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Clones Cheats for PC
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Clones PC Cheats

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59 Achievements
Clones - Blue Clone Taunt Blue Clone Taunt
Solve 4 puzzles
Clones - Surprised Clone Surprised Clone
All Qdots in any 3 puzzles
Clones - Green Clone Taunt Green Clone Taunt
Solve 7 puzzles
Clones - DrillDude's Helmet DrillDude's Helmet
All Qdots in The Incredible Gulp
Clones - Grey Clone Taunt Grey Clone Taunt
Completed 10 levels
Clones - Pout Clone Pout Clone
All Qdots in any 5 puzzles
Clones - Orange Clone Taunt Orange Clone Taunt
Solve 15 puzzles
Clones - Purple Clone Taunt Purple Clone Taunt
Solve 20 puzzles
Clones - Lolz Clone Lolz Clone
All Qdots in any 10 puzzles
Clones - Red Clone Taunt Red Clone Taunt
Solve 25 puzzles
Clones - Robostache Robostache
All Qdots in Nova Style
Clones - White Clone Taunt White Clone Taunt
Solve 30 puzzles
Clones - DrillDude Bonus Level 2 DrillDude Bonus Level 2
All Qdots in Geode Hill
Clones - Heart Heart
All Qdots in any 15 puzzles
Clones - DrillDude Bonus Level 1 DrillDude Bonus Level 1
2 CloneMaster Medallion Fragments
Clones - Yellow Clone Taunt Yellow Clone Taunt
Solve 35 puzzles
Clones - Level Designer Level Designer
Create one new level
Clones - Confused Clone Confused Clone
All Qdots in any 20 puzzles
Clones - RoboBrain's Stache-mask RoboBrain's Stache-mask
All Qdots in Robo Battle
Clones - Gofo Bonus Level 3 Gofo Bonus Level 3
3 CloneMaster Medallion Fragments
Clones - Pwnage Clone Pwnage Clone
All Qdots in any 30 puzzles
Clones - Multidominate Multidominate
Win a multiplayer match with 3 or more groups
Clones - Gofo's Touque Gofo's Touque
All Qdots in Ice Hotel Battle
Clones - Gofo Bonus Level 1 Gofo Bonus Level 1
All Qdots in any 35 puzzles
Clones - RoboBrain Bonus Level RoboBrain Bonus Level
4 CloneMaster Medallion Fragments
Clones - Roast Ed's Shades Roast Ed's Shades
All Qdots in Sand Castles
Clones - Gofo's Parka Gofo's Parka
All Qdots in Frozen Clone Zone
Clones - Gofo Bonus Level 2 Gofo Bonus Level 2
All Qdots in any 40 puzzles
Clones - Perfect Match Perfect Match
Win a multiplayer match without losing any clones.
Clones - Trillip Bonus Level 1 Trillip Bonus Level 1
All Qdots in any 55 puzzles
Clones - Snoog's Old claws Snoog's Old claws
All Qdots in Conflagration
Clones - Stop Stop
All Qdots in any 50 puzzles
Clones - ICO President ICO President
5 CloneMaster Medallion Fragments
Clones - Gofo's Snowman Gofo's Snowman
All Qdots in One Crazy Gofo
Clones - Roast Ed' Sunglasses Roast Ed' Sunglasses
All Qdots in Quicksand
Clones - Trillip Bonus Level 2 Trillip Bonus Level 2
All Qdots in Lure
Clones - Snoog's Antler Bowtie Snoog's Antler Bowtie
All Qdots in Share the Land
Clones - Snoog's Shell Snoog's Shell
All Qdots in Rattlin' Roots
Clones - Snoog Bonus Level Snoog Bonus Level
All Qdots in The Hollow
Clones - Trillip's Personas Trillip's Personas
All Qdots in Trillip Battle
Clones - Octopal's Bowtie Octopal's Bowtie
All Qdots in Lies beneath the ocean waves
Clones - Clonebones Flag Clonebones Flag
Solve 100 puzzles
Clones - Roast Ed's Party Hair Roast Ed's Party Hair
All Qdots in Twilight
Clones - Beatall's Gasmask Beatall's Gasmask
All Qdots in Floating Point
Clones - Hubble Buoy's Boots Hubble Buoy's Boots
All Qdots in Starlight
Clones - Trillip's Mask Trillip's Mask
All Qdots in Project Orion
Clones - Clone Logo Art Clone Logo Art
All Qdots in any 100 puzzles
Clones - CloneMaster CloneMaster
Obtain all 10 medallion fragments
Clones - Annkor Annkor
All Qdots in Flare
Clones - Beatall's Yearbook Pic Beatall's Yearbook Pic
All Qdots in Fusion
Clones - Give It A Chance Give It A Chance
All Qdots in Clone Together
Clones - Wattson's Shirt Wattson's Shirt
All Qdots in Wattson
Clones - Dragsicle Dragsicle
All Qdots in Dragsicle Tower
Clones - Wattson's Guitar Wattson's Guitar
All Qdots in Wattson
Clones - Far Out Far Out
Beat Wattson's CloneMaster Battle
Clones - Max Multi Max Multi
Participate in a 8-group multiplayer match.
Clones - Crown Crown
Solve 150 puzzles
Clones - CloneMaster Patch CloneMaster Patch
All Qdots in any 150 puzzles
Clones - Dragsicle Ice Cube Dragsicle Ice Cube
All Qdots in Frostea

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