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The Sly Collection Cheats for PS3
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The Sly Collection PS3 Cheats

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The Sly Collection Cheats

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The Sly Collection

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Mini-games 100%
These are the mini-games you can unlock in The Sly Collection and how to unlock them.

Bentley RC RaceEnter the mini-game section.
Guru Dart ShooterComplete the Prologue and start Episode 1, "The Black Chateau" in Sly 2Band Of Thieves.
Interpol Target PracticeComplete the Prologue and start Episode 1, "Tide of Terror", in Sly Cooper And The Thievius Raccoonus.
Treasure SnaggingComplete the Prologue and start Episode 1, "An Opera of Fear", in Sly 3Honor Among Thieves
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Sly 4 teaser trailer 100%
How to unlock: Beat all three of the Sly Cooper games.
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(Sly 2) Mega Jump Gadget 98%
Description: Obtain 100 percent, pause the game, and enter RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, R1, LEFT.
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(Sly 2) Level Select 98%
Description: Enter the following cheat codes to warp to the desired episode:

Left, R1, Up, Down, Up, LeftRestart Current Episode
Right, Left, Up, Up,Up,R1Go to the Tutorial
Down, R1, Left, Right, R1, DownWarp to Episode 1
R1, Left, Right, R1, Left, DownWarp to Episode 2
Up, Left, Right, Left, Down, UpWarp to Episode 3
Up, Right, Right, Up, Left, LeftWarp to Episode 4
Left, R1, Down, Down, Up, RightWarp to Episode 5
Down, Up, R1, R1, Left, DownWarp to Episode 6
Left, Left, Left, Down, Down, R1Warp to Episode 7
Down, Up, Left, Left, R1, RightWarp to Episode 8
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(Sly 2) Safe Gadgets 98%
After collecting all the Bottles for Episode 1 enter the code 231 at the safe in the "Bug Dimitri's Office" mission to receive the "Knockout Dive" Gadget.

After collecting all the Bottles for Episode 2 enter the code 857 at the safe in the "Boardroom Brawl" mission to receive the "Insanity Strike" Gadget.

After collecting all the Bottles for Episode 3 enter the code 386 at the safe in the "Water Bug Run" mission to receive the "Voltage Attack" Gadget.

After collecting all the Bottles for Episode 4 enter the code 248 at the safe in the building near the last 2 terminals of the "Train Hack" mission to receive the "Long Toss" Gadget.

After collecting all the Bottles for Episode 5 enter the code 969 at the safe in the "Stealing Voices" mission to receive the "Rage Bomb" Gadget.

After collecting all the Bottles for Episode 6 enter the code 129 at the safe in the "Cabin Crimes" mission to receive the "Music Box" Gadget.

After collecting all the Bottles for Episode 7 enter the code 583 at the safe in the "Laser Redirection" mission to receive the "Lightning Spin" Gadget.

After collecting all the Bottles for Episode 8 enter the code 725 at the safe in the "Murray/Sly Tag Team" mission to receive the "Shadow Power" Gadget.
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(Sly 3) Alternate Plane 98%
Description: When flying the biplane in the 3rd episode, pause the game, press R1, R1, RIGHT, DOWN, DOWN, RIGHT, and then resume the game to change the look of the plane.
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(Sly 3) Glitch: Coffeehouse Break-in 98%
If you go back to Venice on Sly 3, you may notice the coffee house near the police station is inacsessable. This is not true, if you know where to look.

Walk up to the front entrance of the police station(the vent on top has been boarded up), and you will see an interaction symbol.

Hit the circle button to open the door. Instead of opening the door, the camera will zoom across the plaza and open the coffeehouse door. When the room loads, you will be in the coffeehouse! Not useless, and fun.

After you defeat Octavio in the Venice level, return to Venice. Find the police station and walk up to the door. An interaction beacon will appear. Press the circle button and the door to the coffeehouse across from it will open. Once you are inside, smash anything and everything you can to get money. If you want more, let yourself get shot and it will reset with you entering the door again. *** You have to go to the pause menu to leave the coffeehouse.
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(Sly 2) Defeat Rajan 98%
How to: Rajan may seem difficult to defeat, but his attacks are predictable and easy to dodge. He starts with a sweep into a jumping attack aimed at your head. To dodge, just jump around while hugging Rajan. After this attack, hit Rajan 3 or 4, maybe 5 times if your fast enough. He also attacks with a lightning strike on the water. Jump on a lily pad to dodge. Rajan becomes easier to defeat if his slaves jump in. It looks harder, but throw them at Rajan and he falls, making him easier to defeat.
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(Sly 2) Defeat Clock-La (1) 98%
How to: The 1st part of battling Clock-la is pretty simple, but for you that can not figure it out here it is, she will start out with yellow missiles, shoot them once and they are gone. Then she will use red missiles which take about 3 to 4 shots. the trickiest part is that she uses blue rings that go pretty slow, shoot the outside of the ring once so that the electricity on one the outside of it. You can not stop the red blasts.
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(Sly 2) Defeat Dimitri 98%
How to: Dimitri will fire 2 shock pulses at you. when this happens, hide behind the green juice barrels. When Dimitri tires to fire his 3rd shock pulse, it short circuits. At that time move try to strike him 4 times. He will fight back with a tail spin and then he will continue with the shock pulse routine. Follow through with your same routine and all will go well.
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Bonus Gadgets (Sly) 98%
Pause the game, and press the following at the pause menu:

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(Sly 3) Cheat: Restart Codes 98%
Description: [Pause Game] and enter these codes to restart a level.

LEFT, R2, RIGHT, L1, R2, L1Restart Episode 1, Day 1
DOWN, L2, UP, LEFT, R2, L2Restart Episode 1, Day 2
RIGHT, L2, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, DOWNRestart Episode 2, Day 1
DOWN, UP, R1, UP, R2, L2Restart Episode 2, Day 2
R2, R1, L1, LEFT, L1, DOWNRestart Episode 3, Day 1
L2, R1, R2, L2, L1, UPRestart Episode 3, Day 2
LEFT, RIGHT, L1, R2, RIGHT, R2Restart Episode 4, Day 1
L1, LEFT, L2, LEFT, UP, L1Restart Episode 4, Day 2
LEFT, R2, RIGHT, UP, L1, R2Restart Episode 5, Day 1
R2, R1, L1, R1, R2, R1Restart Episode 5, Day 2
L2, LEFT, R1, L2, L1, DOWNRestart Operation Laptop Retrieval
L2, UP, LEFT, L1, L2, L1Restart Operation Moon Crash
RIGHT, LEFT, UP, LEFT, R2, LEFTRestart Operation Reverse Double Cross
DOWN, L2, R1, L2, R1, RIGHTRestart Operation Tar Be-Gone
DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, L2, R1, RIGHTRestart Operation Turbo Dominant Eagle
L2, R2, RIGHT, DOWN, L1, R2Restart Operation Wedding Crasher
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(Sly 2) Defeat Clock-La (2) 98%
How to: When you are the gunner in Carmelita's helicopter start shooting Clock-La. She will shoot yellow homing missiles at you. Shoot them once to destroy them before they hit you. Clock-La will then shoot red homing missiles at you. Shoot them twice to destroy them. Clock-La will shoot some rings with electricity running through them. Shoot the electricity about 3 times but do not shoot them too much otherwise the electricity will come back. Clock-La will then take away Bentley and Murray. Jump from one obstacle to another until you reach Clock-La. While Clock-La looks at you start whacking her head. When Clock-La hits the ground get through the lasers with Murray and open Clock-La's beak. Then with Bentley drop 2 bombs on either side of Clock-La's head.
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(Sly 1) Extra Movies 98%
Description: To get these extra movies, fulfill the following conditions:

Tokyo Police File - Finish the game.

Thievius Raccoonus Movie - Get all the Thievius Raccoonus pages from the large safes, including the last one after the final boss is beaten.

Behind the Scenes - Finish all the master thief runs.
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(Sly 3) Easy Money 96%
How to: On the level with all of the pirates, you should attempt to pickpocket the guards. This is because their loot is extremely valuable, therefore being an easy way to make cash.
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(Sly 2) Secret Movies 96%
Unlock Heist Cartoon: After completing the 1st Episode select Episode 1 on the Level Select Screen. Watch the little picture slide show above the level completion percentage and when a badge flashes on the bottom left of the slideshow Push SQUARE.

Unlock LaLa Movie: After completing the 3rd Episode select Episode 3 on the Level Select Screen. Watch the little picture slide show above the level completion percentage and when a badge flashes on the bottom left of the slideshow push SQUARE.

Unlock Commercial Movie: After completing the 5th Episode select Episode 5 on the Level Select Screen. Watch the little picture slide show above the level completion percentage and when a badge flashes on the bottom left of the slideshow push SQUARE.

Unlock The Making of Sly 2 Movie: After completing the 7th Episode select Episode 7 on the Level Select Screen. Watch the little picture slide show above the level completion percentage and when a badge flashes on the bottom left of the slideshow push SQUARE.
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