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Test Drive Unlimited 2 : Casino DLC Cheats for XBOX 360
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Test Drive Unlimited 2 : Casino DLC XBOX 360 Cheats

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Test Drive Unlimited 2 : Casino DLC

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Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Kangaroo Achievement Guide 100%
Description: The 'Kangaroo' achievement requires you to jump 100 meters in the air while driving your car. This is doable

Read the Guide --> Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Kangaroo Achievement [Guide]
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Island Caretaker Achievement 100%
Wake up the Island caretaker. This earns you 10 G on the XBOX 360 and a bronze trophy on the PS3.
Test Drive Unlimited 2 : Casino DLC cheat video Cheat Video
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Casino Online DLC Achievements 98%
Casino Fashion Victim (25)Buy all clothes available in the Casino Clothes Shop
Drinks (10)Have 10 cocktails at once at a poker table
Island Caretaker (10)Wake up the Island caretaker
Ready to play TDU2? (20)Win the luxury car displayed in the entrance hall
Risk Taker (10)Give up a Three of a Kind while playing Video Poker and win the next hand
Socializing (25)Unlock all cocktails and emotes
V.I.P. (35)Become VIP of the Casino by reaching level 5
Wanted (25)Get the right look to get the reward
Western (15)Play the "duel" emote at the same time as your rival at a poker table for two
1-in-38 Chance (20)Win a straight-up bet at Roulette
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Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Full car List Guide 98%
Description: Atari has revealed the entire list of cars available players will be able to pick from. There are 101 of these bad boys to put through the paces ...

Read the Guide --> Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Full car List [Guide]
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Casino Tour 98%
This video shows you around the Casino in TDU2
Test Drive Unlimited 2 : Casino DLC cheat video Cheat Video
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999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 100%
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Easy Money No Lie! 100%
So On The Classic Car Thing Do The Whole Thing You Will Get 50,000 Bucks Then Do It Again And You Will Get 50,000 Bucks Again!
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Cup Glitach 67%
I can confirm that the Cup glitch STILL works and I have 1.03 installed.

It works on all Cup Callenge. I did it first on Ibiza Cup 1 before 1.03 and just did it with Hawaii Cup 1 after 1.03.

You must not have already completed the Cup. It only works the first time you enter the Cup.

1) Enter the cup and win the first 7 events. You cannot continue unless you win the event.
1a) You can exit the game and backup your save at this point in case you mess up.
2) Enter the cup's final event and win.
3) After winning the final event, select Retry. DO NOT select Next.
4) Repeat the final event but do not win, finish 2nd or lower. You'll get the cup money again.
5) Select Retry (Next should not be available).
6) This would be the third time doing the final event. Just after you start this third time, press Start and select Give Up.
7) You'll be sent back to the map. Now select the Speed Challenge event of the cup. (The event where you earn point going above a certain speed.)
8) Sit at the Start line and do nothing let the timer run out.
9) You'll finish in last place and get the cup money again. Select Retry (Next should not be available).
10) Repeat steps 8 and 9 for profit. Press Start during the event to check how much money you have.

You can press Start and select give up to go do other activites (eg. Shopping). The Glitch will stop once you quit the game.

(Or maybe join another race or championship I have not tried)
(I have tried shopping, looking for junk, do jobs and the glitch still works)

All final events are time trials.
Ibiza Cup 1 = $1,000,000 - Final Event: Island Tour (+50 mins.) - A6 car
Hawaii Cup 1 = $2,500,000 - Final Event: Time Trial (2 mins. 33 secs) - A4 car
Hawaii Cup 3 = $5,000,000 - Final Event: Island Tour (+50 mins.) - A1 car
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DONT buy a new house in ibza coz you go to hawaii and have to buy a new house ! DO do all the races and then go straight to hawaii !
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Hi 50%
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