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Aero-Cross Cheats for XBOX 360
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Aero-Cross XBOX 360 Cheats

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12 Achievements
Aero-Cross - Polished Running Polished Running
Perform at least five ground tricks before completing the course.
Aero-Cross - Hop! Step! Hop! Step!
Perform at least five jump tricks before completing the course.
Aero-Cross - Acrobat Star Acrobat Star
Perform at least three air tricks before completing the course.
Aero-Cross - Complete Beginner's Course Complete Beginner's Course
Complete STAGES 1 and 2.
Aero-Cross - Intermediate Runner Certificate Intermediate Runner Certificate
Complete STAGES 3 and 4.
Aero-Cross - Advanced Runner Certificate Advanced Runner Certificate
Complete STAGES 5 and 6.
Aero-Cross - Model Runner Model Runner
Receive at least a bronze medal on all courses.
Aero-Cross - Superior Runner Superior Runner
Receive at least a silver medal on all courses.
Aero-Cross - Legendary Runner Legendary Runner
Receive a gold medal on all courses.
Aero-Cross - Acrophobia! Acrophobia!
Complete the course without jumping once.
Aero-Cross - What's the rush? What's the rush?
Perform at least 10 Ram Air Dashes before completing the course.
Aero-Cross - For the Birds For the Birds
Perform at least fifteen trick combos before completing the course.

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