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Rules of Engagement 2 Cheats for PC
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Rules of Engagement 2 PC Cheats

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Rules of Engagement 2

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Hidden Alien Builder Parts 100%
Description: Enter one of the following case-sensitive names to unlock the following parts at the Alien Builder screen. The alien faction must then be saved and loaded into a mission within a campaign. When you play the appropriate mission, the image will show up on the COMRCV panel when the aliens transmit a message to you, and may also appear on the DATDKT panel. *** When the MARVIN MARTIANS or ROBBY ROBOTS names are used, special graphics will also appear during game play.

Effect Name
Programmer Thomas R. Carbone's dogCONRAD NEAL
Robot from The Day the Earth Stood StillGORT
Monster from This Island EarthMETALUNAN MUTANT
Aliens from Arthur C. Clarke's Childhood's EndOVERLORD
Robot from Forbidden PlanetROBBY ROBOTS
Enemy soldiersUDP MARAUDER
Crew from Forbidden PlanetUNITED PLANETS
Race from Universe gamesXIREA
Marvin the MartianMARVIN MARTIANS
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Hidden [Easter Egg]s 100%
Description: [Easter Egg] Press [F10] at the FW Ship Builder. The Star Trek NOMAD probe or the Lost In Space robot will move across the corridor in the background. Additionally, you can see HAL 9000 computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
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