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Lord of Arcana Cheats for PSP
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Lord of Arcana PSP Cheats

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Lord of  Arcana Cheats

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Lord of Arcana

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Grendel 100%
When you are fighting grendel,equip the takemmikazuchi ultimate card so grendel will come down when you use the ultimate card
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Tips for Weapon proficiency 63%
If you already have the SLIME OVERLOAD quest you can do this tip for easy level increase of weapon. Just attack the slime with 0 zero damage. Then when its fainted dont attack the m0nster for it get physical damage. The more you spend your attack with zero damage the more the exp your weapon will get. Kill the slime and see your weapon exp is boosted.
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Bosses 58%
Gendel is kinda strong jus dodge him or equip shields to block has
Soon has he sens his sword n the sky wait until it lands stay at the end of
The screen while his shower storm hits ground. Equip agni it helps afta gendel
Is paralized attack his sword that's how you defeat him
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Tip on defeteing brahamut 56%
Heres what I did now im not recomenging anything but heres wat I did.i got the agini ultimate spell and the lightning spell card I had the assassins wear ,and I enhanced the bronze buckler ad I had the leather band and the orbs I had were,eye of the gods,daemon ward(daemon ward boostes defence agenst daemons which brahamut is)and the attack insight.if your looking for crystal fragments go the the find manderake quest ,i went for brahamuts tail first and blocked a LOT and oacational went for its wings then I had inoh mana to use agini so I did and I went for its left or right wind and kepts going at it then its wind was noked off then the same thing for the other wing I went for its tail but never suceeded and I had the 1 handed sword and I still killed it and wen he uses mega flare go to the sides but if you cant get there in time just try to block it flare I did that and didnt take damgage
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Getting Free Items on free missions 54%
When you do quest that does not pay money look for the items that gives health, mana, etc. (Depending on the mission), get it and die 2x and do not use items, when you're in the village check you're items and store it. NOTE: not useful in getting sacrificial charms and do not fight monsters that destroy items.
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Beatin certain bosses 53%
Beatin agni or bahamuth get attack boost critical attack items an also tht item that pin points weaknesses destroy agnis right arm. Destroy bahamuths wings an tails to prevent him from doin special attacks its a one hit ko
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Dragon Hegemony: Defeat 30 or more Bahamut-type monsters. Dragonier: Defeat 15 or more Bahamut-type monsters. Emperor: Defeat 15 or more Vermilion- 48%
Dragon Hegemony:
Defeat 30 or more Bahamut-type monsters.

Defeat 15 or more Bahamut-type monsters.

Defeat 15 or more Vermilion-type monsters.

Fire Spinner:
Defeat 30 or more Agni-type monsters.

Defeat 30 or more Hecatoncheir-type monsters.

Grace Under Pressure:
Defeat 5 or more Hecatoncheir-type monsters.

Defeat 15 or more Hecatoncheir-type monsters.

Heavenly Ruler:
Defeat 5 or more Bahamut-type monsters.

Defeat 5 or more Azdaja-type monsters.

Scarlet King:
Defeat 30 or more Vermilion-type monsters.

Slashing Soul:
Defeat 5 or more Vermilion-type monsters.

Soul Of Fire:
Defeat 5 or more Agni-type Monsters.

Defeat 30 or more Azdaja-type monsters.

Defeat 15 or more Azdaja-type monsters.

Defeat 15 or more Agni-type monsters
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Many health 39%
Play till any point then save
when saving turn off your psp
it ill hack your things and get you 99,999 health(it can be finished)
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Gather item 36%

If you want to fine gather item.just go find it.even if you died,the item still with just find it..dont be
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The Best Weapon (NOT A CHEAT) 34%
The best weapon you can get is the bronze sword. If you played Soul Calibur I,II,III,IV you will know Siegfried or Nightmare. Get the sword that looks like their swords or the sword you start off with which is some awesome but you lose everything. So, the Sword (2h) (2 handed) is the best sword to start off with.
By: Mattrock3r(129)
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Invulnerability and infinite mana cheat 32%
During play at portio carillo hold Left trigger then press square x2, x x2, triangle x2 then circle x2 if done correctly then you,ll have infinite health and mana so you can keep doing the ultimate spells without losing mana and verse the bosses without the need for potions.
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How To Beat Enemys In Battle Easy 24%
First you use a HAmMerr Den Press (O) CirCle HOld It DEn WHEn It Jumps PREss (O) Circle FAst It Will kick
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Danie cheat 14%
Go to save data select thhe lord of arcana then delete that
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