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World Series Baseball 2001 Cheats for DC
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World Series Baseball 2001 DC Cheats

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World Series Baseball 2001

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Better defense 100%
Place the game on a harder difficulty setting for a better defense. However, the opposing team will be more difficult to defeat.
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automatic homerun 100%
When the batter is being introduced Type: up,up,down,down,A,B,down
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Automatic batting aim 100%
Select the rookie difficulty setting. Hold the Analog-stick slightly in any direction while batting and the batting cursor will automatically follow the ball.
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Harder throws 100%
While playing defense, press A and the direction of the base you want to throw to immediately before the CPU catches the ball.
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Running faster 100%
while running on base keep tapping a it will make you run faster don't press a too much or you will be thrown out
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Extra player creation points 100%
*** This trick requires a VMU. Create a player and use all available ability points. Save your player to a VMU, then turn off the game. Start the game again, go to player edit, and choose your player. Add the extra ability points.
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Fireworks 100%
Hit a homerun with the home team in their stadium during a night game.
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Hints 100%
If you hit a homerun while playing the home team in their stadium during a night game you will see fireworks.

If you play the game on a harder setting you will have better defense.

If you press A and the directoin of the base you are going to throw to right after the computer catches the ball you will have a harder throw.

To get auto batting aim just use rookie difficulty and slightly move the analog stick.
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