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Asphalt 3D: Nitro Racing Cheats for 3DS
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Asphalt 3D: Nitro Racing 3DS Cheats

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Asphalt 3D: Nitro Racing

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Fun facts about in-game car manufacturers 80%
Tesla: Did you know that Tesla only makes electronic cars? Maybe our video game technology was used to make their cars...

Pagani: Did you know that Pagani makes severely limited amounts of their cars? Only 10 Pagani Zonda R's were sold and no more than 45 Pagani Huayras are made every year.

Bugatti: Did you know that the worlds highest speed was accomplished by a Bugatti? It was a Bugatti Vernon 16.4 Grand Sport recorded at about 251 miles per hour (roughly 404 Kilometers) in Germany.

RUF: Did you know that RUF cars are made from Porsches?

Bentley: Did you know that Bentley was used to make machines in World War 1?

Ford: Did you know that Ford is the most popular car with police units (your average one, not special units like SWAT and the FBI)? They were probably used for their strength, sturdiness and performance. They are still used by the police today.

Ferrari: Did you know that Ferrari has a popular career in motorsports, like Formula-M1 racing? It won a title in 2007 when the winner drove a Ferrari to victory. It is still going strong in the motorsports department.

No more facts, for now...
Maybe part 2? Rating decides...
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Easy drift and Cash Attack Challenges 64%
Sometimes you just can't get enough drift points/cash before you cross the finish line on the Drift or Cash Attack challenges. If so, try this:

Get as many points/cash as possible without getting busted by the police or barging into cars (when the car is driving towards you) or both (it can happen). If you don't have enough points by the last stretch, screech to a stop, turn around and start driving the wrong way (CAUTION: You will not get drift points while going in the wrong direction and you will not get boost from the drifts) until you're in FRONT of the finish line, not behind it. Turn around and drive and get points from there (it will now start counting your drift points and you should drift even if it's cash attack, but be aware of other cars) which should get you to your goal. If not, repeat the instructions in the last two sentences until your goal is reached. Don't worry, you don't need to be in first, second or third place for these challenges, you just need the points.
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Tips for speed demons 60%
1) As you start the game, ALWAYS choose the Nissan Nizmo, as it has the highest top speed out of the other two available cars, allowing for higher speed.
2) NEVER buy the Tesla Roadster sport when it becomes available. It may look cool with the handling and acceleration, but it starts out with 124 MPH max.
3) Try to avoid bicycles. They can't drift (excluding the Can-Am Spyder), which is required for all of the hairpin turns, but they make up for that with a handling of over 75, but they are usually slower then the cars (excluding the Ducati 1150) and drifting aids you more then handling.
4) Do NOT buy the Citroen Survolt. It costs almost $2000000, making it more expensive then the Bentley Speed 8 and the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport. It also has only 158 MPH, making it a pitiful car.
5) Only switch cars at certain times. You should switch over to the Audi TTRS once it becomes available then to a Ferarri, Lamborghini (ecluding the Estoque) or RUF, then one of the last three available cars.
6) Once you're being chased by the police, they'll catch up FAST. They may only be driving Fords at the beginning, but they'll catch up even if you're in hyperspeed. They also use Lamborghini's and Pagani's after their Fords have been taken down a couple of times IF they don't arrest you. They will snatch the bonuses on the track. They will also wait for you if they have sped past you and once you speed past them they'll resume the chase.
7) A few cars you shouldn't consider: Lamborghini Estoque (handling of 22), Maserati Gran Turismo S (handling of 25), MINI John Cooper Works (not worth it), Abarth 500 SS (not worth it), Bentley Continental Supersports (outclassed), Ford Shelby GT 500 (you already have your Nissan), Aston Martin's (outclassed, excluding the last available one), Tesla Roadster Sport (Top Speed of 124 MPH), Bicycles (excluding Ducati 1190, they can't drift (excluding Can-Am Spyder), low top speeds), KTM's (weird and they have low top speeds), Citroen Survolt (too much money)
8) Considered cars: Nissan Nismo 370 Z/GTR, Audi TTRS, RUF's, Ferarri's, Lamborghini's (excluding the Estoque), Pagani Zonda Cinque, Bugatti Veyron Grand sport, Bentley Speed 8, Aston Martin's last car, Ducati 1190 (optional)
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Drift points 50%
Can't get enough drift points? well, before finishing the laps, drive the wrong way for two laps depending on how many drift points you need and go the right way and drift.
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