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Wario Land 3 Cheats for GBC
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Wario Land 3 GBC Cheats

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Wario Land 3

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Finding destinations easily 100%
Once a level has been completed, if an orange ball spins around a location, you should go there first. If it does not do that, go to the temple.
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Free Wario Golf play 96%
Before you enter a Wario Golf game, save the game. Reload the game and enter the door. If you do badly in Wario Golf, shut the Game Boy Color. Reload the game and you will be outside the door. Keep repeating this until you win.
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Wario Land 3 371394How do you get out when the zombie get's you? how do smash the gary thing in the town of chaos? how do you win the town of chaos? Answers: 1
Wario Land 3 512766How do you power bomb on the frog so you could go down in the tunnel? Answers: 0
Wario Land 3 931975What do I do first in wl3? Answers: 0
Wario Land 3 995879I am trying to leave this page in a dignified way rather than just cancelling it. Now, how do I do that? n morse Answers: 0
Wario Land 3 168384How to get the third action Answers: 2
Wario Land 3 78741Where do you find key letter e? Answers: 0
Wario Land 3 185000How to play golf minigame in out of the woods Answers: 1
Wario Land 3 94538How do you play golg in wario land 3? Answers: 1
Wario Land 3 16678How do you get past the big frog in the Town of Chaos Answers: 1
Wario Land 3 736727How do you play golf in Wario land 3? Answers: 0
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