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The 3rd Birthday Cheats for PSP
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The 3rd Birthday PSP Cheats

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The 3rd Birthday Cheats

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The 3rd Birthday

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

How to beat the boss in the babel. The boss that looks like a ben 10 character. 100%
Episode 2's boss is inside the Babel. As you cant move in here, you must overdive from body to body, use the bottom gun to avoid using your ammo. Use overdive whenever possible to take huge chunks of health from it. One of her attacks is to pull the body you overdived into into her mouth. Try not to lose people to overdive into, or your dead. Shoot vehicles to overdive into the boss.
Her attacks:
1.Mouth- Shell try to use her "tongue" to snatch you up.

Im not sure about the other moves, cuz I beat this boss a bit too fast :P Sori people.

PS. Aya Brea Is Dangerous And Hot. I Love Her.
By: Jabbawocke(49)
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How to beat "worm" twisteds. 100%
Go for cover, and use snipers on they're mouths. Overdive as they can really damage you.

1. Fire- Fire will appear from theyre mouths. This can bounce 2-3 times.
2.Charge- Nuff said
By: Jabbawocke(49)
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How to beat Kyle Madigan: Twisted 100%
In episode 4, Kyle will become a twisted. To beat him heres how,
Survive for a bit by rolling and liberating yourself. After a while, 2 helicopters will arrive. Overdive into the soldiers in the helicopters. Keep shooting, but keep an eye on your gun, to avoid overheating it. You wont have any difficulty, unless your chopper explodes, then overdive into the other copter. Keep shooting until he loses all health, then when his health is gone, he will revive, you need to overdive kill him to win.

Here are SOME of his attacks. I couldnt get them all cuz I was too.. busy killin him xD
1. Knife- They can pack a punch.
2. 8 Eyes- I have no idea what they do.

Well I forgot the others 3 Happy twisted hunting D

PS. AYa Brea Is Sexy And Dangerous. I Love Her.

PPS. Anyone know how to get the shower scene? PLease answer in Q&A part.
By: Jabbawocke(49)
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How to beat gabrielle: twisted form 100%
In episode 2, Gabrielle becomes a twisted. To beat her, heres how.
There will be a gatling gun in the middle of the area, overdive into the soldier riding the tank, and shoot at the flying Gabrielle. The tank's armour takes a lot of damage, so no need to worry about getting damaged. After shooting her for a time, she will disperse into a lot of little hers. Which look like the bug twisted from before. Overdive into a soldier with a sniper, then aim at the horde. The key to making her whole again is to shoot the twisted with a red aura. Shooting this will make her regroup. When she does overdive into the tank, then shoot again. Be sure to overdive kill her when you can.

Here are her attacks:
Whole form:
1. Twisting Bullets- Like the normal attack of the little flying twisted, except more hurtful.

Horde form:
1. Well I gotta admit, I forgot. xD

She isnt really hard to beat though, so you dont need me ]

PS. Aya Brea Is Dangerous And Sexy. I Love Her.
By: Jabbawocke(49)
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Unlocking cheats easily 98%
How to: Start a New Game+ mode game. To unlock both cheats at no cost, unlock them with your BP, then reload the same New Game+ mode saved game without saving first. The game will resume with your original amount of BP while the cheats will remain unlocked.
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Costumes/Outfits 98%
Description: Perform the following actions to unlock additional costumes.

Apron DressWin the game on Easy Mode
Business SuitWin the game on any mode / Search the CTI Building in the left locker room
China DressWin the game on Normal Mode
Knight ArmorWin the game on Deadly Mode
Lightning CustomWin the game on any mode / Have at least 7 Stamps on Square-Enix Member Site OR Beat the Game 9 times on any Mode
OD SuitWin the game on any Mode / Have at least 1 Stamp on Square-Enix Member Site
Santa SoldierWin the game on any Mode / Search Maeda's Base, downstairs
Swim WearWin the game on Hard Mode
Titanium BunnyWin the game on Genocide Mode
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Assist Codes 98%
How to unlock: Perform the following actions to unlock Assist Codes.

Countless AmmoWin the game 10 times in any mode
Free Cross FireWin the game in any mode
High RegenWin the game in any mode
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Alternate ending 98%
How to: Win the game twice to view an extra scene after the credits.
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Unlockables Guide 98%
Description: In order to unlock most of the content in The 3rd Birthday, well you just have to win the game multiple times.

Read the Guide --> The 3rd Birthday - Unlockables [Guide]
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Shower scene 98%
Description: Complete mission 3. Have Aya wear a completely torn costume/outfit before the next mission where she meets the Japanese scientist. Go downstairs and turn right to enter the bathroom. Press X at the bathroom and she should say "..." then the shower scene will begin.
Win the game fifty times to unlock the shower scene in the "Video Log" menu. View the scene in the Video Log 10 times to be able to change the camera angle to her back.
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Extra DNA Board 98%
How to: You will gain an extra DNA Board each time you win the game, for a maximum of five boards.
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Extra Ending Scene 98%
How to unlock: Beat Hard Mode to see an alternate ending scene.
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View mode 98%
Description: Win the game.
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Deadly mode 98%
How to unlock: Win the game in Hard mode.
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Assists 98%
Description: Complete the listed task to unlock the specified assist for purchase.

High RegenWin the game; costs 10,000 BP
Free Cross FireWin the game; costs 10,000 BP
Countless AmmoWin the game 10 times
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Video Log (Player) 98%
How to unlock: Finish the game to unlock the Video Log option.
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Genocide mode 98%
Description: Win the game in Deadly mode.
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Modes 98%
How to unlock: Perform the following actions to unlock Game Modes.

Deadly ModeWin the game on Hard Mode
Genocide ModeWin the game on Deadly Mode
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Cheat for Free in New Game + 98%
Description: Win the game to unlock New Game + mode. Here you can unlock cheats in the pause cheat menu by spending BP. To get the cheats free, unlock them and quit without saving. Load your New Game + file a 2nd time and you will have both the BP and the cheats.
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Music Files 98%
How to unlock: Win the game twice in any mode to unlock Music Files.
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View damaged costume/outfit 97%
How to: Win the game by wearing only one costume/outfit from the 1st to the last episode.
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Secret Shower Scene 96%
How to unlock: The Secret Shower Scene can be triggered when you are visiting the CTI or Maeda's base for the 2nd time. Walk to the showers and press X a few times.
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Alternate Lightning Set 96%
Description: Unlock the Lightning Custom and Blaze Edge by completing the game thirty times. Win the game at least twice in Easy, Normal, Hard, Deadly, and Genocide modes before the thirtieth playthrough.
*** If you have already completed the game more than thirty times, you can still unlock the Lightning Custom and Blaze Edge as soon as you win the game under the difficulty level that you have not completed twice yet. Enabling "Cheat Codes" is acceptable.
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Special weapons 96%
Description: Complete the listed task to unlock the specified weapon for purchase.

Blaze EdgeWin the game and have at least 7 stamps on the Square-Enix Member site
M249Win the game
Mk.46 Mod0Win the game in Normal mode
M240BWin the game twice in Hard mode
Pile BunkerUnlock and purchase all weapons and weapon parts in the game
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View Mode 96%
How to unlock: Win the game on any difficulty (with no cheats) and get a AAA score to unlock view mode. In this mode you can view the costume/outfit you used to win the game.
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Video Log 96%
Description: Win the game. This option allows you to view all of the videos.
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Music files 96%
How to: Win the game twice in any mode.
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Easy Evolved DNA 94%
How to: While fighting Hyde Bohr (demi-human form) in Episode 6, let him kill Aya. Doing so will trigger a short cinematic. After Aya will have assistance from Kyle, Gabriel, Thelonious, and Blank. Overdive to all 4 of them and you will receive one to 4 Evolved DNA. Press 'Start to pause the game play, then select "Ascend" to return to base. Repeat the process as many times as desired.
*** This also works using the "Case Training" option.
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Special Weapons 93%
How to unlock: Perform the following actions to unlock additional weapons.

M240BFinish the game twice on Hard Mode
M249Finish the game on any mode
Mk.46 Mod0Finish the game on Normal Mode
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How to evade the reaper in episode 1 80%
In a hallway, a twisted portal will appear, a "reaper" emerging from it. Reapers are extremely dangerous, even worse than bosses. (Well maybe) You need special guns to damage it. And it can warp through space and use blood walls to block you. In the hallway, you must evade the reapers attacks, which can KO you in a move. Keep running from it, and if it appears next to you, dive 2 times, a third time will leave you confused and vulnerable. In a box room, someone will say reinforcements are arriving. In that time you must keep running around dodging the reaper until reinforcement comes. You cant move from this stage because blood walls are blocking you. When the soldier comes through, overdrive into him to escape the box room. Whenever you see blots of blood flowing up, a wall is about to form. Dive to escape these, or you'll be trapped with the reaper. Keep doing this and escaping the reaper to climb up a ladder to safety.

Hope this helps :)
PS. Aya Brea Is Dangerous And Hot. I Love Her.
By: Jabbawocke(49)
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How to beat the "tornado" boss in episode 1 80%
As see in the first few episodes of the nightclub, the first form of the twisted "tornado" is seen from the portal, the only body part being his head. To beat, just keep shooting at the head, overdriving into AIs. The point I reccomend is the part where a soldier emerges, saying "Damn it! Am I the only one who made it?" Or something like that. Hes perch will protect you from red tornadoes. Repeatedly attack the twisted until done. After a few stages, and after passing the "reaper" Which ill explain in a different tip, you'll enter a boss battle, which is the "tornado" twisted, but in full body. To beat him, you need to look behind him, you'll find a staircase blocked by a lock twisted. Shoot it. But before you do this, shoot the tornado twisted's legs, to avoid it from attacking you. If you don't the twisted may K.O you in a move. If this does happen, press the triangle button to overdrive into another AI before dying. After ascending the stairs, aim for the twisted's weak spot, a colorful "bellybutton" on its back. After a few seconds of hitting it, the twisted will turn around and climb the building. Hide behind the stair case from his red tornadoes, then go back in when he climbs back down. Repeat by shooting the rainbow bellybutton. After about 10-15 minutes, if you do this successfully, the twisted will die. Listed are the twisted's attacks.

1.Red tornadoes- They can be a handful, hide behind barricades to avoid them.
2.Head Smash- Sometimes the twisted will make his head go forward. So just stay behind the barricades and you should be fine.
3.Leg Smash- This happens if you dont shoot his legs and you run for the stair case behind him. This attack can KO you.
4.Barricade Smash- The twisted will, after a while, smash the barricades. If you followed the instructions, he wouldnt find reason to do this, except if you lounged behind the barricade.

Well thats about it.. If you need any help just pm me or something :)
PS. Aya Brea Is Dangerous And Sexy.
By: Jabbawocke(49)
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How to get gear. 75%
Heres how to get all the gear from the game 3

Black Leather-
You automatically are dressed in this.

White Eider-
Unlocked by default

Maid's uniform-
Clear the game in easy difficulty to get this juicy uniform

Business suit-
After completing the game in any difficulty, look in the open locker in CTI base for it.

Clear the game in hard difficulty

Titanium Bunny-
Clear the game on insane mode ( Worth it I tell you)

Clear the game in normal mode.

Lightning custom-
Achieve a score of 50% or more in the bonus missions of hard or higher.

Santa soldier-
After completing the game in any mode, look in maeda's house in the left locker.

Overdive suit-
Complete the game 5 ties.

Knight armor-
Clear the gae in deadly mode.
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How to beat the reaper in Episode 5. 75%
Kk, this was a bit hard, but it's pretty much routine once you get the hang of it. So heres how 3

Ok, your normal weapons cant damage the reaper, you need a special weapon, a laser named the Berserker. Appropriate name dont cha think. Anyway, for the first few minutes, you have to evade the reaper. When a soldier with the Berserker laser comes, overdive into him. The berserker laser is like a sniper gun, you have to aim. Which sucks cuz the reaper keeps moving. So whenever the reaper blocks you with the blood wall. O verdive into other soldiers. After you kill him once, hell burn for a few seconds, then turn into a reaper. but without a shell. So your normal weapons can hurt him now, bt he can still do his normal attacks.

Here are his attacks:
1. Tail sweep- May KO you in a move.
2. Blood wall- Will block you, then the Reaper will teleport in with you and do Aya. Im kidding xD Kill Aya.
3. Blood spikes- Will half your life a bit.

Kekeke, thats about it. Stay tuned for how to beat hyde 3 Which I havent managed... YET.

PS. Aya Brea Is Sexy And Hot. I wanna Do Her.

PSS. I changed it right 3

PSSS. If youve looked this far, ill award you for your patience 3 If you overdive into the Reaper, which you have to. You will get a evolve chip/dna.

Gl with the reaper
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How to beat Hyde, part 2. 75%
After beating Hyde once, there will be a cutscene, then you'll face him again. The stage will be the streets, with lots of people as cover for Hyde. Dont waste any ammo, and die on purpose. There will be a cutscene that you cant cut xD Anyway, Blank, Gabrielle, Cray, And Kyle will appear, letting you overdive into them. Keep overdiving and shooting Hyde to avoid damaging them. The less body you can overdive into: the worse. When you damage him until green, he will trap you in a white cage, much like the reaper's blood wall. Let him kill you on purpose. But be sure to put up a fight. When the wall drops, overdive into the other bodies. Then start killing him. Overdive kill him to win.

Everytime you overdive into a body, you get a rare dna chip.

Here are SOME of his attacks.
1. Twist- This is his primary attack
2. I forgot the others.. xD

GL and stay tuned for how to beat him. his twisted form.

PS. AYa Brea Is Sexy And Dangerous. I Wanna Do her 3
By: Jabbawocke(49)
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New Cheats! 67%
Aya Brea Lv.99
0x014AAEE4 0x00000063

0x214AAF00 0x001A3EC0

Handgun Skill Lv.9
0x014AAF08 0x00000009

Assault Skill Lv.9
0x014AAF0C 0x00000009

Shotgun Skill Lv.9
0x014AAF10 0x00000009

Sniper Skill Lv.9
0x014AAF14 0x00000009

Launcher Skill Lv.9
0x014AAF18 0x00000009

Cheats uploaded by Jvhellraiser
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How to beat Emily Jefferson 67%
After the twisted boss, there will be a cutscene, emerging a twisted boss.
Heres how to beat her.
Your normal attacks wont even scratch her, so you have to aim for the tornadoes shooting them to fill your liberation gauge, once full you activate liberation then shoot the twisted. After this, the overdive triangle will appear, be sure to click triangle. After overdiving into Emily, She will change form, into her solid form. Thus being able to be damaged by bullets. Keep overdiving into her to finish her. Since her solid form is a solid battering ram, overdive into other soldiers to avoid her attacks. Here are her attacks.

Ghost form:
1. Tornado Tops- Shoot this to fill your liberation gauge.
2. Battering ram- She will attempt to move over you.

Solid Form:
1.Battering Ram- Much worse than in her ghost form.
2.hammer- After battering you, she will jump over you.

Hope this helps :)
PS. Aya Brea Is Dangerous And Sexy. I Love Her.
By: Jabbawocke(49)
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How to beat Hyde, episode 5 67%
Kk, Uhh keep shooting, hes attacks are almost all 1 hit KO. So keep diving to avoid him. Overdiving is your best friend here. So after shooting, nothin much will change so here are his attacks:

1.Red Spikes- Ouchie.
2.Whip around- When Hyde sneaks on you.
3.Dive- Hyde will snake towards you to whip you.
4.Snatch- a 1 hit KO momve that'll bring you up.
5.Disintegrate-The worst attack. 1 hit KO that'll dissolve you into ash.

Hope this helps 3 Keep shooting.

PS. Aya Brea Is Sexy And Dangerous. I wanna Do her 3

PSS. If you overdive into him you'll get a rare dna or something.
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Infinite reload Ammo (PR) 64%
0x29CA15C0 0X00000999

Code uploaded by Jvhellraiser
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No Reload Ammo 60%
Ok i'll explain I have made a map for this:

Position 1 =pressing L trigger + triangle or (PU)
position 2= pressing L trigger + X (PD)
position 3=Pressing L trigger + square (PL)

position 1:
0x29ca1538 0x00000999

0x29ca1604 0x00000999

0x29ca157c 0x00000999
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Infinite/Max (BP) 52%
0x19CAAF04 0X0000FFFF

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Inf Grenades 44%
0x09ca16bc 0x00000009
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How to beat Hyde, TWISTED form. 33%
In the start, you'll go overdive. So to beat him, keep pressing circle to evade his attacks. While pressing R to shoot him, keep doing this for about 2-3 minutes. Then overdive to kill him. Pretty easy 3

I wont add his attacks cuz they were freakin fast.

PS. Aya Brea Is Sexy And Dangerous. I wanna Do her 3
By: Jabbawocke(49)
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