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Disney Epic Mickey Cheats for WII
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Disney Epic Mickey WII Cheats

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Disney Epic Mickey Cheats

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Disney Epic Mickey

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Film Reel Rewards 90%
How to unlock: Collect the Film Reels in the 2D sidescrolling stages to unlock rewards like classic Disney movies. After colelcting Reels, chat to the cartoon in front of the movie theatre on Main Street.
*** You can watch unlocked movies in the Extras section of the Main Menu.

6 Film ReelsMickey Mouse in "The Mad Doctor" movie
14 Film ReelsOswald the Lucky Rabbit in "Oh What a Knight" movie
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Trap Enemies 89%
Description: This hint will allow you to trap enemies like the Beetleworks (the bird things and the ones who throw paint & thinner) and the Robot Pirates.

How to: You have to lure the enemy to a spot where you can thin things out, then quickly re-paint it. If you did it right, the annoying enemy will be trapped, and will not be able to move or attack. Unfortunately, if you should die for some reason, they will be free again.
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Gilda's Lost Axe Exploit 89%
Description: Gilda, a cow on Mean Street, will offer you a quest to retrieve an axe from the Slopes area of Mickeyjunk Mountain. Get the axe and head to Oswald's lair. Thin Oswald's massive face in the floor to find a hidden room. At the end of the secret passage you will come to unthinnable bars. DO NOT use the axe to explore the area. Instead, go back to Gilda. You can return to Mickeyjunk Mt. later in the game and pry open the bars anyway -- even without the axe. For this you will get both Hero and Scrapper credit.
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Disney's Epic Mickey Collectibles Guide 89%
Well, there is not much in the way of collectibles for Epic Mickey but what is there is pretty cool and here is a list of what they are.

Read the Guide --> Disney's Epic Mickey Collectibles [Guide]
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Walt Disney's Appartment 88%
Description: You can unlock the window above the Fire Station leading to Walt Disney's apartment.

How to: 1st you must beat The Lonesome Manner and return to Mean Street. Chat to the Gremlin at the Penny arcade and he'll tell you theres another function of the machine, but he needs 30 Power Sparks to work it. Collect whatever remaining power sparks you need and give them to him. He will tell you something has activated at the fire station. Jump up to the window above the door there, and Gus will ask if you want to enter. Inside are 2 gold E-Tickets with Oswald on them instead of the Mickey Mouse logo. They are worth 150 Tickets. *** The Oswald Tickets, unlike the normal E-Tickets around the park, will not reappear.
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Beginning Tutorial 88%
A nice video of the beginning tutorial for Epic Mickey
Disney Epic Mickey cheat video Cheat Video
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New Game + mode 87%
Win the game. Load previously saved complete game to start a new game with all your items from the 1st play through.
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Amatronic Goofy and Amatronic Daisy 52%
If you want to find Amatronic Goofy's parts and you missed some in tomorrow city, you can always buy his parts from the emporium in Mean Street. I think the same goes with Daisy's parts but I'm not too sure yet. If you find all of Daisy's parts it will change the ending in your story in the Wasteland.
By: NBA 2k10 rules(594)
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Clock tower 52%
When you reach the clock tower you got to spray it with the green paint and when he tries to get you you can see his shadow so move away from his shadow and once you spray all of the blue arm with the green paint he will try to hit you so move and then his hands will be destored

p.s your soon meeting oswald
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Be Donald Duck 48%
Go to the Extras then watch for 10 seconds the second film reel.
Then stop watching it for about 2 minutes(or more).
Later watch it again fully.(Donald is WAY stronger and faster then mickey). (TIP:you have to do this right away when you get the 2nd film reel of the game).Good luck
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Underground power box 45%
Under Clarabell's garden there are like five e - tickets and a power box that you have to paint. this was done by the same guy that did Be donald duck cheat code...ME Daniel T.
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Code 32%
Go to the front page and tipe in with your wii remote 1,a,b,up,down,b,b,a,a,2,left,left and you will get all pins
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Disney Epic Mickey 798237Find key outside ice cream parlour Answers: 1
Disney Epic Mickey 799965Stuck on Mountain Climbers, mountain goat level where the charging goat is needed for height in Mickey's jump to a high tree limb. Have been able to get there a few times but with no consistency and can't get out of this level. Any advice from those who have passed this level? Answers: 3
Disney Epic Mickey 801973I'm having problems beating the shadow Blot on Mickeyjunk mountain.....I have 7 lives and my paint and thinner have been Answers: 4
Disney Epic Mickey 803350What does guss mean "try spinning this valve Answers: 2
Disney Epic Mickey 805017How do you unlock the jail/cells to get billy's bag contents? I've got 3 keys but I can't open up any doors! Answers: 2
Disney Epic Mickey 806079If I gave Pete's log to the Gremlin - how do I get out of the Coliseum? I have turned the bad guys blue including Pete - I can't get out... help! Answers: 2
Disney Epic Mickey 809712I can't get the guardians to do anything Answers: 1
Disney Epic Mickey 820002In the Lonesome Manor Attic I have defeated the 2 Beetleworx generators near the door, but can't find the third that is supposed to be right next to the Mad Doctor. Where is it and how do you break it? Answers: 4
Disney Epic Mickey 820965How can I get back into Lonesome Manor? I just need one more piece of Donald. Answers: 4
Disney Epic Mickey 822664Hey I was wondering how do you defeat slobber to get to tomorrows sqaure thanks Answers: 3
Disney Epic Mickey 824037How do you jump on the pics in lonesome manor? Answers: 2
Disney Epic Mickey 866915I am stuck in mean streat there is a projecter and it leads to a place were pirates are and I need all the pieces to fix the portel but this gut liked a girl and he had a piece of the portel he wanted me to get flowers or ice cream for the girl I got him the ice cream but the girl is allergic to ice cream so he got sad so now I cant get trhe part what should I do Answers: 2
Disney Epic Mickey 805815Where are the sketches in this game? I can't find ANY of them. Answers: 4
Disney Epic Mickey 809456Stuck in room with 3 picture puzzles Answers: 5
Disney Epic Mickey 809817How do you jump spin in Epic Mickey Answers: 2
Disney Epic Mickey 812192How do you get past pete? Answers: 2
Disney Epic Mickey 815764How do I get to the jail cells in epic mickey Answers: 2
Disney Epic Mickey 816543How do I get past Coliseum level? Answers: 2
Disney Epic Mickey 818638How do I defeat Capt Hook Without Tinkerbell? Answers: 3
Disney Epic Mickey 821239Where are the flowers in mean street and osland that you give to clarabell Answers: 3
Disney Epic Mickey 823939Where are atromic Goofys missing parts? (3) I got one after defeating Petronic Pete but cant find the others. Answers: 1
Disney Epic Mickey 825008How do I get out of the steam room ? Answers: 1
Disney Epic Mickey 829143Do you have to do glenda's trail race im hopless at it Answers: 1
Disney Epic Mickey 829062In the Jungle of Ventureland how do you open the well on top of the cliff that is surround by the 3 or 4 giant creepy tiki heads? Answers: 1
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