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The Sims 3 Cheats for NDS
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The Sims 3 NDS Cheats

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The Sims 3

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Breaking up 80%
When the sim is a romantic interest:
Under insults, there is an option to "ask to just be friends".
When the sim is a boyfriend/girlfriend:
Keep insulting the sim, about 3 times, and then threaten to break up. Then break up. Note: "insult" the sim, do not argue with them or "imply mother is a llama" or something like that, it's just "insult". Also, if you want the sim to still be your friend, only "insult" them 3 times, "threaten to break up" and then "break up", because when you break up with the sim your relationship goes back up and you are ex's.
When the sim is married:
Same as above only instead of saying "break up", it says divorce.
How to Evict:
Go on your original sim and go to the cell phone. Go to your roommate on the phone and press "evict". (Evict is under the telephone symbol. If the symbol doesn't show up, that means that you are in the same room as the sim, therefore, go to another house/lot.
By: uslechocolate(303)
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Karma Powers 79%
Here is a good list of Karma powers and where to get them:
Winter Wonderland: Meditating rock near to the sports center. Look to the upper left of the sports center, (directly above the pond in between the art gallery and strangetown apartments) it is in this little circle rock formation.
Winter Wonderland makes the whole town snowy and white, and you can turn it on or off as much as you want by going to the meditating rock.

Cosmic Curse: Go to the graveyard. Next to a tree, (tree is next to lake) there should be a short gravestone right next to it, on the perimeter of the graveyard. Next to that stone there is a tall gravestone. Click on it. Hint: It may take a bunch of times to click on the gravestone, just try zooming in right next to it.
Cosmic Curse can help you curse another sim.

The Muse: In the art gallery, look for a painting with a picture of lips. Click on it to activate the muse.
The Muse raises your cooking and painting skills.

Giant Jackpot: Bench near the lighthouse. It is actually in "lookout point".
You can come everyday to get some money, or lose some.
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* The Sims 3 Acquiring & Developing Skills + CHEATS Guide 76%
Description: You will learn about all skills your Sims can learn in The Sims 3 game in this guide. Before your Sim can increase their ability at something, they 1st have to learn how to do it. Taking a class is by far the easiest way to acquire a new skill but it will cost you. For an artist, a Sim who wants to learn the Painting skill for example, either needs to buy an easel plus interact with it, or take a class at the local school. The Fishing skill is easy too, just sit by a pond and throw a line in by interacting with it. You can also read a book or take a class. Your Sims can then nurture and develop their talents to improve by levels and gain some perks with the skill the higher they go. Below is a list of each skill, how to get started or acquire it and how to develop it. There will be a chart on what to expect with different levels of the skill. There is also information on the rewards each gives.

Read the Guide --> The Sims 3 Acquiring & Developing Skills + CHEATS [Guide]
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How to get pregnent on ds in sims3 rated E 71%
How to get Babies

First of all you need to be Flirty or a Hopeless Romantic. If you're a boy and your

be as your wife and click on the dresser and press 'Change appearance. Then
select tops (The shirt icon) and pick any of the short tops. If your a girl do the same
thing shown above (Wear a short top). Then be romantic with your wife/husband for 20 days.
After 20 days, make sure your wife/husband thinks your being irresistibly. Then get
both the husband & wife to relax on the same double bed. Then click on your wife/husband,
select the 'Amorous' icon on the pie menu, then it should say 'Try for baby'. Click that
and your wife/you will be big stomach for 3 days later.
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Everything!! 70%
Here are some usefull cheats:

Wanna hang your paintings your Sim drew? You can. Paint something then press ' take ' when the Sim finishes.Go to 'storage' then you notice the painting is there!

Get rich easly.First be hopeless romantic and flirty. Meet someone rich : (males) Bambi Landgaarb,Holly Alto,or Cecilia Goth. (Females) get their partners (shown in males) do these ' special ' actions a few times, it should say : first kiss. Keep doing romantic options with them, marry, them you have about 35,000 dollars.

Be married for 200 days. (May work.)

Items stolen often? Join the police career or buy an alarm (in entertainment in buy mode)

Medical Career : get to level 5 of science career after being promoted it would say : choose career medical is an choice.

Karma powers here are some I know
Winter wonder land : by the sports center there is a big circle in the middle is a rock and click it.
Second one(forgot name) : go to the graveyard at night and press one grave near the lake.
Muse: In the art gallery and look for a picture of a girl with pink lips.(Boosted Art and cooking skills.
Epic fail :go to the Goth house and press the statue in front.
Casaovoa : In the dance club near the bathroom there is a table click it.You can cast this on Sims of the opposite gender of your Sim. And press general and press the karma and you are romantically interested in that Sim.
Wormhole : go to the Tanner house and press one flower pot -you can warp around town!
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The Best House 68%
First pick a place to live and by an empty lot. Next don't spend any of your money yet. Then go marry or ask to move in, Holly Alto, Don Alto, Alex Goth, Cecilia Goth, Malcom Landgrab, or Bambi Landgrab. Now you will have enough money to build a great house without getting cheap furniture at first.
By: Iceman45(136)
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Stuff stolen 67%
If your stuff is getting stolen get a security system or join the law enforcment career.
By: Iceman45(136)
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Meet a ghost 67%
At 10 pm go to the graveyard you will see a ghost
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The Muse=just thinking about art gives ur sim a sense of creative 65%
The inspiration from this power increases your creative skills ,aiding the abilityof your sims to create better quality food and paintings

how to get it: go to the art gallery and click all the paintings and find the right one
By: rainyday1157(252)
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Big money 65%
This worked for me!

1. buy something expensive (you might have to save up for it though)
2.put it in your house
3.put it in storage the storage menu click on the item you just put in "place"
6.without placing the item at all go back to the storage menu on the item again and this time sell the item
8.go back form the menu and you should still have the item that you are placing. it and repeat.
i reached my lifetime acheivement award in no time after doing that a few times!
hope I helped!
By: coolsupercat(182)
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How to break up if u r engaged! 65%
To break up with your fiance, insult and argue/tussle with them for a long time. Soon you can go into the tab insult and click "call off wedding" or "break up". Now your fiance is your ex. Simples! :) Hope this helps!
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How to get rich for boys/girls 65%
For girls:Marry either Don or Alex (Don got more) For boys:Marry either Bambi,Dons wife,or Cecilia
By: sims33dsaddict(76)
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GLITCH Having 2 sims use bathroom at the same time without either one getting up 63%
This is seriously a glitch.
1. Have a household of two sims.
2. Both your sims have to be at home.
3. Make sure at least one of the bathroom walls is an outdoor wall on the other side.
4. In your bathroom, have at least two objects sims have to get naked to use. eg: toilet and shower, 2 toilets, 2 showers.
5. No one should be using anything in the bathroom.
6. Take out ONE section of wall on the part of the bathroom that is facing the outdoors. Now the bathroom should actually be an outdoor place.
7. Set the wallpaper on the outside of your house to what you want the bathroom wallpaper to be.
8. Place your shower over the section of the wall that is taken out.
9. Get one of your sims in the bathroom using the toilet.
10. Have the other one in the shower.
11. They are both naked! And none of them are embarrassed!

What causes your sims to become embarrassed and stop showering/"going":
1. Make your bathroom where you want it.
2. Put two doors on the bathroom.
3. Have one sim use an item in the bathroom "going"/showering.
4. Have the other sim standing right outside one of the doors.
5. Have the sim go to the spot right next to the other door.
6. The sim outside SHOULD walk into the bathroom, unless it's closer without walking in. In that case, you should move the doors around.
7. The sim using toilet/in shower will have an embarrassed face above their head and will immediately stop "going"/showering.
By: uslechocolate(303)
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Curses lay over the place of memorys = Cosmic Curse 62%
Is your sim really sick of a conniving townie ,but worried about upsetting a friend if they act on it ? instant hate does the trick


socialize with another sim and select Cosmic Curse to activate this power

how to get it : go to the grave yard and find the right stone in the yard to cast
By: rainyday1157(252)
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The Best House 61%
First pick a place to live and by an empty lot. Next don't spend any of your money yet. Then go marry or ask to move in, Holly Alto, Don Alto, Alex Goth, Cecilia Goth, Malcom Landgrab, or Bambi Landgrab. Now you will have enough money to build a great house without getting cheap furniture at first.
By: Iceman45(136)
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Win big money! 59%
Marry or allow Bambi Landgraab to live with you and you will have over 20,000 simolens.
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How to get married rich easily!!! (For male Sims) 59%
Just choose the Flirty & Hopeless Romantic personality & you will get the actions 'Give Amazing Massage' & 'Whisper In Ear'. When you meet Cecilia Goth, Holly Alto or Bambi Landgraab, just use those two actions a few times & you will be able to enter 'Amorous' & use 'First Kiss. Do that & just use the new 'Amorous' actions & 'Propose Engagement(or whatever) & 'Get Married' & you will be instantly rich. Fast & easy.

p.s: This tip is real. I've tried it before & it worked. I've been using this technique since forever. If you don't believe me, try it yourself. Hope this helped.
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The best jobs are: Business level 10
Law Enforcement level 10
Politics level 10
Forensics level 10
Medical level 10
Science level 10
Hope this helps! :)
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Karma 58%
Earn lifetime happiness points and earn karmas.
Find a weird object in town to activate certain karmas.
(Hint: get 5,00 lifetime happiness points to earn the winter wonderland. To activate go to meditating rock.)

-Let it snow Let it snow Let it snow :D
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Karma power 56%
Rub hands history go to world map go by the satudim & look for the bbbbig circle that is where one of them are
By: sup27(91)
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How to get babies on Sims 3 ds! 56%
Be married to your loved one for 200 days. I read this off another reliable website and the guy who posted it said that he had rang the customer services thing and asked and they told him to be married for 200 days. I know its a long time to wait I got my game in November and Im only on 90 days so far! Try it, it could work! :)
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Money Cheat (without having to be married) 55%
Select buy mode, select an item in your house, put it in storage, select storage, choose to put it in your house BUT DONT PUT IT IN YOUR HOUSE YET!, select storage again, select to sell it, now put where you want it. You can do this as many times as you want!
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How to not get robbed 53%
Be a police hang out or get a alarm
By: sup27(91)
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Marrying thad hare is easy become his friend/best friend and a tab will come up saying amourous. use flirt, flirtatious joke loads and just continue until it says boyfriend. The click propose marriage.
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Get lots of Money! 52%
Buy something like a flat screen TV. Put it into storage and go to storage.Then click on the button that says place. Don't place it. Instead click on storage and click on get rid of. Go back and place it. You will have more money. Keep doing this.
By: themadhatter(35)
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Giant Jackpot=a high place with a pretty view will bring ur sim some forution or not 51%
A chance for money for your sim or not! greed can be fun,but it can also bite your sim. Beware!

How To Get It:head up to view the light house and use the bench to activate Giant Jackpot
By: rainyday1157(252)
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How to get lot's of money 51%
Hi: to get loads of Money you will have to marry someone called Malcolm Landgraab first you will have to become his friend and get really close to him and then ask him "to leave partner" and then click "propose marriage" ones you have done that then click on "get married" then he will move in and you will be able to manage him and your sim and you will find that you will end up with 35.000. thats how I did it sorry if I doesn't work for you
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Marrige on sims freeplay 50%
You have to be very nice to them until you have permission to marrie that person
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The Sims 3 49%
If you don't know how to pay your bills, you can click on your mailbox and press pay bills.
By: Livroks(99)
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3 room mates! 48%
You need to be married for sims days Get lots of friends and get he/her your best friends but the have to bee diffrent sex then you in vite her to your house soicallzise then see wont leave your house.
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How to get medical carer 48%
Reach level5 in secine and chose medical
By: sup27(91)
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SPECIAL!! Be best friends with your married roommate without divorcing! 47%
1. Marry your loved one, have them move in.
2. Cheat on them in front of them a couple times.
3. Cast the "Cosmic Curse" on them. This is a Karma power, and you cast it on the sim when you click th "general" tab on them. If you do not have it, it is in the tall gravestone by the lake in the graveyard. You may need more lifetime happiness points, too.
4. Make sure you are enemies with the sim.
5. Now Propose truce and apologize a couple times.
6. Now you are friends with them!
7. If you are still not friends, just be nice to them.
By: uslechocolate(303)
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Marry Don or Holly Alto. People say to marry one of the Landgrabs or Goths, but actually the Alto family has the most money.Then get into Law Enforcement and Business career. Both are really well paid once you get to level 10. I have done this and now have 223,978 simoleons. I`m not kidding! Hope this helps! :)

Landgrabs=30,000. Not sure how much you get if you marry one of them, but it might be around 20,000.

Goths=50,000. You get 30,000 if you marry one of them.

Altos=70,000. You get 50,000 if you marry one of them.
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Sims Money 43%
Ask to move in the whole Alto family. Now you have like 35,000 dollors.
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Karma power 43%
Blessing=landgrab house
By: sup27(91)
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Sims free play 43%
How to add a sim you have to go to the map and a little globe is there and then click it. And then you have the ma9 then when you see a + and you see a house you click and it says how much it is the first one is 500$ but I dont know the rest and after you clicked it you will see options and click (add a new sim to town ) and you would create a charcter. AND HAPPY CHRISTMASSS YYEEAA
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Alot of money 39%
Get the cheapist house the press the first icon empty lot then marry the richest person bamby landgrab.
By: sup27(91)
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Baby waby 38%
You CAN HAVE A BABY relax two sims and they will ask for whoo hoo and then they will ask for a baby hope it helped its awesome ive got a whole 20 kids
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Heyyyyaa! kay so everyone is sayin that when they go to steal from friends they cant an everyone is saying you have to be klempto (somethin!) but you dont, you just need to have a almost full green mood I tried when ma mood was yellow and itwa like you need to b more happy so I got my mood higher and it let me steal thirty money xxxx :)
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Hint: how to become a master theif 33%
Reach level 10 in the crimanal career and you will have forfiild your lifetime wish! (wish forfilld if that is wish)
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Babies 19%
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