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Primal Carnage Cheats for PC
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Primal Carnage PC Cheats

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Primal Carnage

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Achievements 100%
This is a list of achievements for Primal Carnage on Steam.

A Blasting SupriseLure an opponent into fire with a flare
All You Can Eat BuffetKill 10 players without dying while playing as the t-rex
Anyone want wings?Kill 8 pteradons with the flamethrower
AxemasterKill a dinosaur with the chainsaw
Blind JusticeKill the dilophosaurus that blinded you whilst still blinded
Boom!Kill a t-rex with the rocket launcher
Brain DamageWhile playing as a carnotaurus run into a wall at top speed 5 times in a single match
CarnageGet 10 kills in a row without dying
Carnage BeginsPlay Primal Carnage
Cold BloodedKill the same player 15 times
Death After DeadKill an opponent with a grenade after you have died
Death From AboveWhile playing as a pteradon kill 3 opponents without dying
ExtinctKill the entire opponent team at once
ExtinctionBe killed while playing as each of the dinosaur classes
Fast and FuriousWhile playing as a dilophosaurus kill 3 opponents without dying
Fetch the Stick StupidKill a dilophosaurus with a grenade
Fire in The Hole!Kill 5 opponents with a single grenade
GodzillaKill 1000 opponents while playing on the dinosaur team
Going BlindKill 3 opponents after having been blinded by a dilophosaurus
Goodnight HoneyTranquilize 50 dinosaurs
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLKill a human that a raptor has pounced using the carnotaurus charge attack
I Am LegendKill 1000 dinosaurs
I Love You?Save a teammate from a raptor pounce
In Honor ToWatch the credits
It's a Good Day to DieDie within the first 5 minutes of a match
Life Finds a WayRegain full health after being at%1 health
Look Ma, No Hands!Trample 15 player in a single match whilst playing as a t-rex.
Los Cincos MuertesKill 5 players without dying on each of the release maps
Lucky FallSurvive being dropped by a pteradon
Mayday, Mayday!Shoot a pteradon in the head whilst playing as a scientist
Meat Eating BullWhile playing as a carnotaurus head butt 5 opponents in a single charge
Must Run FasterWhile playing as a human do not die for one minute after having run out of ammo
My kind of BBQGet 5 kills without dying as the Pyro
My Name Is Mr.TPlay as only the t-rex class for an entire match
NADES!!!Kill 2 t-rexs with a single grenade
NAME NEEDEDKill 100 pteradons with the sniper rifle
NEED NAMEKill a dinosaur with a grenade
NEED NAMEWhile playing as a pteradon drop a player onto a t-rex waiting below
NEED NAMEKill a dinosaur with a melee weapon
Never saw it comingGet 5 kills without dying as the Scientist
Nice TryWhile playing as a trapper trap a dinosaur that is attacking you
No Wonder You're ExtinctKill 5 dilophosaurus without dying
NomNomNomRegain full health by eating at a carcass without being attacked
Nothin' but netGet 5 kills without dying as the Trapper
Now That is What I Call Fly FishingTrap 100 pteradons in nets
Out of the BlueWhilst playing as a pteradon kill an opponent with a peck attack whilst flying.
Pangea Fried ChickenBurn 3 dinosaurs with the flamethrower without releasing the trigger
Peanut BrainKill 5 t-rexs in a single match
Picky PickyKill 3 of the same class in a row
PistoletKill a t-rex unassisted while playing as a trapper using only the pistols
Prepping for TakeoffWhile playing as a pteradon do not fly and survive for a minute
PrimalGet 5 kills in a row without dying
Pterror in the SkiesKill at least one of each human class in a single round while playing as a pteradon
PtrollranodonPickup and drop the same player 5 times without killing them or dying yourself
RoadblockKill a carnotaurus that is travelling at it is maximum speed
Say Hello To My Little FriendKill 3 t-rexs with no assistance
ShankedKill 100 dinosaurs with a knife
Shock TherapyKill a dinosaur using the scientist's cattle prod
Shotgun SpreeGet 5 kills without dying as the Pathfinder
Six-foot TurkeyKill 15 opponents with the raptor's leap attack
Sleep With the FishesWhilst playing as a pteradon drop 'x' number of players into the ocean on Cliffs or Docks
Slice'O'SaurusKill 10 dinosaurs using the flamesaw
Spray and PrayGet 5 kills without dying as the Commando
Squashed Like a Bug!Get trampled by a t-rex
The Bigger They Are, The Harder They FallKill a t-rex with no assistance
The Devil!Kill 666 opponents
The HuntedBe killed 15 times without killing any opponents
The HunterKill 15 opponents without dying
They Can Afford More GlassesBlind 50 players while playing as a dilophosaurus
They Never Saw it ComingBlind an opponent at 'x' feet
This... Is... My... BOOMSTICK!Kill 20 dinosaurs with the pathfinder's shotgun
Together We Stand StrongScore 10 assists in a single match
Top of the Food ChainBe the highest scoring player on your team at the end of a match
We Don't Take Kindly to Your Kind 'Round HereKill 35 dinosaurs in a single round
Worthless TeammateHave a score of 0 at the end of a round
You Feelin' Lucky, Reptile?Kill 10 dinosaurs using only the pistol
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