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Hard Corps: Uprising Cheats for PS3
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Hard Corps: Uprising PS3 Cheats

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Hard Corps: Uprising

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Uprising R 100%
How to unlock: Enter this variation on the Konami Code at the Title Menu to unlock Uprising R in the shop:

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Cheat Infinite CP 100%
How to: Get a plasma gun (H) and save it for the 2nd miniboss in the 2nd level. Go to the right side of the screen, charge up your plasma gun, duck and fire towards the alligators to kill all of them. While you are doing this, fire the gun horizontally at all bombs the helicopter drops to increase your combo, and fire vertically when a bomb falls overhead. Avoid shooting the helicopter. You should be able to get a combo of 60 and around 50 million CP before the combo meter stops and you start earning negative points. When this happens, you can commit suicide, restart the level and do the process again.
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30 Lives 100%
How to unlock: Win the game to unlock the option to purchase 30 lives in the upgrade shop -- for 53,000,000 CP!
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Cheat Extra Life in Multiplayer 100%
Description: When playing in Multiplayer whomever is 1st player can get a 2nd wind once they lose their last life & their partner is still alive. Just enter in the Konami code right after you die,


and you will come back to life! You can only do this once in Arcade mode and once or twice in Rising mode.

***You can also "steal lives" from a partner with more than one life by hitting X.
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Cheat Konami Code (Classic Contra Music!) 100%
How to: At the loading screen before Mission 1, enter the classic code Konami Code before loading ends to hear the original Contra music in the level: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, CIRCLE, X. You should hear a voice confirming the entry.
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Walkthrough Video Playlists
Hard Corps: Uprising video Hard Corps Uprising (PS3) Video Walkthrough
   by: Rodriguezjr
   Videos: 9 Length: 1:30:52
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12 Trophies
Hard Corps: Uprising - Let's do this thing right! Let's do this thing right!
[ARCADE MODE] Defeat 10 or more Privates
Hard Corps: Uprising - Stage Clear Stage Clear
[ARCADE MODE] Clear Stage 1
Hard Corps: Uprising - All Clear All Clear
[RISING MODE] Clear all missions
Hard Corps: Uprising - Decorated Soldier Decorated Soldier
[RISING MODE] Obtain all Star Chips
Hard Corps: Uprising - Burning Spirit Burning Spirit
[RISING MODE] Achieve the highest rating on all stages
Hard Corps: Uprising - You can never play too much. You can never play too much.
[RISING MODE] Purchase all obtainable items at the Shop
Hard Corps: Uprising - The Strongest Warrior The Strongest Warrior
[ARCADE MODE] Clear all missions
Hard Corps: Uprising - Innate Guerilla Warfare Innate Guerilla Warfare
[ARCADE MODE] Clear all missions without defeating more than 50 Privates.
Hard Corps: Uprising - Disposable Warrior Disposable Warrior
[ARCADE MODE] Stock up 20 or more extra lives
Hard Corps: Uprising - World Peace World Peace
[ARCADE MODE] Clear all missions with friends from around the world
Hard Corps: Uprising - The definition of a warrior! The definition of a warrior!
[ARCADE MODE] Clear all missions without picking up any weapon items
Hard Corps: Uprising - I'll make them pay... I'll make them pay...
[ARCADE MODE] Clear all missions without dying
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