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Sonic Colors Cheats for WII
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Sonic Colors WII Cheats

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Sonic Colors

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Sonic colors wii 100%
Read this hint please!In sonic colors go to tropical resort and go to act 4.When you start turn to super sonic and go on the rail that's close to the goal.The rail will have 2 curves,then boost and jump on the first curve while your going up on the curve a little,then while your in the air boost in the air and make sure you went over the goal,then you will get on this other rail and then there will be a second goal.Go ahead and try it!
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title Screen Manipulation [Easter Egg] 96%
Description: From the Title Screen use the control stick to turn the camera to look at Sonic and the aliens from different angles.
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Finish Line Minigame 96%
Description: At the end of each level you will see a screen with your stats for the level. you still have control of Sonic here, so jump into and dash through the numbers and you may score some rings and extra lives.
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Change Sonics Color in Simulator 95%
How to: Go to the character selection screen in the Sonic Simulator and press Z or C (L and R for GameCube controller) to change color to blue, red, pink, black or green.
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Rainbow Star (Credits Minigame) 95%
How to: Win the game and watch the credits roll to make the Rainbow Star appear on your map screen. Choose it to play the credits minigame.
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Playable Mii in Sonic Simulator 95%
Description: Collect 30 Red Rings to unlock a playable Mii in the Sonic Simulator.
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Super Sonic 92%
How to: Collect all 180 Red Rings from the 36 acts to unlock the 2nd and 3rd Sonic Simulator acts. Now, beat 21 of these Sonic Simulator stages (you can do this in single player). After this you can select Super Sonic from the now-glowing Options Satellite on the Main Menu.
Collect 50 rings to activate Super Sonic -- some stages will change when you do so. You cannot use Super Sonic in Challenge Mode.
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Unlockables Guide 90%
As I'm sure you have guessed Sonic Colors for the Wii has some secret unlockables in it and this guide will help you achieve them all.

Read the Guide --> Unlockables [Guide]
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Helpful hint 86%
When you get a wisp like (laser) wait until it is nesaceary like when eegmans robot (at least five) use it to knock um dead
By: dragoge(1093)
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Play as Shadow the Hedgehog 85%
How to: When you are playing as Sonic in the simulator, PRESS 2 and you will switch to Shadow (a red and black hedgehog you'd do well to avoid in other games).
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News on the orange wisp 85%
Hi guys if your falling into an endless pit use the red wisp a.k.a rocket wisp use it to soar up and then fall slowly
by the way it lets you glide through the air
By: dragoge(1093)
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News on green wisp 80%
While using the green wisps colour power press b when at rings to speed up and be carful where you hover!
By: dragoge(1093)
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Double wisp ability!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 79%
If you have a laser and you see a capsul use laser and when its over you will have the wisp in the capsul you hit into during attack
By: dragoge(1093)
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Death hint 77%
Be careful when you use wisps like if you use a drill wisp while under ground be careful because if it runs out while your still there you will die
By: dragoge(1093)
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Yellow wisp news 75%
Did you know you could use drill wisp underwater helpful for aquiarium park boss
By: dragoge(1093)
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News on the blue wisp 73%
Hi guys if your on a blue block and you have the blue wisp dont or the blue boxes will turn into blue rings and you will fall down and die
good for planet wisp
By: dragoge(1093)
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News on nega wisp 67%
When you get the nega wispyou will turn into nega sonic deystroy a lot of things and it will twice as big as before!
By: dragoge(1093)
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Credits Fun 67%
After you beat the Terminal Velocity boss, you will enter the Credits, where you can smash ppl's names and collect Wisp energy! On the Planet Select screen, you can select the Credits as a shining little star, east of Asteroid Coasters.
By: vkinasz(538)
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News on last level 58%
Hi guys finding the last level hard?
well when eggman uses lazer youll notice he shoots it faster each time
when he uses cube be careful of where you move
spikes.eggman will shoot them faster everytime
By: dragoge(1093)
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Liveillionaire 54%
Beat the game and keep playing the End Credits by selecting the rainbow star thingy on the main map.
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