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GetAmped 2 Cheats for PC
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GetAmped 2 PC Cheats

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GetAmped 2

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Sparks Flower quest 97%
Description: If Sparks asks for a flower, play on either Avyon or Waterfall. You will get it and receive a special emote.
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Massive Damage Combos 97%
Description: To inflict massive dammage, enter the following combinations.

Ice Bracelet: jump X, special attack (XC, or ZXC, or A, or ZA depending on your setting for block), Barbarian axe in hand: [Space]

Gitar/Deamon's Gitar: Strong attack four times (XXXX), Bat in hand [Space].
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Keeping Monsters or Players Still 97%
Description: When you are playing in a dungeon or in a GAT match, have a friend with wired arms assist you. Have him or her repeatedly hold C (release C and press it again while in the animation). If you repeatedly do this, your opponent cannot move, and he or she will die after a few hits.
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Team Battle Royale: Guard 97%
Description: Have a bunny doll (any color or any person) and go to the Royale room. Go into your team's room's doorway and repeatedly hold X (wait until the animation stops, release X, then hold it again). The opponent will trigger a 360 degree angle shield that will make him or her drop the rocket.
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Wins in Duel Mode 96%
Description: To win easily in Duel mode, use any long range type weapon (for example, the Arm Blaster (recommended), GF-Peacekeeper, etc.). Knock your opponent into the ring out area. When he or she tries to get back up, use a shot from the gun to keep them down there until the ring out bar depletes. He or she will die.
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Level 10 Megaforce Mission 94%
Description: To access the Level 10 Megaforce Mission, arrest all Val Sharks.
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Leveling 94%
Description: If you have to go away from the game for awhile and want to level your character, use the following trick. Go to Duel Battle and select "Entry". Your character will constantly duel other people automatically. You will get a losing record, but losing will still bring your overall score up.
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Get Beneath the Prime Market 94%
Description: In the Prime Market, go to any of the benches on the far sides of the wooden floor. Once there, sit down and use the "No way!" emote three times (where your character steps back slightly with an excited face)times, then stand up and walk around. You are now beneath the Prime Market.
*** The same glitch can be performed at Spin Square, on the benches where the fountain is located.
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Medals 93%
Description: Complete the listed task to earn the specified medal. Medals add experience boost if you are the master of the room. The better the medal, the more experience it multiplies.

Top 50 Mega force2,000,000+ points obtained in Mega force mode
Top 50 Best teamwork1,2000,000+ points obtained in Team Match
Top 50 Best fighter1,400,000+ points obtained in Private Match
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W Rewards 93%
Description: To get level up W rewards easily, go to the GAT stadium. Once there, enter a Royale battle. If you win, the money will be glitched. Instead of 15W from each round, you will be rewarded up to 1,000W each time you win the battle. Duel mode gives you up to 180W each round. Following is a chart of level up W rewards.

Driller to Fighter3,000W each level
Fighter to Warrior4,000W each level
Warrior to King5,000W each level
King to Star6,000W each level
Star to Hero9,000W each level
Hero to Final HeroUnknown

*** When you level to the next rank (for example, Driller to Fighter), you get called to the General twice. He will give you more W and very rare items depending on your rank.

Also, make a detailed skin of either a gothic tattooed boy or an anime girl, and post it on Skin Forest in Prime Market. These types of skins are adored and bought every day.
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Styles 93%
Description: If you are first begining out, choose a Spy because they are advanced in speed and technique. If you want strength and speed, choose a Fighter or Dancer, because they are balanced in speed and strength. If you want power, use a Hero. They are the strongest style in the game

With every accessory that you can pick up, look at the styles equipment. You will see two styles in gray and have not been released yet. The style is Fairy and is currently (4/9/11) only playable on the Japanese server.
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Splash Fighters & GetAmped [Easter Egg]s 93%
Description: [Easter Egg] On the Japanese server, there is a map called "Rooftop". If you play on it, it bears a resemblance to Splash Fighters Orient City. Select a map called "Shrine" or go to "More Shrine". This place bears a resemblance to the Neo Temple challenge in Splash Fighters. There are remakes of accessories originally found in Splash Fighters such as the dragon claws, the boxing gloves, angel halo, etc.
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Duelist ranks 92%
Description: To unlock the specified medal, obtain the amount of duel points.

Best Duel Battle Fighter8,000points
Duel Battle Mode Champ10,000points
Top 3 Best Duel Fighter30,000+ points
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Street Fight ranks 92%
Description: Gain the listed number of points in Street Fight to reach the specified rank.

Inexperienced Fighter0 to 5,000 points
Street Buzzard5,000 to 15,000 points
Street Fang15,000 to 22,000 points
Street Lone Wolf22,000 to 35,000 points
Street Phoenix35,000 to 50,000 points
Top 50 Street Fight54,000+ points
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Dungeon Pass Through 92%
Description: *** You will need the Isa Nephimer to do this trick. If you have the Isa's Ice Axes, take it to Future Lab and mix it with a projectile accessory and level up power. If done correctly, you will have a skill called Viking which increases the damage rate when you kill someone. By Floor 5, you will be able to kill anything in a single blow.
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Free accessories 91%
Description: If you ever obtain an item with a green background with a Japanese description in the synthetic materials section of your inventory, do not use it, as it will fail. Instead wait for an update for a new dungeon to come out. This dungeon has a new quest that allows you to make these cores into new accessories. *** Cores marked with a "*" probably will only come out with part of the accessory and not the full thing. Also, as of 4/9/11 some cores can only be found in the Japanese server.
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Cores 91%
Description: The following cores have the listed uses.

Pink coreScubbicus core; can make a Subbicus accessory
Purple coreScubbicus core's recolor; can make a Scubbicus accessory but in purple
Red core*Flame core; can make either a red or yellow flame gauntlets
Black coreUnknown
Pink Rock coreRandom core; any accessory can come out of this core
Green corePossible nature core
Yellow core*Lightning core; this can make a lightning gauntlet accessory
Black core with claws*Wolf core; able to make a wolf attack set
Red core with claws*Fire core; able to make a fire whip and cape
Dice coreAble to make a accessory that looks like "Mr. Points!" from Spin Square
Yellow dice coreAble to make a golden dice accessory, just like the one "Mr. Points" has from Spin Square
Shield core*Knights core able to make a sword and shield accessory
Eyeball shaped coreSlime core; able to use a slime from dungeons as a accessory
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Making a Free accessory 90%
Description: If you have just one core, wait until you get more. Then, go back to Dr. Diapers lab and go to the create an accessory screen (second choice). Once there, put in the core you wish to make an accessory out of. Then, put in more cores. Afterwards, add a lot of sands that you earn from GAT matches and Mega Force. If you hit 50.0%, that indicates it is ready to make. Add materials to bring up the numbers to the point where the core has a voltage in the back of it. Then, click "OK". Note: As of 4/9/11 this can only be done on the Japanese server.

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Naruto Shippuden [Easter Egg] 89%
Description: [Easter Egg] The Black Blade accessory bears a resemblance to many ninjas from the show.
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Free Crescents 84%
How to: To get Free Crescents, when you first start the game and get to Fighter rank, go to the General's office. He will give you 100 Crescents, which is worth $1.00 in real money. *** He will not give you the Crescents if you level past the first Fighter rank and have the apprentice show you the way to his office.
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W Amped Lucky Draw 84%
Description: The W amped lucky draw has worthless items instead of the recolor of expensive W accessories. It is better to buy the original one, because the chances of getting the recolor are very low.
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Free Crescents 57%
Before you 1st enter Wingdom go to Dojo and do rival match with the master then with and you level up then go to the generals office and he will give you 100 crescents faster right?
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Wendell cheat 34%
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