warrior
Drive over 50 enemies
The Ball - Master Explorer Master Explorer
Find all secrets
The Ball - Hammer Time Hammer Time
Hit the Ball 5000 times
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