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Blackstone Chronicles: Adv in Terror Cheats for PC
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Blackstone Chronicles: Adv in Terror
PC Cheats

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Blackstone Chronicles: Adv in Terror

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Debug Mode 100%
To access debug mode, start the game with the command "bstone powerball". When the Jam logo
appears, press and hold Left Shift, then press and hold Right Shift. If you did this right, a
sound will chime.
To use debug mode, enter any of the

commands below while playing:
BACKSPACE, B -- Border color

BACKSPACE, C -- Statistics

BACKSPACE, D -- Invisibility

BACKSPACE, E -- Jumps ahead to end of next level

BACKSPACE, F -- Displays x and y coordinates and angle

BACKSPACE, G -- God mode on/off (when ON you cannot be hurt)

BACKSPACE, H -- Hurt yourself (minus 1% health)

BACKSPACE, I -- Free items

BACKSPACE, M -- Displays memory usage

BACKSPACE, O -- Show hidden walls on auto mapper

BACKSPACE, P -- Pause screen


BACKSPACE, S -- Slow motion on/off

BACKSPACE, T -- Displays walls, sprites, and sound waveforms

BACKSPACE, U -- Unlock all floor

BACKSPACE, V -- Add extra VBLs (huh?)

BACKSPACE, W -- Warp to any level
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Code Effect 100%
POWERBALL Debug mode (see above)

TICS Display TIC INFO in score area

MUSIC Enable music test mode.

Press Backspace followed

by any arrow key to change music.

RADAR Displays radar.
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Full Life, Ammo and More 100%
While playing, type "JAM" then hit ENTER.

You will gain full life, ammo, access cards,

and all guns but your score will drop to 0.

Here are some more codes to help you out.
<6>+<7> - Collect all bonus items (gold, ammo,
health, etc...)

<7>+<8> - Kill all actors.

<6>+<8> - Collect all bonus items AND kill all
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