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Invizimals: Shadow Zone Cheats for PSP
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Invizimals: Shadow Zone PSP Cheats

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Invizimals: Shadow Zone

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Special traps 73%
You have to use special traps to catch some of the invizimals. You can find a lot of these special traps at
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The big secret 69%
Go to world map,hold select and press up, right,down,left.At the big secret select capture Invizimals.
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Invizimals 60%
Im new in Invizimals but I discover a cheat. A GOOD one!

All you just have to do is go to the main menu and hold select and press foward,right,down,left.

After that you go to a club named the big secret """"""........"""" you enter and when you have the special code you must point the camera to the special code and when the image shines the invizimal appears and you press x.

""""""""..............."""""""" you must go to google and search invizimals big secret and print that special code.
By: gunballjoens(61)
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How to catch every single invizimal in the game 59%

Stingwing: Say "No" when you are asked "Have you played the first Invizimals?". keep still and quiet and wait for her to land on the trap, then swat her down with your hand.

Flameclaw/Hilltopper/Icelion: Say "Yes" when you're asked "Have you played the first Invizimals?". Look at the trap and choose one of the three Invizimals shown and press the "X" button when your camera is aimed at one of the icons. Make sure you make the Invizimal get to every marker by pressing the "X" button to make the Invizimal go to wherever your aim was and get it toward every marker, but there are multiple hidden holes. Examine it and when the Invizimal reaches the marker in the middle he's yours.


Hydra: Avoid the beams she fires at you, as it covers your screen with stones. When her mouth is open, blow into it. Continue this process every time her mouth is open until she deflates all the air inside her.

Draco: Carve out Draco from a block of ice, but don't shoot at Draco. When he is carved out of the rock blow onto him to get rid of all debris.

Sabretooth: This invizimal guards a park. Distract him so he doesn't see the intruders. Continue this process until enough intrusions have been preformed.

Kriller: You must win the Barcelona tournament, but the "Tournament" feature for Barcelona vanishes after a little while, so be careful.


Gotica: Chase her out of the web by setting fire to her nest. Press "X" to start a fire and blow on the microphone to keep the fires burning, but if you're too close to Gotica she will attack. Press the "X" button several times for her to let go.

Axolotl: You must defeat the Invizimal in a game of "Memory". You get an extra turn every time you reveal a pair. Have more pairs then Axolotl at the end of the game to obtain this creature.

Ocelotl: To capture this creature, you have to help it master his own game, which mimics racquetball (or Squash). Press the "X" button to start the game, and press the left and right directional buttons to maneuver Ocelotl and press the "X" button to hit the ball, giving you 1 point. Once the creature has rebounded the ball 20 times, he is yours. You have extra balls in case you screw up.

Chubucabra: This creature is captured once you defeat the Mayan tournament, which is fully repeatable.


Griffonator: You must teach this creature to hunt. Press "X" repeatedly to make Griffonator fly. Blow behind Griffonator while he is in the air to maneuver him forwards. Make sure he flies through the rings and a steak will appear in the middle of the trap. Make Griffonator land on it to capture him.

Roboquito: To catch this robotic mosquito you have to copy his eye movements (i.e If his eyes are crossed (when you stare at your nose REALLY hard), you press the right directional button to copy his left eye and press the [] button to copy his right eye. This will get you points.). Once you have enough points he is yours. If one eye doesn't move, don't press on that side.

Crooky: You need sparks for this capture. Shoot sparks behind Crooky's back to make him turn around. Keep him turning and he will eventually faint.

Steeltail: You need to defeat the repeatable Indian tournament.


Hipporockamus: To catch this hippo you will need to keep him hydrated for the duration of this capture, because hippos need to stay wet all the time. He will be crying. Control a bucket by moving the angle of your camera so his tears will fall into the bucket. Once you have collected some tears aim at him and hold the "X" button to lift it up and tilt your PSP to pour tears over him and hydrate him. The longer you hold the "X" button, the wider the range, making it more difficult to aim accurately.

Ha Ha Yena: To catch this cheetah you must stand in it's path, making this creature laugh. When she has laughed too much, she will faint. She is now yours.

Meep Meep: To catch this Road Runner you must make it get to the oasis within the time limit. Collect sparks to give you more time, press the "X" button to jump, press "X" twice to double jump, press the left or right directional buttons to switch lanes and hold the "O" button to slide under obstacles.

Crocorilla: To catch Crocorilla you must defeat either Lenan or Rindo in a bet, as they both use the only in-game obtainable Crocorillas. They can be fought as many times as you want.


Hammershark: To catch this shark you must help it look for pearls. Hold the "X" button when aimed somewhere to make Hammershark follow your aim. Avoid the mines, as they damage Hammershark. Once enough pearls have been found he is yours.

Calc-Owl-Ator: Your school smarts will be tested. Pausing the game doesn't stop the timer, so you'll just regret it. He will give you multiple questions. Using the tree stumps as a calculator, you must input the correct answer, giving you points. When you have accumulated enough points, he is yours.

Orca: To catch this mini-whale you must defeat it in tennis! Orca will always serve the ball, and this game goes to 40. Using your PSP as a racket, you must rebound the ball. Once you have rebounded enough shots, Orca will screw up. In case of a "Deuce" (where both players have 40 points), you must get a point against the Orca, giving you the advantage. If you don't get the next point, it goes back to "Deuce". If you get a point, you win. Same goes for the Orca.

Headhorn: To catch this bison you can obtain one in a bet against Eyota or Ayasha.


Xiong Mao: To catch this panda bear you must trap it in a cage, using our microphone as a blowpipe to make the walls to cage Xiong Mao.

Qinling: You'll love him. Or hate him. Either way, you must slingshot Qinling to the other tree, where a banana is on the top of the tree. Hold the "X" button to adjust the power of the shot and release it to shoot him into the air. Get all the bananas in time to catch him, but you may have to adjust your shot by using the left and right directional buttons, as winds are sometimes strong here.

Glaucus: To catch this creature you have to help it get a meal. Use the analog stick to maneuver Glaucus, but make sure you don't bump into the corals. When the bar on the screen is full, he is yours.

Xue Hu: To catch this creature you have to win it in a bet against Zanghye after you win the tournament that is held there.

Goldbug: To catch this beetle you must defeat it in a game of hide and seek (this is usually best preformed with the trap aimed straight down from the camera). When you find it, press and hold the "R" button to pick it up and release the "R" button when you know he'll fall in the cage.


Goldbug: To catch this golden beetle you must defeat it n "Hide and Seek" (best preformed when you have an overhead view of the trap). When you find him, press and hold the "R" button to grab it. When he is over the cage, release the "R" button for him to be yours.

Pesci: To catch this musical camel you must repeat the rhythm it preforms. Blow into the holes to repeat the pattern you think the Pesci preformed to score points. Accumulate enough points to catch him.

Sandflame: To catch this hyperactive desert fox you must make it dizzy. You control a toy and you must use it so Sandflame can't catch it. Make sure you turn him around a LOT and eventually he'll grow too tired to chase you. You have extra toys in case Sandflame catches one of them.

Firecracker: To catch this old-school invizimal you must defeat the Cairo tournament.


Shizoku: You will eventually receive a level 1 Shizoku when you have defeated a certain amount of online opponents.

Koi: You will automatically receive a level 1 Koi when you have captured 5 mutant invizimals on Infrastructure mode.

PLEASE READ: To catch the following 5 invizimals you must first complete the two quests with Dawson, the 2 quests with Jazmin and 2 quests with Keni (the second adventure doesn't unlock a boss). Here they are:

Kukulkan: To catch this feathered serpent you must shoot at the rocks he throws at you. The rock will shatter to pieces & the pieces will fall to the ground. Pick a piece up (you can only pick up one at a time) pressing the "R" button. Now aim at Kukulkan and press the "X" button to throw a rock at Kukulkan. When he is below 50% health he will bring up a wall. Firing at the thrown rocks will no longer work, so you must shoot at the wall and fire those pieces at Kukulkan when he is not behind the wall.

Yeti: To catch this abominable snowman you must first destroy the tower he stands on and avoid his blizzard. Once the tower is destroyed he will throw snowballs at you. When he has these snowballs in his hand you must shoot at his snowball before he throws it at you, creating a pile of snow around him. Continue to do this until he is covered completely by a hill of snow.

Pahoehoe: To catch this queen of fire you must use a pawn to get to the other side of the "Lava Pit". Numerous panels will vanish while new ones will appear. Gray panels never vanish, so they are 100% safe. You have extra pawns in case you screw up and fall in the "Lava Pit". Once your pawn reaches Pahoehoe, she is yours.

Shapeshifter: Keep shooting at the red glowing part of the totem pole. When he transforms into his usual look, you must do the same thing, while avoiding his shots.

Shenlong: To catch this dragon you must avoid it's attacks and shoot at the orange orbs that generate it's energy.

PLEASE READ: The following 7 invizimals are only found online. The dragons require another hunter AND requires you to have the 5 legendary invizimals. Here they are:

Jungleus: You automatically receive one level 9 Jungleus when you have won enough online battles.

Ice Dragon: You must collect the first five dragons to face this one. Using the help of your partner, you must hold the "X" button to generate a circle. Your partner must overlap their beam with yours. This will create a spark once they have overlapped long enough. If the Ice Dragon is in this circle, it will hurt him. You won't generate a circle without battery power, so shake your PSP to restore battery power (it's not REAL battery power).

Ocean Dragon: To catch this Lochness Monster, both of you must dodge it's attacks, and he loves to charge. When he charges at you, dodge the attack or you'll get hurt. The dragon will fall belly up, revealing his weak spot. The other player must now fire at the dragon's belly multiple times by pressing the "X" button.

Jungle Dragon: To catch the King of the Jungle you must aim for it's wings and dodge it's attacks. Once in a (hopefully long) while, he will spit at you, covering your screen with acid. Ask your partner to blow into the microphone at the trap to get rid of this hideous slime. This also damages you.

Fire Dragon: To catch this fearsome, well known beast you must dodge it's attacks. He will occasionally spread out his wings, revealing his weak spots. Both of you must shoot at these wings at the SAME time. If you fail to do this, he will fire energy balls that damage you.

Rock Dragon: To catch this bad tempered dragon, one of you must make noise into the microphone, quickly making the Rock Dragon VERY angry and he'll start attacking you. Once in a while, his tail will glow bright red. The other player (which is doing nothing at all) must fire at his tail. Repeat this process until he is down for the count.

Desert Dragon: To catch this Mongolian hunter you must dodge his attacks. Once in a (hopefully short) while, his wings and tail will glow with red (he won't be mad), revealing his weak spots. You must fire at his weak spots every time they are exposed until he is down for the count.


PLEASE READ: You must defeat Dawson (who has now fallen to Campbell's side) and Campbell at the St. Micheal's tower in order to track down these creatures, as they appear in dark areas that require you to fix something before you can go into the tournament held there. Good luck winning these tournaments, as these guys are CRAZY about vectors. Here they are:

Dark Flameclaw: To catch this devilish Flameclaw you will win it as a prize from the Dark Desert tournament.

Dark Rattleraptor: To catch this unlovable Rattleraptor you will win it as a prize for winning the Dark Jungle tournament.

Dark Phalamos: To catch Campell's version of the Phalamos you will win it as a prize for winning the Dark Abyss tournament.

Dark Hilltopper: To catch this raging war machine you will win one as a prize for defeating the Dark Mountains tournament.

Dark Bratbat: To catch Campbell's favorite invizimal you will win one as a prize for winning the Dark Mine tournament.

Dark Icelion: After you accumulate the 5 dark invizimals, the Vipers Nest will open up. Fix something to go inside Campell's now not so secret hideout and do all that's needed to do to catch the supreme commander of the dark invizimals (I HAVE NOT CAUGHT THIS)


PLEASE READ: The dinosaurs are only found via 6 secret traps online in Google Images. You must first go to the world map, hold select, and press the following directional buttons in this order: Up, Right, Down, Left. The club known as "The Big Secret" is now open, where you can only find these creatures. Just Google the name of the dinosaur trap you want (Mosasaur, Dimetrodon, Sanctacaris, Archaeopteryx, Triceratops, T-Rex), aim your PSP at the trap and press "X" to capture it (WARNING: Some traps have bad quality so you might not catch a certain invizimal).


Unicorn: To catch this Mythical creature you must evolve every invizimal that can evolve into max invizimals. You then automatically get a Unicorn.

Nautilus: To catch this underwater cop you must get to level 10 (fighter) in the Alliance. Nautilus is your gift for getting halfway through the Alliance. If you (hopefully don't) lose yours, Nemo from the Great Wall club has another Nautilus you can take off of his hands in a bet.

Sackboy: To catch this Playstation Sensation you must get to level 20 (Guardian of the Wave) in the alliance. Sackboy is your gift for becoming a top dog in the alliance.

Tigershark: To catch this famous PSP icon you must have a Flameclaw, a Hilltopper or an Icelion or you'll NEVER get Tigershark. You can either catch it in the wave, or you can import yours from your old Invizimals game, if you have one.
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How to get ratlraptor and phlomos 35%
Ratlraptor:a ratlrapter in invizimals shadow zone! I bet your suprised so to get ratlraptor you have to have a dark one then go to sri lanka and complete the thing then mutate him to his normal colur.Plhamos:so a plhomos hmmmm... ! so you have to have a dark plhomos then go to sri lanka then complete the thing then mutate it to its normal colur.Hope it helps :).
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Every invizmals 20%
Go to catalog press hold start and press up, down, left, right up
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Ultimate cheat 15%
Unlock every by pressing up down r r down left
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Every single invizmals 14%
Go to catalog when your at catalog press up , down, left , right up to unlock all invizmals
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Carambs 13%
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Every invizmals 12%
Go to catalog press hold start and press up, down, left, right up
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