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Call of Duty : Black Ops Cheats for NDS
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Call of Duty : Black Ops NDS Cheats

Rating: 3.8/5 VOTE
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Call of Duty : Black Ops

Rating: 3.8/5 VOTE

Barrier Glitch on house 78%
On the level house go to the third floor there is two boxes stcked on top of each other on both sides of the room, if you stand in the middle of them the zombies will not hit you
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How to get the Explosive Crossbow for MP 78%
Take note that on this game version, the explosive crossbow only works on Multiplayer and that's what you'll unlock it for. First, make sure you have the Weapons Room unlocked. Go to the killhouse. Now, go to Weapon room B. By the table with the rocket launchers you'll see a slightly blue poster like image. Now, run through it and you will go into another room with a bunch of snow and a snowman. The crossbow will be floating. Shoot it then you've unlocked it for MP and this will make you a BEAST at MP!
By: redsnakerr(373)
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Auto lock 72%
If you go on menu during a zombie session press settings. Then press auto lock and turn it on. It will help you lock onto zombies in ads mode easier.
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The best way to rock at the Single Player Zombies mode>Facility 70%
I've been playing this game since I've got it (2010) and I've always played the facility levelnonstop so I know every inch of it. If you wanna score BIG in this level on single player, then this is the tip for you.

First, keep your pistol out and go into the corner in the area by the couch on the stare case. Stay there and keep half of the screen on the opening in front of you and the other half on the window your by. On round 1 shoot every zombie in the head, unless you have no choice but to knife. After you kill the last one dash off towards the M14 and buy it then go back to the corner. Stay there until wave 5 or 6. Then buy the couch and run upstairs. Stop and go to the mystery box and by a gun (on here there's always like a 70% chance of getting rapid fires.) Then run out and turn left. Take a spot in the corner right by the 10000 point door. Once you've got enough, buy that door and run down. By the open vent straight ahead take your spot in that corner. Use your knife if you don't have anymore good guns. Once you got enough by the PPSH(Can't really remember the name sorry.) Then when a whole bunch of them come your way keep shooting that at their heads. Use your knife if needed. Now, after you get pretty far go ahead and take ever spots that you want. Thanks for reading.
By: redsnakerr(373)
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COD:BO1 Zombies Solo 67%
1) It's Round 1, buy QUICK REVIVE and shoot 4 times then stab with your M1911 for the rest of Round 1!
2) It's Round 2, if you have any AMMUNITION left in the M1911 then shoot 8 times and then stab and if you don't have any AMMUNITION left in your M1911 buy the M14 and shoot 1 time then stab for the rest of Round 2!
3) It's Round 3, OPEN the TOP door and shoot 2 times then stab with the M14 for the rest of Round 3!
4) It's Round 4, start doing TRAIN in the FIRST room while shooting 3 times then stab with the M14 (REMEMBER check your back just in case) for the rest of Round 4!
5) It's Round 5, OPEN the 2nd TOP door and swap the M1911 for the Stakeout use either the M14 shoot 4 times then stab or the Stakeout which is one-shot-one-kill until Round 10!
6) It's Round 6, JUST use the Stakeout ONLY while doing TRAIN in the 2nd TOP door room!
7) It's Round 7, OPEN the 3rd TOP door room and CAMP near the last door while shooting with the Stakeout!
8) It's Round 8, KILL all the ZOMBIES but chuck a grenade near the end of the round so there is 1 CRAWLER left then OPEN the 4th TOP door room and if you still haven't found MYSTERY BOX then there is a GLITCH/HACK when your in-front of the POWER if your using the WII REMOTE AND NUNCHUCK then click 1 and hover over 'ALLIES' and click + then click 1 again so your out of the MENU if your using the Wii Xbox Controller click Y the hover over 'ALLIES' and click RB then click Y again now turn ON the POWER and MYSTERY BOX should be there if YES then DO the RAYGUN glitch (1. Open the MYSTERY BOX 2. Shoot 4 times onto the MYSTERY BOX 3. STAB the MYSTERY BOX BAAAAAMMMMMM you got it)!
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3arc unlock 67%
Shake wii remote and nunchunk he will get off the seat
go to a computer behind you and :
3 ARC UNLOCK:unlock all levels in single player
3 ARC INTELunlock all intels
remember to type it on computer behind you
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Tmax 65%
On TEMPLE stay by the dock and zombies will only come from that direction
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Easy zombies 63%
In the zombie level "TEMPLE" if you stay pressed up against the docks wall then the zombies only come through the docks. (Hint: if the zombies break the barrier melle them as they jump over the barrier.)
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My friend code 63%
481386354770 will play zombies any time
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Tips fpr zombies 62%
On the level temple just stay at the bottom by the water and only kill those zombies cause if you do that they wont come up from behind you from the other windows theyll only go to those 2
By: killtrace(194)
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Headsots 62%
Shoot everody even zombies in the head.on zombies shoot them in the head it gives you more points! sumbitted by daniel giacopelli
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Use knife wisley 62%
When you ran out of ammo use your knife it's slow but it can kill instantly

hint,kill people by hitting them in the back works better for me
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Grenade launcher 61%
On the first level go and shoot the guards look to your right and there will be a grenade launcher in the passenger side of the hum vee
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Hidden Crossbow 60%
Go to killhouse and go to weapons room b walk forward to the table that has the rpd turn left and you will see a circuit box on the wall walk up to the wall and you can go right through it shoot the crossbow and you have a new weapon
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Double power 60%
When ever your in zombie mode ''overlook'' you encounter some fast zombies so heres a cheat for a faster gun.

first you point your gun at zombie and put fingers on ''l and r'' buttons.

second push both buttons rapidly.

third zombie is dead instantly.

I hope you like this cheat it is very useful
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The Bottom Floor 59%
If you are wanting a new high score, look no further than this simple cheat. In zombies, go to the first room. Stand right in the middle of the banister where it goes in at the top floor. If you adjust yourself to just the right place the zombies will go to the floor below where you would be standing if you were on that floor. Through grenades at the walls beside you and they will bounce onto the floor below. These will blow up the zombies leaving mostly crawlers left. You should throw at least three to make sure none are still running. Thanks and good luck!
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Facility hint 59%
Okay I got Black Ops for DS a while ago, and my favorite map is odviously Facility.Anway, I have a hint for you all:On the first round wait untill you can get the M14(try for all head shots).Next, wait untill you have atleast 6000 points before opening the door. After that, I usually wait till I get a RPD, M60, or a XM22 and a PPsh-41 and shoot them(i then shoot them in the chest or head).Last I wait for 10000 point then open the second or last door.I would reconmend doing this but if zombies get close to you on round 9, go back to the where the box is(dont go too it) and throw grenades.
By: BlackOpsRulz(30)
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Fire you single fire guns like machine guns 57%
If you have a shotgun or m14 or pistol amd whatnot weapons like that press both triggers as fast as you can when your shooting at an enemy
By: killtrace(194)
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Collect 57%
Collect all zombie mode power ups you earn award
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How to get the bazooka in breaking free 57%
HINT:once you get near the end there will be one guy in the post do not go there go to the second one on the left there will be a wall go there then turn if confused tell me
By: iwoneverything(56)
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Temple glich 57%
By the water on temple go in the corner by barrier and zombies will pile up and not get hit hard to do
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MP crossbow 57%
To get crossbow for MP, kill an enemy with every gun in the game. Then go to killhouse. Walk into wepons room B. In the back of it you will see a power box. Just walk stright through it and you will see a snowman. Soot it. Posted By TMAX. Sorry, im new to this and on my last post I thought title was where I put my name.
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Kill zombies easier 56%
What you want to do is to use your knife to kill them takes time to get right
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Mystery box in zombie mode (temple) 56%
In the level temple once you have enough points buy the door in the back go to the right side and the mystery box is right there(dont get cornerd by the zombies)
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JARHEAD!!! 56%
On the last room on house, after you open the last door, stay at the top of the stairs. at the last zombie of that round I recommend you buy the ppsh ( at back of last room 5000 pts. ) then kill the zombie. then when you have 7500 pts., at the end of the round buy the m16 GL ( walk into last room and turn around ) and still stay at top of stairs. you should get a high round.
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The eye of the scope. 56%
In the 1st level, get a weapon with a scope on it, then, look trough the scope before you go in the celler (note: not an action replay cheat.) enjoy XD
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Collectable in killhouse 56%
After you finish, turn around and look up a little. you should see it on the back of the target on the shelf hanging from the ceiling
By: unknown is troy(23)
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How to find the first collectable on coastal run 55%
When you start off your on a balkiney so when you beat part 1 on that level you will be on part 2 so get out of the truck after you kill the guys and then turn to the right and you will see barals look behind them and ther is your collectable
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Crouch and vouch 55%
On new alliance you can crouch until the chopper comes then blow the thing up
By: willfire(110)
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Crossbow glitch 55%
Go into the wepons room b walk to the table that has the rpd on it turn left you will see a circut box walk into it you will walk right thrugh it soot the cross bow and you get the weapon
By: willfire(110)
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Throwing Knife CrossHairs 54%
This is a glitch I encountered that switches your throwing knife reticule from a square small square to gun/grenade reticule. If you are using a throwing knife, pick up a live grenade some has thrown at you, and throw it back, you knife reticule will be the grenade reticule.
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Head shooter 54%
Shoot heads you will kill them faster enjoy
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How to get the thunder gun or ray gun one more way 54%
First throw a grenade at the back of the mystory box then buy it then nife it then run away after the grenade blows up go back then the thunder gun or ray gun will apear
By: malinlord(509)
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Easy points on zombies 54%
A good way to get points on zombie survival is at the beginning fire 6 bullets with the pistol into any zombie than use melee (knife) on the same zombie and you will get the same amount of points and you will save bullets at the same time
By: super cheater(246)
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Rain of knifes 54%
In the house once you open the 2nd door go to the top of the stairs and and stay there and throw knifes through the door on the bottom and they will bounce off the wall and kill zombies (it works best on multiplayer). But no matter what do not go into the room upstairs or zombies will come from there too.
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Corner trick 54%
In facility on zombie mode, get out your knife (instakill weapon) and hide in the corner until you have 5000 (try to get fire sale powerup, it makes every thing cheaper) then remove the barrier. (or you can just stay using the trick downstairs, just dont remove the barrier)
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Zombie Mode cheat 54%
Go to zombie mode and choos a map. When you in the gameplay you go to options. Go down in the options and there is ADS Auto Lock. When you in the auto lock there is auto lock off and on you push onthe on mode then is the zombiemode to schoot zombies better. ENJOY!
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Hint to unlck recored breaker 53%
Use the ppsh-41 and ppsh-41 sp and dont use the ads (because it just slows you down) just shoot at the targets and throw the grenade as you are running (make sure you make your guy move his head higher) then you go threw the tunnels shoot the target behind the jeep when you are in the tunnel then when you get out there are a bunch of targets just shoot like crazy then mantle the obsacle and run for your life.
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Good place on temple 53%
When you start the zombie game on temple go straight and buy the 300$ gun.go comletely to the left next to the rubbage.then just kill the zombies.
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Go through walls 53%
This is Akuma on caves you could go through walls on the green cave go to the right and run to it till you see black
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Zombie attack 52%
Get a m14 from mystery box and get 5000 points and get a crawler and open the couch to unlock a new zombie
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How to get the thunder gun or the ray gun every time a diffiornt way 52%
Its the same thing open the mystory box then look behind you then shoot then look back then look in a sircl at the left then it will give you the thunder gun or the ray gun
By: malinlord(509)
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Zombies 52%
Kill zomibes in the head thats how they die
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Call Of Duty Black Ops Glitch Zombies Any Map 52%
There is music in each zombie map in Kino Der Toten there is 3 rocks one is where you start go straight then look right , There is a glass shaped in a circle hold square in it and thats the first one . the 2nd one is near the mp40 the room with the dummies on a table and thats another . the 3rd one was near the outside room open the gate and there is the shelf with letters look down and grab it and music will come . Its awesome .
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How to get the crossbow in weapons room 52%
Once you get all guns in the game go to room b then go to the back go left then there will be a blue cabnit walk/run through that.
By: iwoneverything(56)
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Crawlers ds 52%
During zombie mode throw a grenade at a zombie. after the grenade blows up there will be a crawler zombie. P.S. really freaked me out!
By: A rock(62)
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Dont use action replay code zombies dont melle. 51%
When you use the cheat zombies dont melle in the beging no zombies come!
ssumbited by Daniel Giacopelli
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Temple Zombie Level- Nintendo D.S. 50%
So first your gonna want to pull out your knifes. Knifes are zombies weakness. It takes 3 knifes to kill 1 zombie. Then run to the corner (either one near the stairs) and be sure to have a visual of the staircase and the bar windows. Then when ever you see a zombie throw 3 knifes at them. The highest I've gotten doing this is wave 3.
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Out of the map:highrise 50%
First, when you spawn, go to the stairs that are gray if you spawn downstairs. if you spawn upstairs, go to the red stairs. afterwards, try to get stuck on the corner on the outside of the stairs. then run if you fall down, try to turn towards the wall while falling. in should look navy blue. if you can go past the other room, you are out. just stay kinda close to where you dont get back in the map, but close enough so you dont fall. then you can explore and kill people. if you committ suicide you can do it again. just keep practicing and soon you can do it without any trouble. just make sure there are at least 3 people in the game
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Out of the blue cave on caves 50%
There are two ways to get out of the map at the blue cave. the easiest way is to go up the ladder, turn towards the wall on the right. walk against the wall till you are next to the ladder and your screen will shake. when it shakes, back up a little bit and run at the wall. if you see black, run towards the little fort just enough so you are along the edge. do this over and over till you are able to do it with no problem. the second way is harder and you are vulnerable. if you are in the cave on the bottom of the blue, look straight out of the cave. look to the left and you should see a bent-shaped wall. run at it and go around the corner and back a couple of times. try to stay against the wall while going around the corner or it wont work. when you see black, stay close to the ground in the map. this is unknown on the map caves.
By: unknown is troy(23)
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3 good machineguns 48%
Hey everybody me and my dad were playing and we got good machine guns 1.m60 to get it at good power buy and equip enfered scope and grip 2.spectra buy and equip suppresser and duel weapon or rapiad fire 3.skorpion buy and equip duel weapons and there you go good killing:]
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Get just a little close then throw the gernade like this in between the air and thier head
By: iwoneverything(56)
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Lava rokes and a nother cheat. 47%
When you are telaportid in to the teddy room you will find a tape on the bed and chair press A then when you go to the room with the pack a punch put the tape in that thing near the window and thats it. in the 1st level in a coner you will find a stand with a rock in side press and hold A untill you say somthing. and there is a lava rock its where you go in a gate throo a door and its on a book shelf at the bottom shelf.
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Friend code 46%
My friend code is 442736961792
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Look at what a couch can do 46%
On facility stay near the couch and get 5000 points well thats it see ya
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Zombies kino der toten more power ups must read. 45%
When you spawn at beginning throw 2 grenades at center of teleporter and then on the table beside quick revive theres a bottle on the table shoot it.
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Go to the computer 45%
Go to the computer and then tip in help and then a list of cheats will come up for you
By: jogoflash(182)
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How to get invincibility on black ops ds on map paddy 45%
Get in a match choose paddy choose marine choose sniper rifle go to exit and dont press accept or cancel just wait till the match starts when it does your name should be white respawn go on the ladder and go on the deck crouch into the right right corner wala you did the glitch
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How to get the ray gun faster 44%
Buy the mystery box wen the two question marks are gold then the ray gun will just come out I will be getting more cheats on call of duty black op malti zombies
By: malinlord(509)
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How to get on the cabin in sumit 44%
Dont get me wrong but you can olnley do this when your a sniper youve got to sprint onto the metal pice sticking out then when your at the edge sprint and jump you should get in there :-)
By: IPODEX(104)
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How to get a ray gun in zombies? 44%
To get a ray gun in zombies shoot the random box 4 times sin around lay down and get up and shoot 4 times at the random and the ray gun should be there but you have to do it fast for wii you have to do it really fast

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Out of caves 44%
Go to the red cave. go up the ladder turn to the wall, and run you should see black
By: unknown is troy(23)
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Temple(zombie mode) 44%
I discovered to stay against the two barricades by the water to make less zombies appear before I read it on this website
By: unknown is troy(23)
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Crossbow with grenade-launcher sites 43%
I do not know if this works in SP but, in MP die while switching to the M79 and then respawn and then the site sould be sites of a grenade-launcher { there is a 20% chance of this working }.
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Adice on how to make it 11 roundes 43%
If you want to make it 11 roundes first buy the soda that revives you and always buy the mystery box onces I made it 11 roundes myself I told my brothers but they did not beleve me so I tried to show them but on that I could only make it 8 roundes so remember always buy the soda that revives you and always buy the mystery box thanks for reading
By: malinlord(509)
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Packapunch 43%
When you go to the telliport room there is a packapunch machine that gives you more power and amo but it costs 5000 dollars works 100% of the time
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Table glitch on "Five" 43%
This cheat is so awesome. As soon as you start, Turn to your left and go to the window in front of you(the one with the American flag next to it). Knife the The two bottom parts of the window only, then rebuild it with wood. Only two Planks of wood should be there If you did it correctly. Afterwards, Go to the left side of the planks and jump up three times. You should be on the top of the window border. if you are, turn around and try to jump to the table in front of you. If you miss, keep doing the sequence until you land on the table. But if you land, jump to the next table, and then you have mastered the Cheat. REMEMBER, try to stay well away from the edges of the table, or else. On high rounds It is better to leave them in big piles, and they die automaticlly. but you do not get any points. If you want a new weapon, try to save money by shooting them but save one zombie. Try to save at least 20000 points and you should be able to open every door in the map and have lots of cranks at the mystery box. Then go back to the table on the first floor. BEWARE. If you open up the Labs on the bottom floor, Every 5 or 6 rounds, The pentagon Thief comes. So make sure your on the table before he comes, And your safe. Have fun.
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Rickyster 43%
Get on top of house with a rpg and have a bullistec vest then go by house aim at fence and fire
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No touch zombie kill 42%
When playing facility on zombie mode, make sure you are in the room with the couch. When as low as 2 zombies are coming through the hole in the wall (entrance to the room) walk up to the zombie and just a foot short try to knife it, then miss it with a throwing knife then go into ads mode with the knife and the zombie(s) will die.
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How to fined the mystery box in the place five 42%
If you buy the mystery box in the place five and if you get the bear and then wen the mystery box disipears there will be a tv near it just fined it and it will show you where it will be next
By: malinlord(509)
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"Nuketown" secrets 42%
On "Nuketown", Get 4 players going. Then shoot all of the mannequins heads off in under 20 or 30 seconds. It is only possible with 4 players. If you complete the sequence, It should play "Sympathy for the Devil" from "The Rolling Stones". Not a biggie. This other cheat requires A "RC-XD" and two Players. One player Has to kill the other player until they get the "RC-XD" Killstreak reward. Use it. then drive it into one of the broken holes in the brown fence. And try to clear the jump, and it is very hard. this same cheat can occur in other multiplayer levels such as "Hanoi" "Radiation" and "Array". Have fun.
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Unlocks dead ops ardade 42%
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Black ops ds cheats 42%
My fc:442783890631
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All Perks/Levels/Challenges Unlocked 41%
221a5384 00000001
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Call Of Duty Black Ops Glitch Zombies Any Map 40%
Once you reach the random box/mystery box there is glitches to get better wepons . First open the mystery box shoot the center of the box 4 tim, Prone shoot the center of the box 4 times again . Reload , A Ray Gun would come . If you did it right , It would come . Plus there is a glitch that you do a 360 in the air shoot in the air do it again in the same spot and maby a Ray Gun or a Thundergun .
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Zombie mode all kill 39%
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Pointgain 39%
Get a head with m14andkeepshootingthebody
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First level on the door 39%
Shoot or throw on the first star you see en you will have it
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Dodgin a valkery rocket or whatever it is 39%
Ok some of you mite already know this please don't write hate notes when some bodie sots a valkery rocket at you run a little forward and dive you know run and press B botoom then you will dodwe it

WARNING:you must time this right if you do it right I garranteed 100% done
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How to get M16 GL on multiplayer 39%
This happened to me a few times not sure it will work. go onto wifi multiplayer and pick a dragnov an Ithca model 37 as your class, look for an enemy that recently died with an
M16 GL and switch your Ithca model 37 for it. When you get killed quickly tap your M16 GL icon a few times and you should get it when you respawn
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Unlock All Stages 38%
94000130 fffb0000
121ba9b0 0000ffff
d2000000 00000000
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Zombies can't hit: ( can sometimes screw up your action replay ) 38%
94000130 ffbb0000
0215082c e1a00000
d0000000 00000000
94000130 ff7b0000
0215082c 0a000008
d0000000 00000000
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Hostgame 37%
Can you get on host wirless game
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Massive Health 36%
020b7f70 e3a01427
020b7f74 e584100c
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How to get the thunder gun and ray gun every time 36%
First if you have enugh cash buy the mystery box after it opens then jump shoot look in a sircl then look at the box then jump shoot again then it will give you the thunder gun or the ray gun I tried it but I always get it wrong I saw this in youtube I do it all the time sometimes I get right all the time I get it wrong so trie it if you get it wrong all the time and never get the thunder gun or the ray gun then leave me a question thanks for reading
By: malinlord(509)
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Infantry/Enemy Doesn't Shoot 35%
521d6438 8a00001c
021d7a20 e12fff1e
021d819c e12fff1e
d2000000 00000000
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How to get a ray gun in zombies? 35%
To get a ray gun in zombies shoot the random box 4 times sin around lay down and get up and shoot 4 times at the random and the ray gun should be there but you have to do it fast for wii you have to do it really fast

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Computer cheats 33%

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Display All Waypoints 33%
221a53ac 00000001
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Look @ youtube link. See the video: Cheat Video
Call of Duty : Black Ops cheat video Cheat Video
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Host wirless game 33%
Can everyone get one wirles game death match
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All zombie maps 32%
3arc unlock
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Host wirless game 32%
Can you get on host wirless death mateh withe speedy171
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How get into the weapon room ????????? 32%
First go in the killhouse then you see st paige talk to him but not with a other guy that stands ater someyhing go directly into the battlefield do nothing and just walk throw then if you are by the finish line push l and r button go the the guy and you got it
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Display Pathways 31%
221a53a0 00000001
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Comand guys on your side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 30%
At mian menu press A,A,X,X.Credits to black2.
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Ricksters cheats 27%
Jump on roof
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Dead ops arcade 25%
In the title screen click on your controller L1 R1 repeatedly till you break out of the chair. then walk to the computer and type in DOA and Enter then it will take you to dead ops arcade
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Cars 25%
Press a+y then you can steel cars
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Cheats 25%
Unlock all zombie maps
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