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The UnderGarden Cheats for PS3
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The UnderGarden PS3 Cheats

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15 Trophies
The UnderGarden - Sowing the seeds of love Sowing the seeds of love
Grow your first fruit tree
The UnderGarden - Color your world Color your world
Grow all the flowers on every level
The UnderGarden - Rainbow collection Rainbow collection
Collect all the bonus flowers in the game
The UnderGarden - I wanna be a rock star I wanna be a rock star
Pickup up every musician in the game at least once
The UnderGarden - Blown away Blown away
Grow 50% of plants in "Wind Surfing", "Kaboom!", "Blown Away" and "Handle With Care"
The UnderGarden - Turn that thing off Turn that thing off
Drop a bomb on a musician
The UnderGarden - Listen to the flower people Listen to the flower people
Re-bloom some flowers carrying 3 musicians at once
The UnderGarden - Time to hit the sack Time to hit the sack
Hit every pollen sack in "Batteries Not Included", "Zap!" and "Into the Machine"
The UnderGarden - Happy Birthday to Me Happy Birthday to Me
Complete "Grab Hold", "Watch Out, They Spit", and "Hold on Tight" in under 20 minutes
The UnderGarden - Someone set us up the bomb Someone set us up the bomb
Drop a bomb on the second player in a co-op game
The UnderGarden - Let's clear the air Let's clear the air
Clear most of the smog in the smoggy levels
The UnderGarden - The Devil wears Produce The Devil wears Produce
Hold a musician, heavy fruit, lantern fruit, and explosive fruit while wearing red horns
The UnderGarden - It's the journey that counts It's the journey that counts
Successfully complete “Horn of Plenty” either alone or with a friend.
The UnderGarden - The UnderGardener The UnderGardener
Successfully complete “The Sum of all Things”, either alone or with a friend.
The UnderGarden - A very good year A very good year
Collect 17 crystals in the game

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The UnderGarden

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

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